Parul University is a University in Gujarat set up by Parul Arogya Seva Mandal Trust in 2015. It is a constant endeavour of the University to achieve excellence in delivering different programmes. Read on to know more about the latest happenings at the University. 

Parul University hosts Vadodara Hackathon 2.0 to provide innovation solutions to over 250 problem statements

Parul University

Date: April 03, 2021

Channeling the power of digital technology so as to provide effective and efficient practical solutions to some of the challenging issues of today’s time, the innovators of city based Parul University, successfully held yet another edition of Vadodara Hackathon. Running inline with nationwide drives for Make in India and ATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT, the platform successfully engaged over 2,600 participants from across the State in various tracks dealing with numerous socio-economic challenges. To inaugurate this two day event, the platform was graced by the presence of Honorable Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi, Minister of State, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Ministry Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries,Government of India, along with Dr. Shamsher Singh, IPS, Police Commissioner, Vadodara city. The platform created this ideal ecosystem for innovation for all the participating students and the budding innovators of the city and State.

Vadodara Hackathon, is amongst Parul University’s flagship events which was designed to provide a platform for encouraging student innovation. From the date of its initiation in the year 2020, this innovation centric platform has been skyrocketing the ideas of students across multiple disciplines through digital software and hardware developments. This year’s hackathon 2.0 created an even more buzz for students by being given over 250 problem statements across 20 different tracks from industries, government bodies, NGOs such as Vadodara Cyber crime, Vadodara smart city, GPCL, GSFC, paragon, Disan food etc. in domains like cyber crime, urban innovations, healthcare. 

This hackathon came under Parul University’s flagship program Vadodara Innofest which is a comprehensive platform for innovation and entrepreneurship designed to provide students and faculties with the much needed exposure. Through these series of innovative events, Vadodara Innofest has been cultivating the ideal ecosystem for start-ups in the University campus, as well as the city of Vadodara as a whole. To inaugurate the event, Shri Pratap Chandra Sarangi shared with the students regarding the various initiatives and policies which the government has been taking towards facilitating the most effective culture of innovation within the country and allow for the youth of the nation to emerge as future entrepreneurs.

Marking the end of the gathering, Dr. Shamsher in his remarks, congratulated the participants for their efforts and went on to urge the budding students to take part in such a program and to also find solutions to common problems arising out of the society relating to cybercrime. To mark the end of the event, 10 students were declared winners as they went on to receive prizes worth 1.05 Lakh. “It is by all means a matter of great pride to see our students taking part in events of such a magnitude and to be able to express their innovative entrepreneurial skill sets. The main purpose behind this hackathon is not only for the students to learn in their academics, but our focus is to ensure that the students of Parul University also get to learn the society”, said the University Vice President, Dr. Parul Patel

Parul University’s Gate Coaching cell secures the Academic Futures of Its GATE excelling students

Parul University

Date: April 03, 2021

This University has been setting the ladder of academic excellence for its students to climb to the nation’s top institutions upon the completion of their studies.  City based Parul University has been paving a way for its students to make their mark in the most prominent NITs, IITs, IIITs, IISCs, across the country. The University has been constantly cultivating a culture of academic excellence within the students which has been allowing them to excel in numerous competitive and entrance examinations to the most nationally renowned institutions nationwide. For this purpose, the University has put in place a uniquely structured competitive examination cell, which has been committed to nurture and groom students in the art of exam taking, critical analysis.

Throughout its academic processes the Parul University has been adhering to the ideology that education is a continuous and complementary process in which the stakeholders of the academic fraternity collectively work together in order to prepare the future generations of the nation. For this purpose, the University has been constantly nurturing and training its students in the manner and art of competitive exam taking. In the recently conducted GATE examinations, the students secured top scores with high all India rankings, allowing a spot amongst the Nation’s eminent institutions for their further studies.

Bhensaniya Parita and Sandipkumar Patel, two of University alumni from the department of Aeronautical engineering, secured their admission in IIT-Kharagpur. Both the students in their GATE examinations had secured a rank amongst the Top 50 nationwide, with rankings of 24 and 47 respectively. Another group of two students Nirmal Patel and Parth Modhvadia who graduated their Computer Science Engineering studies and were selected to pursue their further studies at IIIT Bangalore. During their GATE examinations, the students managed to secure a score of 711 and 685 respectively. 

