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Dr. Nazeema T.H. is currently working as the Principal of Michael Job College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. She has close to 22 years of experience in the field of teaching and administration along with leadership roles and research. She holds a very good academic record throughout her school, MBA degree and her doctorate. She is a University Gold medalist at Bharathiar University for her UG Programme at SRCW, Coimbatore.She is the recipient of Best Faculty award from Nehru College among the teachers of South India and have also received Best Faculty awards from RVS College and Sree Narayana Guru College during her academic tenure. She has also received the Dr RadhaKrishnan Gold medal award for her contribution towards teaching and research and Global Education Leadership award for contribution towards leadership. She has a vision to develop the institution wherever she’s working as a world class institution and her students to be a valuable citizen in the society.

The present education system encourages the students to learn theoretical knowledge remotely using digital means

During my twenty-two years of experience, I witnessed rapid and tremendous transformation in the education sector. Education sectors have adopted Education 4.0, personalized education for all. Every student differs in their perceptions, skill, etc., and therefore education should differ from student to student. 

During the early 2000s, technology began to infiltrate the education process, and both students and teachers started to utilize technology to a certain extent. This was Education 2.0.

Students accessed their information, learned through virtual platforms, which led the students to have a direct connection to a variety of information sources. This user-generated internet education led to Education 3.0. Development of more personalized ways of learning /desired approach to learning aligned itself to the modern revolutions such as Artificial intelligence and robotics impacting our daily lives, led to Education 4.0. 

Education 4.0 celebrates a student’s independence and unique approach based on an individual’s perceptions. The present education system encourages the students to learn theoretical knowledge remotely using digital means whereas the practical skills will be learned face to face. 

An effective leader should carry the team along and guide the way forward

A leader should carry the team along and way-forward. Traditionally, we have seen how King and Monarchs would boss around, but today the scenario has changed. A leader should be able to assess and judge a person’s capability. And once that is done, the right job must be assigned to the right person. This allocation is extremely important in leadership. The other skill that a leader must possess is to have the right attitude to deal with people. Managing people is an art and a good leader should be a master of it. The interest of one employee is not important. It should be the interest of a group, which should align with the vision of the organization. And most importantly, a leader should gain authority and respect and this comes with responsibility.

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The vision is to empower the girls who are ready to take on challenges of tomorrow

Michael Job College of Arts and Science otherwise known as (MJC College of Arts and Science) supports a lot of girl children who are orphans, single-parent kids, and who are from financially weak backgrounds by helping them with free food, free education, and free accommodation. The fee incurred to other local, other states and other nationalities are also in par with the Government fee for the quality education they provide. The vision of this Institution is to empower the girl child. We can visualize the children growing up here are good at English, and becoming very creative, and technically skilled. As the Principal of this Institution, I would stick with the vision of the institution and would try to empower the girls more proficiently. The concentration would be on the essentials of teaching and learning. The goal is to send women leaders out into the world who are prepared to take the challenges of tomorrow. In the next few years, the institution would be heading towards reaching its vision to make our girl students great analytical thinkers and leaders of the nation.

Our college provides academic excellence and emphasize on the holistic development of the students

The initiative of the college is to identify the young girl children belonging to the financially-weaker background and help them with the enhanced academic capability. Also, transforming them to empower women by imparting value-based, skill-based, and behavioral education. The college is at the forefront of higher education in India by providing academic excellence and emphasizing the holistic development of students. By offering graduation and post-graduation in many streams the curriculum fosters global competencies and facilitates skills training to meet the challenges of a competitive workspace.

We are committed to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment

Our commitment at MJC is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower the students to become innovative thinkers, critical analyzers, strong and dynamic entrepreneurs. Our college cares for the individual development of every student. We follow a counseling system in which we give prime importance to the behavioral discipline, moral integrity, and cognitive development of our students. I am delighted that the college is growing in many avenues such as innovative teaching methods, infrastructural developments, partnerships with leading companies, innovation and incubation centers for entrepreneurship, and an efficient placement cell. There is an active National Service Scheme (NSS) unit, inculcating social consciousness among students and an NCC wing to create responsible citizens. The clubs and the value-added programs within the college not only create confident leaders but also inculcate love, compassion, and discipline among the girls

We bring in Industry experts to share their knowledge and experiences for the upliftment of our students

We Organize a plethora of e-learning sessions wherein many industry experts and organizations contribute and share their knowledge and experiences for the upliftment of our girl children. Complimentary lectures by eminent professors and industry experts on topics from the curriculum are also given through Skype and other platforms. Streaming live classes with Camtasia studio 7.0 (A freeware) wherein we can design our presentations along with Google classrooms. Interactive Classrooms and Blended learning are implemented. Content Creation and Translations are tried out to help the students to attend the session in both English and Tamil. Virtual Classrooms enhances our interaction with students and team building activities 

The placement cell helps students to garner required skill sets to get placed

Michael Job College of arts and science has a well-established placement cell, wherein students are developed with required skills to get placed in different companies. This cell provides the students with good communication skills, soft skills furthering their personality development. The necessary training is provided by internal and external trainers. The placement cell functions in a very well –furnished manner, wherein special concern will be given to the caliber students. “HIRE CHARACTER, TRAIN SKILL” is our motto, hence all the committee members of the placement cell work on it wholeheartedly. The final year students have been successfully placed in several companies owing to their ability and skills.

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The youth today is the future of tomorrow; they should focus on developing the nation

The current youth should focus on developing the nation. Their contribution to society concerns the need of the hour. As a youth, develop your skills and habits around your unique strength and passion. Be the person you ought to be by doing right, even when no one is watching. Think that everyone is more important than you are. Work to help others succeed. This will definitely make you a leader. Be ready to respond to everyone. When persuasion is necessary, do it kindly and respectfully. Do pray and be healthy always. Take care of your physical and internal health too.