Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Rama Subrahmanyam Komaragiri

Working as the HOD & Professor - Electronics and Communication Engineering in Bennett University, Dr. Rama Subrahmanyam Komaragiri did his M.Tech in Solid State Technology from IIT Madras (2002) and M.Sc in Physics from IIT Bombay (2000). His areas of interest include Nanoelectronics, Novel Semiconductor Devices, VLSI, Power Semiconductor Devices, MEMS, NEMS, Molecular Electronics, Modeling and Simulation of Semiconductor Devices, and Engineering Education aspects.

Dr. Komaragiri’s experience in the education industry

“Education industry” comes with a responsibility, in which present generation students are going to be nurtured into great Human beings of the future. Academics provide a rare combination of future, present, and past. One has to have a futuristic vision for scientific advancements. The present generation needs to be trained for the future which is based on past learnings.

Dr. Komaragiri’s philosophy of leadership

As learned from my esteemed teachers, leaders under whom I worked with and based on my experiences, a leader gives opportunities to grow with ample feedback. The excellence of department through individual’s excellence is the motive.

Dr. Komaragiri Philosophy of leadership

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Komaragiri

In ECE at Bennett, we believe in re-adopting ourselves to do things differently. Continually fine-tuning ourselves to the technical advancement and reflecting that in our curriculum is a challenge.

Dr. Komaragiri on how his industry experience helped him in the Academic journey so far

The industry is always timebound and result-oriented. While in Academia, the growth is through perseverance. Timebound and result-oriented perseverance helped me to become diversified in my fields of interest.

Curriculum of Bennett University

The best of the industry pays utmost importance to intricate details as small things become the stumbling blocks and become more prominent issues to resolve. ECED Curriculum at Bennett provides ample scope for students to demonstrate the debugging skills by putting their theoretical knowledge into practice. Through the majority of our courses, out-of-box experimentation is inculcated by a graded project. In a nutshell, we teach the art of learning through courses based on electronics and communication engineering.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Bennett University

In ECE, we believe in gaining knowledge and then necessary skill development, rather than providing skills. A student spends four years of the primeval phase of his life at ECED in Bennett. Through rigor knowledge transfer and skill development, students are encouraged for multiple internships, be it in research or industry.

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Dr. Rama on how to prepare the students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards

Modern organizations mainly need the ability to listen, rational thinking, adapting and zeal to learn.

Dr. Komaragiri’s relation with the students and his availability for them

Through open house for ECE students at Bennett, to give or take feedback or information exchange, we establish a relationship with students. With an open door policy, students can always walk-in.

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Top qualities that an aspiring B.Tech/Engineering student must possess

The ability to ask questions to understand, ability to analyze, rational thinking and should be courageous enough to experiment.

Dr. Rama on the future of B.Tech Engineering students

Engineering is a never-ending requirement hence it exists forever but the perception might change. It is all about the ability to learn to apply quickly and continuously for an engineering solution.

Suggestions to the current youth

At some point in time, listen to yourself and achieve it.