In addition, Harshil Gohil, an aeronautical engineering student of the University made an outstanding display of excellence, by ranking amongst the top 10 students in all of India. Owing to his outstanding performance, Harshil secured admission in IISC Bengaluru for his further studies in the field. Vishal Shah was also amongst the University’s students who managed to score a rank in the Top 100 all of India and secured placement at HI-Tech. Parul University’s students from the department of Mechatronics engineering, also made their mark in the field by securing a passing their GATE examinations, with students like Deep Garasia securing admission at the  Indian Institute of Information Technology, Jabalpur, and students such as Rutulkumar Patel getting admitted at Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, for pursuing their further studies. 

Parul University students reach soaring heights in this year’s GATE Exam

Parul University

Date: April 03, 2021

Even in the wake of numerous challenges created in technical education due to this pandemic, the engineering students of Parul University did not hold back from exhibiting their essence of academic excellence during the recently held GATE examinations. This year’s Graduated Aptitude Test Engineering (GATE) examinations saw the students of city based Parul University making a remarkable display of excellence in their academics by maintaining high ranking scores across the nation. A notable number of the University’s students were amongst the top 500 and top 1000 qualifiers across India. The efforts of the University’s GATE Examination Cell under the Faculty of Engineering have been producing noteworthy results in regards to the overall preparation of the students to sit for such exams.

The GATE examinations 2021 saw a total of 7,11,54 students appearing for the exams out of whom 1,26,813 candidates qualified. With such a narrow pass rate, the students of Parul University were still able to match up to the challenge, and display their excellence amongst the overall 17.82% qualifiers. A total of 13 students qualified for this year’s examinations with two students from petroleum engineering, six students aeronautical engineering, and two more students from mechanical engineering, an additional two from computer science and one from chemical engineering.  Based on the GATE examination qualification the students of Parul University will be paving their road to endless post graduation possibilities in the nation’s leading IITs and NITs.

Siddheshwar Prajapati, a mechanical engineering student from the University’s Faculty of Engineering, qualified with a nationwide rank of 213. Another student from Parul University’s department of Aeronautical engineering managed to attain an All India Rank AIR of 327, along with Praful Jogchand Patek a student of petroleum engineering having an AIR rank of 392. “Being able to sit for my GATE examinations and scoring this rank is by all means a matter of great pride for me. I am grateful to the hours of training and grooming which was invested by me with the help of my faculties in order for me to sit for these exams”, said Siddheshwar.

Whether with offline or online teaching in place, Parul University has been making continuous provisions to provide the students with finest exposure to their academics through an enriching blend of practical based training and examination coaching. Annually the University’s technical students have been able to take their engineering studies to soaring heights as a result of the training and coaching they receive by the University’s top notch faculties from IITs and NITs. “As a University it is a matter of immense pride to see our students making such an outstanding display of excellence in their studies. They have been able to overcome every challenge and i am sure the students will carry forward this excellence in their oncoming academic journey”, said the University’s Provost, Dr. M.N Patel.

Tisca Chopra to attend Parul University’s 4th Convocation

Date: March 11, 2021

Parul University Vadodra is all set to organize its 4th Annual Convocation Ceremony. The eminent Bollywood actress, Tisca Chopra, will be attending the ceremony as an honorary guest. Indian supermodel and fitness enthusiast, Milind Soman will also be attending the vibrant ceremony at Parul University. It is scheduled to take place on March 13, 2021, on the university campus. 

The graduates of 2020 is a unique batch who have carved a distinctive path for themselves. This grand ceremony will mark the start of a new world around them. The ceremony will be about following your passion and using it for a better future. 

The registrations for the same were conducted through an online mode. The university shipped the convocation attire at the registered address of all students. No convocation costume will be given on the day of convocation. Most importantly, only one parent is allowed to enter with the student. However, if the situation does not improve, only students will be allowed to the ceremony. 

Convocation brings a sense of belongingness, enthusiasm, and achievement among students. During the last convocation in November 2019, Anil Kumble and Manushi Chhillar were invited as the guest of honor. A total of 3519 students received their degrees in the 3rd Convocation Ceremony.

