Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Shrinivas Acharya, Principal Director of Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

Mr. Acharya has significantly contributed in his role as the Chairman of the Telangana chapter of AIMS (Association of Indian Management Schools) in the past. Currently, he is heading Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management as the Principal Director, where in, he leads, mentors and directs VVISM to be a value-driven Institution.

Mr. Acharya’s experience in the education sector

I have been associated with this sector for two and a half decades. Indian education sector has changed a lot during this period, but there is still a lot to be done. The change witnessed so far is mostly related to the growth in enrollments at various levels. Now, I believe that we are going to witness an exciting phase of quality revolution in education, which makes it the best sector to work in.

Significant challenges faced by Mr. Acharya as the Dean of VVISM

I do face challenges, but these are the sweet problems which we love to solve. For example, the students in the current generation are confused with too much of information they are exposed to. Our professional counsellors handle this with a great amount of efficiency and care. The students are educated with the right intent in mind and the focus will be on what is right for them.

Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

Curriculum at VVISM

The curriculum in Vishwa Vishwani is carefully crafted by a mix of industry experts and academic stalwarts to ensure high levels of students’ participation in the learning process. The knowledge sharing activity is dynamic and spontaneous. So, students are advised to keep their eyes and ears open to tap these valuable opportunities. Right from day-1, the students are trained to enhance their employment and leadership potential, which makes us unique in the sector.

Goals in mind for VVISM

We have been setting ambitious goals and achieving them continuously in the academic and placement perspective. And, then, we set higher benchmarks. As a premier management institution, we aspire to significantly enhance our participation in the international events where the students get hands-on experience to the global business scenarios, thereby, making Vishwa Vishwani, a globally reputed management institution.

Quality of education in VVISM

The staff at Vishwa Vishwani is a highly motivated and ambitious lot. They are the thought leaders who aspire to replicate themselves. They understand the sensitivities involved in this industry and sensitize the students on the same lines. At the same time, we do have enough checks and balances which help us keep our resources motivated and controlled.

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Environment/culture at VVISM

Driving innovation in management is one of the biggest strengths of Vishwa Vishwani, which keeps the students continuously engaged and motivated. The whole environment of the school is kept academically disciplined and focused. Apart from this, there is a menu of co-curricular and sports activities, which act as stress busters and recharge the students to focus more on Academics. So, we have a friendly, responsive and competitive culture in Vishwa Vishwani.

Mr. Acharya’s relationship with the students

Vishwa Vishwani is a 20 years old institution with huge alumni network, some of them in senior leadership positions and most of them in the middle management positions. All of these brand ambassadors keep visiting our Campus to cherish their past experiences and guide the younger generation of managers by way of Industry interface, seminars, workshops, conferences etc. I feel proud to say that over half the students in the batch usually get placed with the alumni references.

Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at VVISM

I believe that the first job for a student is not the destination, but it is only the beginning of a challenging professional journey. A student’s professional life is a continuous learning process and we give the right foundation for it, by guiding, counselling and mentoring him/her on the individual career choices. We also do a thorough research on the career paths of our alumni and the current industry dynamics, learn from them and implement the positive changes, wherever possible.

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Mr. Acharya’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

Inclusive. That’s how I put it as. No one is best and perfect for everything. I open my mind to all kinds of ideas. But, I have great ability to judge the ideas and people. I am a keen listener, a quick analyzer, and a prompt decision maker.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

You are fortunate to live in the present world as you have access to the wealth of information, most of which is freely available on the internet. Gain knowledge, struggle with it, analyze it and make yourselves smart individuals. In the end, your hard-work pays, only if you make smart decisions.