Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Suneet Tuli Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Bennett University

Dr. Suneet Tuli is currently positioned as the Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science at Bennett University. He did BE (Hons) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani. He completed his M.Tech in Integrated Electronic Circuits and Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from IIT Delhi. He holds a rich working experience of working as a Dean (R&D), Head Care, Associate Dean and Professor at IIT Delhi.

Dr. Tuli’s research areas include Thermal-Acoustic-Electrical-Optical Interaction; Non-Destructive Characterization/NDT - Active and Passive Thermography; Surface Acoustic Wave Devices and Electronic Systems. He has also been a part of numerous research projects. Dr. Tuli has presented his research papers in various journals.

Dr. Tuli’s experience in the education industry

My experience spans over 34 years in the education industry, both in teaching as well as research. The best part about working in this industry is its positive and dynamic nature in which one is always working with youngsters buzzing with ideas. Interacting constantly with young people, understanding their concerns and thinking, sharing information and engaging with them on all fronts for a better world is immensely satisfying.

Dr. Tuli’s philosophy of leadership

Education by nature is participative and so is my leadership style. This implies involving and taking views and suggestions of all the stakeholders be it faculty, students, colleagues or management, before taking decisions.  University vision and goals must be collective and should be shared by all the team members.

Dr. Tuli on how his past experience helped him to plan for the future demand for Bennett University

From the very first day, we were committed to working towards achieving our aim to become a University which excels in Undergraduate Teaching. Hence, the initial plan followed was to identify the right combination of course content which is both academic and industry relevant. Accordingly, the courses were formulated and defined. Our aim was to inculcate the element of inter-disciplinary education not only between different science and engineering fields but also among other schools at the university. Such a multi-level interaction is now a regular feature in all the spheres of the university.

Top qualities that an aspiring Engineering student must possess

An engineer should be inquisitive and adaptive to the changing world. He/she should have the desire to identify the problem and possess a positive outlook towards solving them. Teamwork is very important in this regard. An engineer should develop an attitude of continuous learning; to keep himself well-informed on new technological and scientific developments.Significant challenges faced by Dr. Tuli as the Dean, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences of Bennett University

My first major challenge was to have the right kind of faculty members in place, those willing to develop teaching courses, pedagogy and also willing to work with industry in research and development. Today, Bennett University has a very strong pool of qualified Ph.D. and post-doctoral faculty who bring along with them the relevant training and subject knowledge in specialized areas.  Apart from this, there were other front-end challenges which are common to any new department in making.

Top qualities that an aspiring Engineering student

Curriculum of Bennett University

At Bennett University, strong emphasis is given on designing the course curriculum to make students industry and life ready. The focus is to create and maintain an optimal balance of theory, practical and live projects throughout the duration of the program. With such an approach in mind, we are in process of formulating deep partnerships with select industries in different areas. Such kind of collaborations benefit the students and faculty in the entire process of learning.

With a view to providing international exposure, the present batch has already had the opportunity for 2 immersion/internship programs abroad and is expected to be continued for coming batches. To pursue our vision of becoming the Centre of Excellence and develop research-driven academic environment, we have started PhDs from the very first day. The endeavor for our Ph.D. scholars would be on solving industrial problems.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Bennett University

Placements are perceived as a part of the larger focus to engage with industry. A dedicated team was in place for industry outreach and collaboration even before School of Engineering came into existence. University is strong in its approach towards building an industry focused education culture and thus invites industry leaders of different fields to interact and share their experience with its students. Career Services Center works closely with the industry to assist students with internship projects, immersion programs, and final placements.

Read more about the placement opportunities available at Bennett University here.

Dr. Tuli’s relation with the students and his availability for them

We at university follow open door policy from top to bottom. As a Dean and member of the faculty, it is important for me to know and understand the most simple and complex issues faced by the students at our campus. I encourage my students to approach me either in person or via e-mails.

Ideal school environment for Dr. Tuli

The ideal school should have an open, transparent and participative environment. Students and faculty should excel in academics as well as willing to work with industry. This builds the positive and nourishing atmosphere, which in turn fosters the values of ownership, teamwork amongst students and help them become future leaders.

Ideal school environment for Dr. Tuli

Goals in mind for the university

The goal is to take the university at a level where it is known for its excellence in undergraduate teaching, industry-related post-graduate programs and outstanding research in selected areas.

Suggestions to the current youth and the aspiring students

The whole world is open to today’s young. My suggestion to students is to have self-confidence and work hard to achieve their dreams. With continuous developments happening across the globe, youth these days can play a huge role in the changing the shape of future.