This year too, students as well as the guests, are thrilled to join the grand ceremony with great enthusiasm.

Parul University shines in Institution’s Innovation Council’s 2.0 Annual National Rating

Parul University

Date: October 19, 2020

The challenges which have been arising in todays’ times have been cementing Parul  University’s position of furthering entrepreneurship and innovation, as a vital part of its teaching and learning process. It is due to this reason that this Vadodara situated University, has once again received a mark of recognition for its countless efforts towards innovation and entrepreneurship. As a part of the Institution’s Innovation Council’s annual nationwide rankings for higher performing institutions in the field of entrepreneurship, Parul University recently received a 4.5 star rating.

Institution’s Innovation Council is a Ministry of Education initiative established in collaboration with All India Council for Technical Education with the objective of promoting and advancing innovative practices amongst higher educational institutions. The efforts of the council have resulted in the creation of centres of innovation along with numerous activities and events in institutions across India, focusing on ideation, proof of concept development, design thinking, intellectual property, project incubation, management amongst others. It has been through such initiatives that Parul University has emerged as a rising centre of innovation and entrepreneurship. From its recent ARIIA ranking, to this latest IIC rating, the University has been making its mark in the sphere of higher education across India.

Through its innovative practices, the University has created the most engaging ecosystem of start up and entrepreneurship amongst its students and faculties. Over the years, Parul University has been laying a solid foundation within its students from the time of face to face to learn, till the time they have been learning from home, the students of this University have been excelling in practical innovation and have received notable grants under various Government initiatives. This 4.5 rating therefore, is in recognition of such efforts which the University has been making in entrepreneurship. For its innovation oriented policies, the University received a score of 93.33 out of 100, awarding them this mark of excellence.

The University had to effectively follow the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell prescribed calendar of activities. In addition, they were also required to take part in a series of MIC driven initiatives, which revolved around the promotion and development of entrepreneurship. The final ingredient which was to be satisfied for this rating was in regards to the institution’s own self-driven initiatives.

It is indeed a moment of great pride for us as a University to be able to operate inline with the National agenda towards furthering innovation amongst students. Through our solution oriented approach to education, we have been continuously making strides to provide our students and faculties with an ecosystem where they can express their entrepreneurship abilities. We are honoured to have the Hon. Minister of Education, Shri Nishank, declared our position amongst top Institutions across India at IIC 2.0”, said the University’s President Dr. Devanshu J Patel.

Parul University Selected to House a State Government Sponsored Supercomputer facility

Parul University

Date: October 06, 2020

The prevailing challenges in education scope have resulted in an increasing demand for schooling 4.0 amongst higher education institutions across the country. Pushing forward this agenda towards the digitalization of education, the Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) has been selecting some of the notable institutions across the State to sponsor the establishment of a supercomputer facility. Vadodara based Parul University was recently amongst the few chosen institutions to establish this State Government sponsored facility. 

The purpose behind setting up this facility has been aimed at the need to build and enhance the capacity of higher educational institutions by providing a comprehensive platform for advanced high-end computations in scientific, engineering, and academic programs. Through this supercomputer, the University’s students and faculties will get the opportunity to utilize an efficient system for simulations and data analysis, which will increase the credibility of their research. This facility will also go on to enhance the technical fields of the University through digital literacy. 

This supercomputer is a system that facilitates high-performance computing and deep learning. Thus with such a capacity, it will allow students to utilize computing resources to provide solutions to complex problems. With the ever-changing trends in technology and innovation, Parul University has set up a stream of computer specialization programs in Big data analytics, Artificial intelligence, Cyber Security, and the Internet of Things. This supercomputer facility will upscale the practical exposure in these programs. Through this facility, the University will also provide its students in other fields such as pharmacy, engineering, computer science and IT, applied sciences, and a hands-on learning experience. The University also intends to incorporate various insights into the use and mechanism of supercomputers within its curriculum. 

