Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Deepak Garg, HOD & Professor-Computer Science Engineering at Bennett University

Dr. Deepak Garg is working as the HOD & Professor in Computer Science Engineering at Bennett University. He has an experience in automating and implementing the technology solution on a larger scale in the education sector. He also has an extensive experience in designing curriculum, developing education pedagogy and managing industry-institute interaction.

Dr. Deepak’s experience in the education industry

My 20 years of experience has been full of wonderful memories and learning experiences. The best part is that you stay in touch with the young generation who is full of ideas, vigour, and enthusiasm. I have seen many students who come from a humble background, rising a lot in their lives and are now serving top companies in the world. It is nice to work in this industry as it does not have the option to be complacent and you need to keep learning every day about new things happening in the technology. It has helped me to grow in every way and getting an email from your old students with memories from the past makes you nostalgic.

Dr. Deepak’s experience as the Chairman of IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Education Society

IEEE is the largest professional organization in the world. We took many initiatives in India to improve the quality of the profession with the help of Industry and policymakers. With our efforts, we have got best global chapter recognition by IEEE Education Society and they lauded our efforts in the field of membership growth, institutional activism and innovative initiatives.

Significant challenges faced as the HOD & Professor Computer Science Engineering at Bennett University

The most significant challenge was to put together a solid team of faculty who can take the department forward in terms of new age learning methods and high-quality research. Due to the scarcity of good faculty in computer science, we made all-out efforts to bring good people in our team. It is a matter of satisfaction that we could meet our targets. Now we are trying to further enlarge this team as per our future requirements. Once, you have a good team, all other challenges vanish automatically. If you see our current faculty profile, it is now as good as any of the older IITs. 

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Different strategies applied as HOD Computer Science Engineering of Bennett University

It is nice to be a part of start-up University where you have minimum bottlenecks in terms of bringing latest innovations to your teaching, research and outreach systems in the department. It has been satisfying that we are able to do good things at Bennett in a fast and speedy manner which becomes an ingredient of growth. We have got one of the best infrastructures as far as our computing labs are concerned. Our focus on industry collaborations and interaction with top foreign Universities has yielded tremendous results. It has resulted in our students doing cutting-edge projects, student interaction and visit the state of the art institutions and industry. Our philosophy of entrepreneurial mindset in running the department has proved to be working in our favour. We had pulled all the right strings to make our department known for its strength in the country.

Curriculum at Bennett University

The curriculum is on high priority for us and we have been very bullish on this from the very start. We have taken inputs from professional organizations like AICTE, UGC, ACM, IEEE, CSI apart from industry experts from Amazon, IBM, Google, DellEMC, NVIDIA. As of now, you can count our curriculum amongst the best in the world.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Bennett University

Our focus is on imparting the best skills and capabilities to our students. Jobs and placement opportunities will be abundant for those kinds of graduates. Frankly speaking, I am not worried about this aspect because our pedagogy of learning is far superior from average Indian institutions of Higher Education. We are uniquely placed in the whole ecosystem due to the strong interconnect of Times Network working in favour us. This kind of relationship helps in getting many CXOs visiting our campus resulting in the futuristic association. Placements become the by-product of such initiatives.

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Dr. Deepak’s relationship with the students

I don’t need to do anything special for that. It comes naturally. All of them are my friends. I learn from them and they learn from me and faculty. I am available to them through all social networking apps and my office is open to them always. At Bennett University, we have very open culture from top to bottom.

Ideal school environment according to Dr. Deepak and how he encourages that kind of culture at Bennett University

Ideal things are always ideal, and we don’t see them on the ground. We take a practical approach. We try to imbibe the best practices from the best systems in the world and try to innovate them with our local flavour. Our special initiatives on project-based learning have brought a sea change in the confidence level of students. YouTube videos of most of our student groups working on different industry-oriented projects are available. We follow blended learning approach in classes, which is recommended as the best learning strategy by globally recognized pedagogy experts.

Top qualities that an aspiring Computer Science Engineering student must possess

Design and coding remain two important core skills for any Computer Science Engineer who is looking to do well in his career. Some of those who are not enthusiastic about doing the job in multinational companies have the option to go for start-ups. It is an open fact that 90% of the innovations happening in start-ups and futuristic technologies are based on computer science.

If you want to pursue Computer Science at Bennett, there is no prerequisite apart from your passion. Our curriculum will make you comfortable and ready for everything by the time you graduate. The inclusion of internships, industry visits, CXO Talks, Supercomputing infrastructure, world-class faculty is some of the differentiating factors of Computer Science Department at Bennett.

Goals in mind for Bennett University for the next few years

My department will be in top five departments of the country if we maintain our current growth with the requisite support from the management.

Bennett University

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

Don’t worry. Remain natural to yourself. Nurture the fire to do something. Leave rest to my team of faculty. Skills and true knowledge are more important than a degree, which will give you happiness and satisfaction in your life. At Bennett, we give you skills and knowledge along with a degree making it a complete and wonderful experience. Our co-curricular activities matching International standards play a very important part in this. World class sports complex, visits by achievers in the field of art, cinema, sports, societal work etc., makes it truly a cherishing stay at the campus.