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Ms. C. Madhavi Prasad is designated as the Academic Coordinator at IIRM Hyderabad. She is also a senior faculty member with nearly 15 years of experience at various educational institutions. Her educational qualifications include M.Phil., PGDBA, M.A., and B.Ed. Presently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in HR Management. 

In an exclusive interview with Rajesh Mummaneni, Ms. Madhavi shares her experience in the education industry and challenges faced by being an Academic Coordinator at IIRM. Edited Excerpts - 

Diverse and challenging experience in the education sector

Personally speaking from experience, Faculty is a highly fulfilling job. If you’re involved in teaching your days will be filled with diversity. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped youngsters to grow and develop. While some people spend years at campuses studying a subject they never use again, but as a Faculty, you’re expected to really make use of your degree. The level of contribution is very high and every action will make an impact on others' life thereby making it a very responsible job. Every day new things happen and new challenges come up. This industry always gives independence to do the right things. One should not forget while all jobs have retirement but a professor is for a lifetime. 

IIRM trains students on how to be analytical

At IIRM, Students are trained to use knowledge, facts, and information to make sure they get things right. They are knowledgeable about their subject and thorough in looking at all the facts before making a decision. They can effectively leverage data by seeing the future more clearly, making better decisions and ultimately being more successful rather than just the data compilers. 

Ms. Madhavi talks about the vision of IIRM Hyderabad

IIRM started with a vision to accelerate the development of the Indian Insurance Industry by developing a new generation of highly qualified and trained human resources through education, research and training. But with the opening of the Indian Financial services sector in a large way both to new Indian parties and International companies which include Banking, Insurance, Investment, Mutual Funds, Wealth Management, IIRM have been attempting to bridge this gap in a small way.

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Curriculum designed as per the Industry standards

At IIRM course structure is quite tough. As the specializations are unique and vigorous frequent up-gradation is the norm. Curriculum formation is based on industry inputs and domain experts’ feedback. Faculty at IIRM are knowledgeable and have vast experiences. Faculty are a healthy mix of academicians, industry experts with the pan Indian community. 

Responsibility as the academic coordinator

Student community at IIRM has representation from across the nation. We have students coming from almost 16 states, a heterogeneous quality group. Learning starts there for students. A classroom is more a place of interaction, discussion and exchange of ideas. Quality of education is expressed by the quality of students, faculty credentials, and academic features. An academic coordinator ensures that.

What makes IIRM Hyderabad stand apart!

IIRM is a leading school of excellence rendering Post Graduate education in the areas of Financial Services, Insurance, Banking, Risk Management, Actuarial Science and Analytics. Students of IIRM can opt from an array of specializations to further their knowledge in areas of their interest. The curriculum is regularly updated to meet the dynamic needs of the industry and the academic world. Integration of courseware with a strong IT platform allows the student community to be in tune with Industry relevance, enhanced placement opportunities and potential for career growth. Strict discipline at academics and complete freedom in the residential area are nurtured. All-inclusive growth is the key to success at IIRM.

Challenges faced in the education sector

Disruptive technologies are the biggest challenge that the education sector faces. The millennial student community is tech-savvy and wants results as fast as their fast foods. They are more informed and knowledgeable. The gap between the teacher and student is very narrow now. To keep up the pace with them is the biggest challenge. 

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Suggestions to the young generation

The competition to grab that dream job and have the ultimate life gets higher each day. My only suggestion to the youngsters is to use their energy and direct their efforts in the direction which will take them to their desired life. Work hard and in a smart way to achieve your aims!