Having such a facility installed within our University will go a long way in providing our students with the much needed exposure to advanced computing systems. The reason why this GUJCOST supercomputer is of great importance is mainly due to the fact that the industries are ever-growing and ever advancing in terms of their technologies and systems. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us as a University to upskill our students and faculties with the necessary competences which will go on to provide the highest form of industrial relevance. I am grateful for the faith which our State Government has in us by granting us the necessary funding for this establishment”, said the University’s President, Dr. Devanshu J Patel.

Fighting the Covid -19 pandemic with Holistic care to cure

Parul University

Date: October 06, 2020

To curb the rise of COVID-19 and stay ahead of the medical concerns, Vadodara based Parul Sevashram Hospital has enhanced its medical capacity to accommodate more COVID patients. Besides its already existing facilities, this teaching hospital has added 25 more dedicated COVID ICU beds for critical patients. With the increasing demand for Ventilators, ten ventilators and 25 private rooms add to existing facilities. A special section for suspect patients and 4 beds in the ICU for patients requiring dialysis during their management in Covid ICU have also been ensured. 

From May 2020, more than 1000 COVID positive patients have been treated.Understanding that this pandemic requires emotional and mental support along with the medications, hospitals have developed a unique Holistic Care and Cure approach to meet patient’s needs. Patient named Iqbal Gadiwala mentions, “The hospital is so well maintained in terms of cleanliness, regular food menu. Staff is very helpful and attends all the queries

One of our patients, Mr. Mitesh Rawal says that “I have been admitted for more than 40 days here and it is just because of the caring attitude of staff and the treatment by an expert team of doctors that I have recovered from this deadly virus. Staff inside ICU made me comfortable and took care of my each need, they are truly warriors.” A 37 year old patient Umesh Patel mentions “I thank Parul Sevashram Hospital Management for giving me a second life after being tested positive for COVID; the treatment, food, staff care, doctor support are excellent” 

Ever since the emergence of this pandemic, Parul Sevashram Hospital management has been strategically aligning the University’s resources through such facility additions along with procuring of new equipment. The medical capacity of numerous hospitals across the State and City has been greatly overloaded, leaving behind a number of COVID patients requiring medical treatment. In expanding this intensive care unit and various other facilities, the Hospital hopes to supplement the demand for such facilities. “ As Parul Sevashram Hospital, our commitment towards providing the highest form of medical treatment to COVID-19 patients remains unchanged. Due to our holistic care approach and dedicated team of expert doctors and paramedics, our recovery rates have been above 85% till now and if the COVID infections and medical concerns increase, or the number of cases rise, we will also continue to enhance our facilities and medical resources so as to meet this need”, said the University’s Medical Director, Dr.Geetika M Patel.

Parul University innovates to let students attend European exchange programs from their homes

Parul University

Date: October 06, 2020

The University recently announced an online international Semester exchange program for the students across multiple disciplines. This online mobility program is between Parul University and the Mlada Boleslav based Skoda Auto University, where the Indian students will learn in a blended classroom with the students of the Czech Republic. The purpose of initiating this program was in line with the University’s plan of not permitting the ongoing pandemic to obstruct its students’ learning process, including their global academic exposure.

For all the students to avail of this learning opportunity, the University provided a full tuition waiver for the participants throughout their studies. The program provides students with interdisciplinary research of various courses such as management, B2B marketing, new automotive industry trends, Czech language and culture for foreigners, and business communication competencies. Upon completing the program, the students will receive a course certification, European Credits, and PU credit transfer.

The University's lecture and assessment methodologies have become fully digital, this is what has made it possible for the students to take part in this exchange program and study under the instruction of Czech professors and experts. “Learning is not confined to a particular destination or location, this is why even from their homes, we are still able to provide students with such enriching international opportunities through these virtual exchange programs. I believe this platform will provide our students with the real time experience of European education. 80 participating students will be benefited by this online exchange program”, said the University’s Director of International Relations, Dr. Preeti Nair.

In addition to such exchange programs, the University’s International Relations Cell has been creating various avenues for international opportunities which include its newly initiated Global Internship Program, where students get to work in leading global companies all from their homes. “In these pandemic times, it is of great importance that we continue to provide our students with a comprehensive learning experience, and from the challenges created we have also gotten to see new opportunities being presented. Being a tuition waiver program I am confident that a number of our students will get to avail this global learning opportunity”, said the University’s President, Dr. Devanshu J Patel.

