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Dr. Sharad Kumar Goel is the Director and Principal of Indirapuram Institute of Higher Studies (IIHS). Having served over three decades in the Industry & education domain he describes the industry to be the best to work in. Additionally, in this interview, he brings into the picture the ideology and philosophy of his leadership style and why it is important to understand the needs of the students. Also, he highlights how the college and the management are dealing with the current pandemic. In the later segment, he explains how placement cell provides nurturing to the students during training sessions and placements, and how the college provides financial assistance to the students. On a concluding note, he advises students to embrace failures and never let the feeling of failure ever sink in your mind. 

The education industry has boosted my confidence while working with the faculties, students and the staffs

I have served in the education industry for almost 18 years. Presently, I am Managing Indirapuram Institute of Higher Studies as a Director and Principal. The education industry has boosted my confidence while I work with the faculties, staff and the students. It is a platform where we can interact and we can educate the young generation to become successful entrepreneurs and successful managers in the corporate world. 

To produce excellence it is pivotal to understand the needs of the students joining the college

When we talk in terms of excellence, it has a larger canopy which consists of delivery of the course and the content of the course. Another essential aspect is how to provide quality management education. The ultimate goal of the students joining the college is what career are we going to offer. We have to really look forward to mentor the student, to understand him, what exactly he is willing to do in life. Accordingly, we can counsel him, we can get him to the best choice of courses. You have to identify the need of the child because you have to prepare him tomorrow for the industry. Subsequently, you cannot achieve this without the qualified and experienced faculty. At IIHS, 80% of the faculty of the management is from the Industry background so that they can provide education to the students with industry flavour and synchronize them with the changing requirements of the job markets.Every year, we are revising our curriculum in line with the fast changing Industry and this process is working very effectively. So, when we talk about excellence, it is a four fold process, First of all you have to acquire the good quality of students, secondly, how well your academic curriculum is developed , thirdly, background of the teaching faculty and finally what kind of career opportunities you can offer to the students through campus placements process.

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We are strongly equipped with the education model and system procedure to produce excellent results 

The only USP I quote for IIHS is that it is the Dream Destination for all the Career seekers. We have no competition with any one in the higher education . We have equipped ourselves so strongly in the systems procedure by our education model that our competitive institutes are forced to follow us. We are not at all an expensive Institute, keeping the lowest fees for PGDM course along with the Best Learning for the students. We are providing Value Education. We are preparing our students for Growing Industry needs. Our PGDM Program ( AICTE Approved) is a unique blend of Indian values and western culture/ outlooks for holistic growth of the student . A student should never feel cheated during his/her academic journey at IIHS all the years of their stay with us. We always are looking forward to gaining the trust of our students as well as their parents.

As a leader you have to delegate the power and authority to the team for them to function independently

I strongly believe in teamwork. I am professionally possessive about my work and try to bring in discipline simultaneously. This has helps me to focus more confidently. I always expect my team to be honest with me. They have to connect with me in my vision of growth towards all the stakeholder in the institute. As a matter of fact, in order to be a successful leader, you have to delegate the power and authority to your team so that they have an opportunity to work independently, deliver independently and achieve independently in the interest of the institution. Therefore, as a positive leader, I always look for the positive side of someone, I always look forward to delegate work to perform independently. I never look for my personal satisfaction in the job, rather I am always looking to satisfy the job. This I also expect from my team players.

Our management is very effectively working & putting all the hard work during the challenging times of the Corona pandemic 

We have been working very hard since lastv4 years to make this college recognizable among the country’s best B-Schools. We have sent our students to Malaysia last year for 7 days, and this year we were planning to take our students to another country . Due to Corona Pandemic, we could not able to plan the trip this year. This Pandemic brings so many challenges to the Higher Education sector and has led us to incur losses admissions & revenues etc. Presently , reputation of IIHS is able to attract persons from other top institutes with a willingness to join us. Recently, IIHS ranked at 28th All India position “Beyond IIM Top 100 B-Schools.” Secondly, we have a journalism department, for the first time, we had participated in International Science Film Festival Of India 2019 in Kolkata and we have been awarded first Runners up position in production of the film titled “ BAHULAK”. So our Students are doing a great work in the area of Mass Communication & Journalism also. We have the ever best full channel facilities available at our state of art Recording, Editing & Broadcastings Studios.

We provide financial assistance to the students who come from a financially weaker background

We always wanted to have a studious & academically strong student. Our fees are highly affordable. If somebody has any financial problem, we are always there to support them. We definitely look forward to give scholarships to the girl ststuden.

 At IIHS around 60 % Girls & 40% Boys are studying . We are looking forward to Promote Education for the Girls and we are doing that. We are blessed by the parents and out students are fully satisfied with our efforts for them. Our students are my Brand Ambassadors.

The placement cell provides nurturing to the students during training sessions and placements 

We have a dedicated T & P cell which is handled by senior faculty. We are directly following up with the Industry for the internships, placements and industrial visits. We are also closely associated with other agencies who are working on our behalf with the industry and overlook the placements. They also helping our students to nurture and provide full support during their placements and training sessions .Also, all our PGDM students are getting paid Internships and they learn a lot during their Internship. These are the few things which differentiate IIHS from others. 

We have an ambient environment with other knowledge sharing platforms for the student to indulge in 

We have a lot of clubs like cultural clubs, sports clubs, Managements clubs, knowledge sharing clubs, which are maintained and organized by our students only. They have a free hand to do activities, create the event, market the event, under the supervision of the students organising committee . It is a participative approach we promote among the students. I also take classes and my students are free to talk to me any time they are free to share their problems.

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We focus on the holistic development of the students for a progressive career ahead

We focus on few things like students employability. If they really want to get the best out of their lives, they have to learn and train themselves seriously during their stay at IIHS.We are giving a lot of opportunities to our students for the same. They are doing very well. After lockdown in March we are regularly conducting the online classes . We have conducted a survey on Virtual teaching. 95% of students have shown their 100% satisfaction and they are found happy about the collective efforts of the faculty’s. Every student of PGDM 1st year has got their internship done virtually and they have been all fixed up in their internship in all the sector. Our entire batch of students is placed and offered average Salary Package of Rs.4 lacks plus.

Embrace failures and never let the feeling of failure ever think in your mind

We teach our students to embrace failures and never let the feeling of failure ever sink in your mind. If you follow this philosophy, you will succeed in your career. I always train them with one thing, never lose confidence for whatever the situation is. Always be positive, look forward and be confident. Be honest to the society, never criticize anyone. IIHS preparing them to become future managers but we are also making them a good Human Being by teaching them ethics, respect, critical thinking, social connectivity and affection. Most important of all is you have to respect everyone who has contributed in your growth and helped in developing your overall personality.