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Ranked 65 for MBA by Indiatoday 2019
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management - [SIBM], Hyderabad

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management - [SIBM], Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Telangana Estd 2014 SIU, Pune Private NAAC Grade A 1 Question Answered Ranked 65 for MBA by Indiatoday 2019

On a journey to learn bit by bit and embrace the success coming on the way

Sagar Pandey Sagar Pandey
Content Curator

SIBM Hyderabad

Dr. Ravi Kumar Jain, a start-up evangelist, is a Doctorate in Business Management and holds Masters in Business Administration (Finance) and PGD in ICT management. Dr.Jain brings in over 20 years of rich experience in family business management, teaching and training, research, business consulting and academic administration. Institution building and championing new initiatives has been his forte. He is an avid researcher with more than 100 international and national publications to his credit; authored and edited 40+ books in the area of business management, banking & finance and ICT management. He serves on the editorial boards of reputed international refereed journals. He has held various academic and senior administrative positions at prominent B-schools. He was the founding director of Symbiosis Institute of Research and Innovation at Pune; and currently he is the Founding Director of Symbiosis Institute of Business management (SIBM), Hyderabad Campus.

We have established ourselves as a benchmark institute

SIBM-Hyderabad campus is a constituent of the prestigious group of Symbiosis International (Deemed to be University), Pune. With a rich legacy of fifty years and an impeccable record of creating a temple of excellence in the sphere of higher education, Symbiosis enjoys great respect and brand equity among its target audiences. 

As far as strategy for our MBA program is concerned, we, at SIBM-Hyderabad, have our ears to the ground listening to the dynamics of the corporate world. Nurturing a high level of corporate engagement and forging partnership with professional bodies/industry associations/chambers of commerce has helped us build the right ecosystem to stay ahead on the learning curve. 

With reference to ‘marketing’ strategy, we have chosen an unconventional path since the inception in 2014. We chose to reach out to MBA aspirants through digital platforms by building a multi-pronged engagement model. This has given us an opportunity to understand the pulse of the aspirants and personalize our communication with them rather than using a standard broadcast method. 

Further, another strategic decision that made all the difference was to choose to refrain from the temptation of rapid expansion of programs - both in terms of intake and the number of programs offered - in the first few years of inception. This simple yet powerful decision enabled creation of a long term sustainable value proposition for SIBM-H as we could deploy all our academic and administrative bandwidth and resources to build a robust MBA program.

Education sector is the most satisfying field to work and put in your efforts

From establishing a jewelry division in our family business (year 1995) to setting up a few major campuses in higher education space, my career over the last 25 years has been quite an eventful one. I feel fortunate to have got opportunities to set up two institutions (green field projects) at Symbiosis International University; to be a part of early team that lead a massive growth story at Icfai Business School Research Center (IRC) at Hyderabad; and to work in the early sage academic association such as Indian Sub-continent region of Decision Sciences Institute (ISDSI).

Having experienced the world on both sides of business and academics, I can unequivocally tell you that the ‘Education Sector’, by and large, is the most satisfying profession and most potent industry in terms of the transformatory impact it can have across all human endeavors. A healthy education system leads to an evolved populace and vibrant economy with welfare and wellbeing of all beings.

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We have embarked on several exciting projects that shall create great value propositions for all our stakeholders

After experiencing a thumping success in our first phase (themed on ‘Stability and Visibility’) during first 5 years of inception, right now SIBM-Hyderabad has entered into a much vibrant second phase of its pursuit of excellence, themed on ‘Scale and Internationalization’. We have embarked on several exciting projects that shall create great value propositions for all our stakeholders. At the core is our vision to produce responsible global citizens, lifelong learners, evolved business leaders and wealth creators.  All this is driven by a set of powerful Vedic thoughts – “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye” '(सा विध्या या विमुक्तये) , “Abhyasa dharyate vidya” (अभ्यासाद्धार्यते विध्या) , “Artha Karischeya Vidya” (अर्थ करिच्येय विध्या) - that makes the very DNA of SIBM-H. 

With Covid-19 crisis looming large, SIBM-H has already built a digital ecosystem that not only sustains the learning experience but also prepares our graduates to handle managerial challenges in the digital world. As we speak, all our graduates have completed their SIPs successfully in addition to pursuing guided courses on popular MOOCs and writing a research paper with their faculty mentors. 