Parul University receives permissions for agricultural education

Parul University

Date: October 06, 2020

The agricultural sector's significance towards maintaining the nation's economic and social welfare has been upscaling the demand for skilled human resources who play the crucial role of helping the farmers in navigating the sector. To supplement this demand, the Government of Gujarat extended to Vadodara based Parul University, permissions to nurture and train students into becoming agricultural experts. Through these permissions, the University will be running various agriculture streams from the B. Sc in agriculture program to the Diploma and in the agricultural engineering program and the Diploma and in dairy technology program. These permissions have made Parul University, the first private higher educational institution in Gujarat, to receive agro-based education from the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Education, Govt. of Gujarat. 

The University is aligning its resources towards the promotion and development of numerous resources which are vital towards the effective delivery of agricultural education. Some of these resources include a designated 220 acre of agricultural land of where students get to engage in various cultivation processes, a 40 Hectare Instructional Agronomy Farm, Crop Museums, 28 Hectare of Horticulture Farms, 28 Hectare of Instructional Farm for practical crop production and Meteorological observatory .  Other resources go on to include greenhouses amongst numerous agro based laboratories for in-house experimentation and research. On top of these the University has put in place skilled academic instructors and expert agricultural resource persons who get to nurture and develop the students within this field of study. 

As a University we have been playing a vital role in producing and developing students with ample skills and sharp minds, who have been contributing to the development of our nation in the various sectors of the economy. In the same way, through these permissions, we also maintain our commitment towards producing the same level of experts, with ample competencies, and sufficient skill sets to assist the farmers in the making of well-informed decisions, so that they can get maximum benefit from their agricultural produce and boost their livelihood. We express our gratitude to the State Government for granting us the opportunity to contribute to this noble academic venture,” said the University’s President Dr. Devanshu Patel. 

21 Teams from Parul University receives grant from SSIP and GTU Innovation and Start-up Center

Parul University

Date: October 06, 2020

Parul University’s 21 Teams Receives Grant of 10.18 lakhs from Student Open Innovation Challenge by Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP) and GTU Innovation and Start-up Center under SSIP for making use of entrepreneurship to innovative a cure for the socio-economic challenges of COVID-19 

With the challenges presented by COVID-19 continuously mutating, the students of city based Parul University have been constantly innovating. In the recent COVID-19 start-up challenge presented by SOIC, 15 Students teams of the University received grants out of a total of 36 shortlisted students from Universities around the State. The winners were declared in recognition of their ability to develop and innovate ideas which have the highest form of utility towards alleviating the challenges presented by this pandemic.

The Student Open Innovation Challenge SOIC, is an initiative under the Student Startup and Innovation Policy which seeks to develop a platform for promoting highly innovative ideas  in academia. Further extending this entrepreneurial initiative, SOIC created a stream of various challenges centred on providing the solutions to COVID-19 issues. From the generic category of these challenges, 26 teams of Parul University were selected for a grant of 19.64,000 lakhs as a result of the various start-up initiatives which they developed. The projects proposed by the students were within the numerous fields of Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Engineering amongst others.

Under the COVID-19 category of the same SOIC challenge another total of 15 teams from the University won grants of upto 6.72.000 lakhs. The challenge was specifically designed to look into the various areas which are related to COVID-19, and how in all the impacted sectors , which possible solutions can be devised for the betterment of the society. The students of Parul University displayed great prowess in their ability to not only meet the requirements of the challenge but also go on to cater for the needs of the people in the society. The projects presented by the University’s teams were ranging in the numerous sectors of academics including pharmacy, engineering, applied sciences, medical and paramedical and also others in the Ayush sector. 

