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Dr. Manjoj Mehrotra is designated as the Director of the School of Management Sciences Lucknow. He has nearly 13 years of Industry experience, and 19 years in academics and is also an Editor-in-chief of ‘Adhayan’, a Journal by SMS Lucknow. The academician is a recipient of Shiksha Bharti Award in 2011.

In an exclusive interview with Baruni Moitra, Dr. Mehrotra shares his philosophy of leadership, challenges faced as the Director of SMS, gives highlights of the school and its curriculum. Edited excerpts:

Factors connecting Dr. Manoj to the education industry

Before joining academics, I was into work in a full-fledged industry for 13 years. Later, I realised with all my experiences and knowledge, I must do something for the society, and the best way to this thing was to impart education to the future generation. So, this is the key reason that I am dedicatedly working in this sector to make the future of the country and society better. 

The Rise of the School of Management Sciences Lucknow

Building a world class education Institute is a step by step process. Even Rome was not build in one day, so it is a gradual improvement and we have taken a few first steps.

  • We have increased the number of courses which we offer 
  • Our institute is very well recognised and approved by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) of UGC, which very well spells that we stand to a particular expectable level. 
  • We also have an ISO 9000 2015 certification highlighting the quality standards which we maintain in our processes. 

Now, the next big step that we need to take is to make our name a global one. For this, we are collaborating with TOEFL centre of ETS testing partner and also with Cambridge English Assessment centre to enhance business communicational skills. We are also having CISCO networking Centre for CCNA certification at the global level being rocognized certification. 

Challenges faced as the Director of SMS

In my entire career, I have not come across any major hurdles or challenges as such. Talking about this school in particular, with the help of top management and the systematic process which is followed here, everything gets resolved in a short span of time. But, one of the challenge we have been facing for quite some time now is attracting students for admissions. 

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Time Management philosophy of Dr. Manoj

I thoroughly believe in assigning the tasks as per the potential of an individual. This helps me to complete the task within the assigned time and helps the individual to prove their potential and grow as well. I always try to perform five times more than the real capability to achieve an output. 

Establishing a healthy relation with the students

I follow an open-door policy i.e. any student is welcomed in my office without any hesitation. This policy is not limited to the students, but all the teachers, domestic staff can anytime visit my office and share their ideas or problems with me.

Apart from this, I also follow another concept i.e. Management by Walking Around (MBWA). I make sure to keep myself updated and aware of what all is happening within and around the campus.

Upcoming goals for SMS Lucknow

Our immediate plan of action is to organise International events so as to deliver proper global exposure. Next, we want our school to grow as a Deemed-to-be-University. We hope to achieve these goals sooner than soon.

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Suggestions to the young generations

I have been working in this institution from the last 9 years and I am pretty much aware of the current scenario and attitude of the students towards their lives. Presently, the class room interactions are getting limited, no major initiative or participation is done by the students and more. My only suggestion and advice to the students is to become self-disciplines, participative and must interact more with their surroundings. 

Doing all this will make them more aware of the happenings around them. They must learn something new each day, this will make them knowledgeable and enhance their personality.