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St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology - [SCIMT], New Delhi

New Delhi, Delhi NCR AICTE Estd 2013 Private

Interview: Dr. Alok Satsangi, Director, St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi

What do wish to extract from your association with St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi as a director?

We wish to provide quality education and grow in a manner that we not only deliver the best but make quality benchmarks. These days delivering education has become a business, and we call it an education industry. Institutes try to attract students by bringing to light the number of seats available and missing out on quality. We deliver quality education irrespective of the fee being charged.

What are the areas you want to focus on for excellence of the institution in the long run?

Our primary focus is to teach from the roots, it is very important to lay a strong foundation. In the current scenario Students have very limited knowledge which confines them to only mug up things and get focus on getting numbers. We encourage in-depth knowledge which helps to learn and understand from the beginning. We want to eliminate the culture of cramming to score well, whereas we promote learning from the basics.

Secondly, we aim to develop quality of education which makes a student developed enough to have an entity of his own. We don’t want our students to rely on placements provided by the institutions, they must be trained in a way that they can choose the company they want to work with and thus be employed.

You have been the associate director of Delhi Business School,  please tell us about your experience.

It was wonderful working with Delhi Business School, who had a visionary chairman Mr. Rai.  I had been appointed as the associate director, at the time when current director had resigned in the mid of the session. I was the in-charge of the institution and was reporting directly to the Chairman. I had the entire authority over admissions, placements, administration. The experience was worthwhile and was a big learning experience for me.

What are the endeavors planned for the institution to reach greater heights?

We have recently got the ISO certification done. We are working on establishing tie-ups for summer internship programs with top corporate houses and other student and faculty exchange programs with foreign universities. These steps will take our institution to another level of growth, and we are eagerly working and looking forward to these collaborations.

Education must be amalgamation of practical knowledge and research, how is this approach formulated at St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology.

At our institution, we focus on encouraging our students to write research papers. Our students have authored extensively researched papers in various genres. Majority of MBA’s and BBA’s have no habit of writing, we try to inculcate this skill to prepare them for competitive environment. Students are sent to attend and participate in national and international conferences and seminars for exposure. We make sure each student participates and learns the art of writing and presenting a research papers.

What are the steps taken to take institution to a global level?

We have initiated summer internship exchange programs, faculty exchange programs, semester exchange programs to provide exposure at global level. Some universities we have tied-up with are; Lancaster University, Sydney University and we are still in talks with some universities in Germany.

What according to you should be improved with respect to holistic and integrated growth at SCIMT?

The teachers are the pillars of a successful institution, quality of faculty must be improved. Majority of teachers joining B school are the ones who did not get lucrative jobs in the corporate world, and joining as a management faculty has become a back-up plan. Teachers must have a passion for teaching, and should not join this career just for a comfortable earning. For growth of an institution, its faculty must be enthusiastic to teach.

You hold a specialization in heterogeneous subjects; please tell us about your diverse interests.

I have done my M.Phil. In Disaster Management as I wanted to do something different; none of my classmates chose a topic close to disaster management. Usually scholars choose general marketing topics in which less research is required and enough information is already available. I opted for Stress Management for my Ph.D.; a lot of work has been done on this topic in abroad, but not in India. I worked on the entry level managers going through stress. Pass-outs from a B school, the students are called managers but are not treated as managers. They spend lakhs on their PGDM and MBA, but the package offered to them is very less. The ROI is not favorable; the stress these newly made managers go through when they step into corporate world was the focus area for my Ph.D. research.

What are some essential qualities students shall possess to excel?

In India, English-proficiency is a must to excel in any field. The irony is such that at University of Delhi, in an interview for the post of a Hindi Professor, the entire interview is held in English and in the end they ask about the subjects in Hindi. English is basic requirement for getting every job. In Bangalore, even taxi-drivers converse in English.

Students must know how to dress up appropriately for the corporate world. I have observed students dressing shabbily, dressing appropriately adds to personality development.

You are presently a research supervisor for Ph.D., research scholars at Singhania University; please share your views about the scholars these days.

It is easy to seek admission in a private university by paying the fee, and without undergoing entrances therefore students have no information about research. Even after passing out from a mediocre B school they are unskilled, they opt. for a Ph.D. just for a hike in their existing job profiles. These aspirants choose general topics, just for the sake of a degree and not with the purpose of research. I believe Ph.D. should not be used as an advantage for promotions, whereas it should be used to undertake research on unique topics, as it is going to stay with you throughout your life and once should do a research which is unique.

How does the placement cell of the college work? What are the opportunities provided to students through placement and training?

The Placement cell works 24x7 for providing the best opportunities to the students. There are three types of placements at our institutions;

  • On-Campus Placements: Companies visit the campus and shortlist the candidates according to company standards.
  • Off-Campus Placements: Students are sent to the companies for interview, according to the requirements provided by the companies.
  • Campus on Wheels: This is done in two ways; one, the students shortlisted by the faculty visit the companies along with the faculty members, two, the students shortlisted according to company standards by the company officials visit the company with the faculty members.

What should be an educator’s motive in this competitive scenario?

Most of the universities promise to impart quality education, but fail to fulfill their promises, we deliver quality education. Most of the students obtain a degree in India and work abroad. Our motive should be to train our students in a way that after completing their studies they stay back in India and work for their own country and contribute to its growth rather than using it as a launching pad for their own career and settling abroad.  

What will be that one advice; you will want your students to remember for lifetime?

‘Never forget your teachers’, till date around 15000 students have passed out in front of me and hardly 1500 of them have come back to express gratitude. Students do approach me for seeking advantage of my contacts for their personal reasons, they tend to find my contact number after years of passing out  just because they want a favour, on the contrary very few of them spare time to wish on special occasions such as teacher’s day. You are nothing without your teachers, so get rid of the materialistic attitude and express regard for the ones who taught you and made you what you are today.

How does St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology stand out among other brands of management and technology?

We at St. Catherine Institute of Management don’t focus on numbers, be it for seats, placements or fees. We don’t attract students by increasing number of seats; we have capacity for 60 students, so that each student can get special attention. Many universities advertise by mentioning hundreds of seats, we believe in quality above quantity. The students pass out as professionals from our institute.

Leadership qualities of a person determine his/her conduct, who is a good leader according to you?

A good leader should be a good listener, only then he can become a good learner. Even the most promising leaders do not possess the skill to listen. Politicians these days are just good orators, they do not reach to the public to know their issues. Therefore, to become a good leader one must listen, learn and evolve.


Brief Bio: Dr. Alok Satsangi 

Dr. Alok Satsangi hails from Dehradun and hopes to make it big in Education Sector by providing quality education through Innovation in the existing education system. Currently Dr. Satsangi is associated with “St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology,” as Director based at New Delhi he is one of the founding Members and the chief visionary behind this project. He holds an MBA with specialization in Marketing and HR, M Phil in Disaster Management, PGDDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management) and a PhD in Stress Management. Dr. Satsangi has a rich experience of around 13 years and has worked in all facets of administration and governing of a College from Admissions to Placement, Teaching, Training and Mentoring to Major Event Hosting like HR Summit, National and International conferences. Both articulate and erudite Dr. Alok Satsangi has authored numerous books, referred International journals and Research Papers in both National and International forums. As an individual, his core competencies lie in Team Management, Strategic Planning and Implementation, Corporate tie-ups, Relationship Management and Problem Resolution.

Last Updated - 14 Sep 2015

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