June 25, 2019, Greater Noida: The School of Management at Bennett University welcomed 40 students to the MBA Program for Class of 2019 -21. Bennett University’s premium, high-quality MBA program has been designed in close consultation with Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, USA. The last opportunity to join the program closes on June 25, 2019. 

The MBA Class started with the Program in Business Fundamentals (CPBF) that is spread over 35 days and consists of 128 engaging learning sessions. Led by 17 faculty members, the 160-hour-long CPBF also includes 3 workshops, 3 outbound training sessions, and 3 experiential visits leading to 8 credits. The opening day of the MBA Induction Program, helmed by Dr. Nagendra V Chowdary, Dean, School of Management, Bennett University, witnessed sessions led by experts and specialists from different domains.


Mr. Maheshwar Peri, Chairman and Founder, Careers360 (Pathfinder Publishing Pvt. Ltd.) set the tone for the program with his inspiring speech. In his talk, he shared, ‘Respect people for what they are. Do not form opinions or judgements. Smile when you meet people. Classroom learning can teach you how to get good CGPA, but these two years are crucial for developing bonds and relationships that can last a lifetime. Develop the part of your personality that will get noticed and can be cherished by others.’

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Mr. Peri’s advice was complemented by the words of Ms. Rachna Panda, Chief Communications Officer and Citizenship Leader, GE South Asia who spoke on ‘Excelling for Excellence: Charting MBA’. The Harvard Business School alumna encouraged the new students to try and make the most of the program: ‘You need to be a learner all through your life. Pursue integrity in whatever you do, and always play to your strengths. Do not always hold onto things; it’s okay to let them go.’

Mr. T.D. Chandrasekhar, renowned coach, facilitator, and consultant, along with Br. Prasanna Swaroopa, former IT consultant and spiritual seeker, led the final session of the day on the theme ‘Values for Creating Value’. In the engaging session, Mr. Chandrasekhar said, ‘Learning hard skills is not tough these days. For that, one need not attend a brick-and- mortar establishment; one can learn that through a multitude of platforms. But qualities like team management, learning ability, empathy, and creativity require a place where you are today. A university. So, make the most of these two years and rise.’ Br. Swaroopa added, ‘In a team, if one can make interaction meaningful then it adds value. Value is a basic ingredient for any human interaction.’

The first day of the MBA Induction Program enabled the young learners to know more about the MBA program and gain insights on what to expect over the next two years. They could also benefit from a healthy dose of advice and inspiration from experts from different fields. Over the next several days of the CPBF, students will get the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and develop skills by attending specially designed sessions on a range of topics including Indian business history, creativity and critical thinking, business mathematics, Indian culture and ethos, and personal branding.