In addition to this, another total of six teams from Parul University had their start up ideas selected for further development under the GIC-SSIP challenge. The teams of students and mentors received a total of Rs. 3,46,000 lakhs grant,  for COVID GTU Innovation and Start Up centre so that they can further develop their ideas into practical business ventures. “We have been continuously making efforts to create an atmosphere of innovation amongst our students even in a time when they are learning from home. As the entrepreneurship development cell of Parul University,  we have been motivating and nurturing our students in line with the effective strategy required to turn their innovative ideas into practical realities”, said Jay Sudani the University’s Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

In this distance learning era, the University has been constantly pushing towards exposing the students to more practical methods of learning, through research projects and through entrepreneurship ideas. This teaching and learning approach has been directed towards ensuring that the students get an exposure to the much needed practical experience which has been missing as a result of school closures imposed by governments around the world. “The challenges which are surrounding us today in the various social, economic and political spheres of life, have been more than evident. As Parul University, we strongly adhere to the belief that the academic field has a key role to play in regards to ensuring that we get to have effective solutions to meet the challenges of COVID-19. It brings me great pride to see our students and their faculty mentors going the extra mile and taking the extra step to make use of innovation for academic progression and for the society”, said the University’s President Dr. Devanshu J Patel

Students of Parul University attract leading recruiters in diverse Job segments

Parul University

Date: May 05, 2020

As a result of its avenues of industrial ties, Parul University has been constantly working towards bridging the industry academia gap by providing platforms where students can avail endless career opportunities. The University has been constantly facilitating campus drives where various employers have been presenting to the student, impeccable career offers with lucrative packages. Annually, an array of companies across various spectrums of the industry, such as Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Sciences, Business and Engineering, have been visiting the campus for recruitments. The students of Parul University have been bagging milestone placement opportunities, from leading, State, National and Multinational companies across the world.

In addition, the campus recruitment program for the year 2020 alone, featured some of the leading recruiters across diverse sectors of the industry. Resulting in 1000 students getting placed in over 400 companies with the still ongoing. The year 2019 ended with over 1500 students having their dream career fulfilled through 650 companies. Till date, 15 000 students have been placed in a total of 1 500 companies, which have been visiting the Parul University campus for student placements. Amongst these companies the most leading recruiters which have been offering average salary package of 4.5 lakh include LNT, Federal Bank, Infosys, Zydex amongst others.

With the continuous rise in demand for career opportunities, Parul University has been managing  to facilitate for its students, various job opportunities in leading companies. Some of these companies includes, Byjus, Nestle, Reliance Industries Ltd, Phonon Communication amongst others. 

The previous campus drives also provided countless opportunities for the students, and at present over 200 students are currently working in TCS, about 300 students are with L&T and 150 students are currently working in TVS brakes and 100 plus with ATOS, 100+ in ABC bearings and 50 + students are currently working in Infosys. Some of the companies which have been recruiting students also include ESSAR where 50 plus students are currently working, and about 25 students in TATA Motors and another 25 in IndusInd Bank. It brings me great pride and joy to learn that even amidst these times of highly competitive practices within the job market, students of Parul University have been attracting such leading companies and industries, and many of them have been receiving such lucrative opportunities”, said the University’s President, Dr. Devanshu Patel.

Ford joins hands with Parul University to promote practical education

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Date: January 27,2020

Prioritising and promoting practical hands on training, amongst students in the various technical fields of engineering, has become the main focus behind industry-academia relations. City based Parul University has been developing such relations with leading industries, which have been highly beneficial towards the academic progress of the students. As a result of such relations, the University recently availed a brand new Ford vehicle, which was presented by Ford India to the department of Engineering. The vehicle will go a long way in equipping the students with the essential practical skills related to the automobile manufacturing industry.

As a part of corporate social responsibility, Ford has been making countless donations of various equipment and vehicles to some of the nation’s established engineering institutions. The company was making these donations under the banner of ‘Taking Education Further’ by offering such academic aids, as a way of imparting the essential practical training to the students. 

The passenger vehicles were procured from Hungary and feature a left handed driving system which makes them ideal components for academic usage. The company entered into an MoU with Parul University, which facilitated this donation, and also guaranteed the specific usage of this vehicle within the University campus, to ensure the maximum benefit for the students. This Ford Figo will serve the vital purpose of being a tool for demonstrations during the students’ workshops, experiments, practical sessions and research work. 

As Parul University our main objective is to promote the practical application of knowledge especially within our engineering Institutions, and I am more than grateful to Ford Sanand for having a hand in making this a reality for us, and inspiring our students to take on the journey towards innovation,” said the University’s Provost, Dr M.N Patel.