What does it really mean to be a student at IILM University? It means choosing from one of more than 250 combinations of study. It means taking advantage of our amazing opportunities to discover your passion and mapping out your future in any of our four Schools. These Schools are:

  • School of Liberal Arts
  • School of Management
  • School of Design & Fashion
  • School of Computer Science and Technology

These four Schools offer a comprehensive set of choices for students to opt, by giving them the flexibility to mould their education as per their goals. 

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IILM School of Liberal Arts strives to deliver an academic experience that fosters intellectual curiosity, a critical thought process, self-reflection, leadership and teamwork skills & a heightened sensitivity to one’s socio-cultural environment. Here, students will be acquainted with different cultures and ideas, become adept at writing, speaking, critical reasoning and creative thinking.

IILM School of Management carries forward its legacy of 25 years in responsible management education and prepares the leaders of tomorrow to embrace the paradigm changes happening around the world due to political and regulatory events. The School of Management aims at changing the narrative of the role of education, business, and society by placing a greater emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration across other schools and businesses with the pedagogy being a judicious mix of case discussions, project work, management games and business simulation exercises.

IILM School of Design & Fashion offers exciting new programs to cater to the increased demand for design’s evolving role in the 21st century. The school focuses on going beyond aesthetics and technical expertise helping students to think critically, logically and ethically about their practice and its effects on others. The overall structure of IILM’s programme is a combination of theory, skills, design projects and field experiences supported by cutting-edge design studios, skill and innovation labs.

IILM provides an opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow, to explore, learn and experiment at the School of Engineering & Technology. The Curriculum is designed to challenge graduates to be innovators and achievers in the new era. We aspire towards creating leaders who generate ideas, conduct research turning them into solution providers through the expertise gained. We believe in creating trained graduates who are able to build and train robot systems, mine data and assist machines to learn.

It is IILM’s academic rigor offers excellence across disciplines in all its Schools. IILM is recognized as a leader in higher education due to the outstanding quality of our Schools, highly qualified and experienced faculty, globally benchmarked faculty, pedagogical innovation and experiential learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, whereby providing a holistic development to the students. With the objective of inculcating value-based liberal education, the focus is on student outreach, engagement, and achievement across all the Schools, where students have the freedom to pursue their passion.