Interview by Arjun


Prof Dr A Jagan Mohan Reddy is currently working as a Professor (HR) at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), Hyderabad. He has more than 2 Decades of Industry experience and for the last 15 years he is in the teaching-cum-research field. 

He is a Gold Medalist in Economics with an MPhil Degree from JNU, New Delhi, in addition to M.B.A & PhD in management. He was a faculty at IMT-Ghaziabad before moving to Hyderabad.

He has been awarded with various titles and has published more than 200 articles along with managing training sessions in the area of HRM, Ethics and Values.

Dr reddy has also presented several papers at the National and International Seminars.

Satisfying experience in the education industry 

I was a Development Banker financing small scale and medium scale industries. Shifting to education, where I began my career, it was the deliberate decision of mine as I wished to share the acquired knowledge and wisdom with youngsters.

What excites me in this profession is that you are always alert and updated with contemporary developments, lest the youngsters who are techy savvy might take you for a ride. Most importantly I feel young in the midst of youngsters and follow the mantra of learn- unlearn - relearn to remain relevant.

Inspired to succeed by failing

I make specific effort to establish rapport with all my students, with more focus on underachievers. Being a motivational speaker I enjoy inspiring them with live anecdotes of people who succeeded after failing several times. 

Dr. Reddy on his researches

I am basically from economics and graduated into HR out of interest. In addition to writing articles in HR domain, I synchronized ancient wisdom with modern management, as a regular feature writer to Tattvaloka-a magazine being published by Shringeri Matt, from July 2006- June 2013. 

My articles have been brought out recently in the form of a book titled “Spiritual Guidelines for Management Success “with a foreword written by Dr MB Atreya, a renowned HR professional.

Dr. Reddy’s studies

I am a first-class Post-Graduate in Economics (Gold medalist) with an M.Phil. Degree in Regional Development from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Further, I have obtained MBA & LLB degrees from Osmania, apart from the PGDIR & PM from Bhavans, New Delhi. My PhD thesis was on Sickness among SSIs from Sri Krishna Devaraya University.

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Employee engagement is the most important current debates in our field

Employee Engagement continues to be a topmost challenge, apart from finding talented human resources. With automation in progress the challenge is to update the existing resources for the new jobs. Learning & Development is another area of concern. Last but not least is managing Generation Z, who is different from Y. They are not used to work on laptops and computers and mostly on smartphones and tablets. They want instant feedback and gratification for the work done and always look for learning & Development opportunities. So in the times to come coming up with appropriate initiatives to manage Gen Z will be a major challenge.

Involve-inform and inspire is Dr. Reddy’s sole purpose of teaching

Like mixed vegetable curry (which is very tasty) I use different Pedagogy like Case Studies, role plays, activities, stories and real-life incidents. The sole purpose of my way of teaching is to involve-inform and inspire my students so that they make my Sessions with them interesting and interactive too. While I share all my acquired wisdom and knowledge, I am also willing to learn from young friends and that makes my students happy as they love to share their experiences too. And that’s how we have a lot of fun while learning.

Our mission statement

Preparing HR managers who can create a Strong and vibrant culture thereby enabling their associates to give their best.


Suggestions for current youth and the aspiring students

My sincere advice for the youth is to keep working undaunted by the failures and your focused approach with perseverance ultimately gets you the success.