Further, for the incoming students (class of 2020-2022), we are fully prepared with sophisticated technology platforms and support infrastructure; 100s of minutes of specially designed digital content, creative engagement modules (to be delivered both online and Hybrid mode; synchronous and asynchronous modes) for the entire semester.

An effective leader has to be a facilitator, a friend, a guide, and a philosopher

As you know, SIBM-Hyderabad is a part of the Symbiosis system which is driven by the motto of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum’, and the philosophy of Inclusiveness. The same value system of Symbiosis gets reflected in every place and in all our endeavors and SIBM-H is no exception. I personally believe and follow the Vedic idea of ‘Leader as a facilitator’, which in Biblical terms can be equated to the ‘Servant Leadership’ model. The leader has to be a facilitator, a friend, a guide, and a philosopher. “You need power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.” Let me also share that this style has never let me or my team down so far.

We make sure our students experience knowledge in all verticals 

SIBM-Hyderabad is a vibrant place fueled by innovation in pedagogy, research, internationalization and entrepreneurship. While we benchmark with global best practices, we are always on the quest to develop innovative NEXT practices in curriculum design, delivery and administration. 

We have initiated an experiential learning module last year with an innovative home-grown framework called GSTEE (Governance, Sustainability, Technology, Ethics and Environment), encompassing multi-dimensional learning experience. Learning techniques such as ‘shadowing’ (mid-level corporate executives as mentors), ‘Learning Expeditions’ (Shodh Yatras), and guided ‘research-based’ learning leading to publication (case study or Journal paper), ‘Experiential learning’ etc., have been added to a rich repertoire of our pedagogy.

Internationalization is another important pillar at SIBM-H to promote greater international exposure and diversity in learning. SIBM-H has also set up a fully functional ten seater incubation center to promote entrepreneurship and experimentation. Further, our partnership with T-Hub, the one and only state sponsored start-up ecosystem in the world, helps us bring in the most happening technologies, tech enabled business start-ups, motivation from thriving ideas and lessons from failed one. 

Today’s MBA aspirants are well informed and have access to sources to gather information 

Today’s MBA aspirants are well informed and have access to a plethora of sources to gather information pertaining to every aspect of any B-school – infrastructure, corporate connect, placement, academics, faculty etc. Hence there is nothing new which is not already said or known. Having said that, I shall advise them to exercise caution while referring to sources that are compromised and not to get blindly driven by social media campaigns (both positive and negative). Always trust in seeking first-hand information by asking questions to the concerned authorities and referring official sources of an institution. 

Diversity brings in natural conditioning for our management graduates to work efficiently 

SIBM-H is a cosmos of diverse cultures/language/food habits etc brought in by students hailing from more than 20 states of India. Therefore, it becomes very important to nurture this diversity to create and promote cross cultural learning/working environment. In a manner of speaking, this diversity on campus brings in natural conditioning for our management graduates to work efficiently in a multicultural work environment. Over two years of their life on campus, every student would be part of several groups working on curricular/co-curricular/extra-curricular assignments and club activities there by developing natural appetite for pluralism of diverse views and tolerance for conflicting views/ideas/approaches to work apart from adaptation to behavioral and habitual differences.

At SIBM-H we are committed to provide a rich learning environment encompassing ‘Diversity’ as its core pillar. As a policy we have zero tolerance for misbehavior and stern action is taken against anyone breaching the limits of collegial liberty. ‘Discipline’ is the key word on this campus. Every aspect promotes discipline of thoughts, words and deeds. Mutual respect, collegial liberty and camaraderie are ingrained in the value system of this campus.

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Students must come prepared to invest their valuable time which will drive their future

All aspirants must realize that by choosing to join an MBA program they are investing not just a lot of money but more importantly two golden years of their life. They must come prepared to get the best out of the time they invest on the campus and make this time the most productive time of their life. It will also be helpful for them if they realize that ‘active’ learning pedagogy is ‘pull based’ rather than ‘push based’. You have to be prepared to immerse yourself in the learning process by pulling the best out of the resources/faculty/opportunities that an institution provides. Here I shall prefer to quote our beloved chancellor, Dr. S. B. Mujumdar (Founder & President Symbiosis), “……..if you carry ‘Innovation’ in Mind, ‘Compassion’ in Heart and ‘Fire’ in the Belly, nothing can prevent you from achieving what you want to achieve.

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