“Memory is not intelligence... Having more information does not make one more intelligent,” spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation, told a rapt audience at the Bennett University campus in Greater Noida. Alertness and consciousness are what will make a person superior, as artificial intelligence takes up the task of remembering and carrying information, he said while discussing human evolution and the future of artificial intelligence.

Bennett University

Flooded with questions on a wide range of subjects by an enthusiastic audience at the ‘Youth and Truth’ session, Sadhguru responded with wit, wisdom and liberal doses of humour. Hinting at teachers, he joked that the crowd of students was being tortured by a few people because “they read a book ahead of us”. However, he also attacked religious leaders for posing as superior beings. “They read a big book and make you feel like they know the universe. The universe cannot be contained in one book,” he told the students.

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The students wanted to know if Sadhguru was a PUBG fan, but had to instead introduce him to the popular phone-based game. He was also questioned on heartbreaks, and how to “undo” the love. He said attraction is nothing but the hijacking of the system by hormones. However, one must be alert to the changes in the mind, especially because serial heartbreaks can make a person paranoid and keep one from building human bonds. “Serial heartbreaks will look like fun for some time, but after a while, you will just have no interest in anybody in your life. Because another human being is a problem,” he warned.

He was also asked for his take on many controversial issues, including the entry of women in Sabarimala. He responded that the issue was less about gender equality and more about fulfilling political wishes. According to Sadhguru, Sabarimala is the deity’s abode, and his wish -- that women do not enter his “bedroom” -- should be respected.

“There is no question of women entering or not entering. They are making it out like they are not being allowed because of the menstrual cycle that a woman has. But this is not the case... This one deity, he is a monk. He said this is my abode, where women don’t come... This (controversy) is a manipulation, political wills are being fulfilled,” he said.