The NorthCap University - Top University in Delhi NCR

Education plays a vital role in academia. It provides an approach to help students realize their full potential, to live richer lives, and to help our society grow. We are empowering students through learning and helping them to achieve their full potential by using education and training services in a flexible, adaptive and innovative way, so as to prepare our students for the future. We are constantly looking at what we need to do next, in order to serve the best needs of learners and society. Education and training system has the power to transform lives - the transformation begins with the individual than to family, to the community, and finally to society. We want to empower learners by offering a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences.

The NorthCap University has taken a step to start new initiatives to enhance skills to students for the betterment of students providing them with good quality education and well-trained faculties. As an initiative for the better future of the students, NCU has started five new specializations in the BTech computer science stream namely Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, IoT and Cloud Computing, Game Tech, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and Full Stack development.
To meet the demands of industry, and to fill the gap between academia and industry, the students are trained with specialized skills. The students can choose their respective streams from the second year onwards, and they have the flexibility to change the stream at any point in time if they are not comfortable with it. The faculties are also under consistent rigorous training accordingly by the external trainers who teach new in-demand new technologies to our faculties.

To meet the industry expectations, NCU has also started project-based learning in each course, which would help our students to get practical knowledge. Applying the acquired knowledge from the course in their project will help them to gain much clear insights into where and how to apply the learned concepts. Also, to enhance student-faculty interaction in a class, there will be a maximum of 30 students in each class. This way, faculty will be able to spend more time with students to solve their problems. In addition to this, our University has collaborated with various people from the IT industry who would be mentors of the students from B.Tech second year till they pass out. These students will be working on a project assigned by their respective mentors. Each mentor will be assigned a maximum of six to seven students. Each project will be assigned to a group of three students only. This way also we are trying to reduce the gap between academia and industry. 

There is also a mentor-mentee initiative in which a group of students assigned a mentor who will listen and solve their problems in every possible way. The roles and responsibilities of mentors are to solve any issue facing by students, counsel them, guide them in building their career, making their e-portfolios, encouraging them to take part in social, cultural and technical activities, etc. These mentors will be there for them throughout their degree. To make it more interactive, each mentor and mentees have one lecture every week in which they can discuss their doubts in each semester. In addition, there is a system for the parents to track the progress of their child using the Parent Information System (PIS). Parents-Faculty meetings are also conducted so that parents will be able to clear their doubts regarding their child’s progress and their future.

In addition, NCU has started a Design thinking course in B.Tech First Year itself to develop critical and creative thinking in students from the start of the degree. This course teaches them how to brainstorm by providing them with problems such as by making a mind map on socially relevant topics. Also, some relaxing techniques to live a stress-free life in this competitive world such as om chanting, various breathing and energizing exercises.