Being an entrepreneur means defining what problem you want to resolve, instead of being communicated.

Do you want to solve something?

NCU Startup Ecosystem is the start of entrepreneurship of students at NCU. We provide you with the necessary tools to turn dream into reality of becoming entrepreneur. It is through our inspirational events, classes, or startup community, there's an entrepreneurship offering available for you. 

Applications are invited from the idea stage onwards. The NCU startup Ecosystem looks for the ideas that addresses a large market (something meaningful and useful to public when it succeeds) also, invites ideas which are using upcoming technology for addressing the market quickly.We are part of startup ecosystem led by Mr Avtar Singh, Founder and CEO of

What is startup ecosystem?

A startup ecosystem means a group of interacting peoples, startups and their environment. Ecosystems is formed, often with point of balance as a university or a clustering of technology companies – lures together important players and investors that sink on the way to growth endeavors. These comprise of new entrepreneurs, mentors, incubators, sources of aptitude like universities and firms, investors and supporting services like startup-savvy law and accounting agencies.

One member of an ecosystem cannot function or exist without the others, they’re linked in a mutually beneficial relationship. The members of a startup ecosystem work together to foster innovation in their local community.As Universities are main stake holders of any startup ecosystem since universities provide one of the most important resources for startup ecosystems around the world. And NCU is the one of them. The NCU startup Ecosystem provides our budding entrepreneurs with all necessary  resources for each stage of their startup journey- from ideation to scaling. The NCU Startup Ecosystem Canvas has following main stages:

The Northcap University

Idea Stage: New entrepreneurs gets inspired, develop skills, validate ideas and thoughts and start to build their team for some meaningful product.

Launch Stage: Entrepreneurs establish and formalize their ideas, develop the product and get feedback.It includes establish law firms & banks for startups, get co-working and flexible workspace, formalize i.e accounting, development and HR for early stage startups, Prepare for seed : Incubators and advanced mentorship, seed funding mentor ship programs, pitch & demo.

Growth Stage: Startup proves their utility to public, receives recognition from various organisations and scales up.

Success Stories: Last stage where budding startups has raised funding, employ a workforce and achieved liquidity.
Our startup challenge 2019 winning teams are:






GMBOT-eSports Redefined


Creating sports communities

Organizing tournaments

Gaming Industry



Targeting students preparing for GRE,GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOeFL




Helping Manufacturers boost their sales

Automation of collection & redemption of coupons


Mein Bhi Karamchari

Get work done via Freelancing website & app (for unskilled labour sector)




Workaholic-Hire, Work, Earn

Get work done via Freelancing website & app (for skilled professionals)


If you are having an idea and interested to build a startup, come and join our NCU Startup Ecosytem.

Dr. Pooja Sabherwal, Assistant Professor
EECE Department
The NorthCap University