Interview by Yash Panchal

Bharat bhsuhan

Dr.  Bharat Bhushan Singh is working as the Director at VVISM Hyderabad. He is a Professor of Marketing & Strategy and is a Doctorate in Management from OU. He has 16 years of Industry experience in various organizations and 12 years of teaching experience. He has taught in Malla Reddy Inst. of Management, ICFAI University, and Loyola College Hyderabad. He has attended FDP programs @ IIMK, IIT Bombay and IIMA in the area of management teaching and research. He is a trained case teacher at Harvard Publishers @ IIMA.

Mr. Singh has presented papers in various national and International conferences, published papers in various journals of repute and his areas of research are services management, and consumer behavior. He is an active member of Hyderabad Management Association and a practicing Graphologist. Mr.  Bharat is an avid reader, loves to read fiction, literature, biographies, and self -help books. His hobbies include traveling, sightseeing, and sports.

The education industry has the potential to transform everything about an individual

India is poised for a big leap, and it has already attained the status of the fastest growing economy, having surpassed France to become 5th largest economy (2018 August), it is the human resource which is going to sustain this. Further, when we talk of 4th industrial revolution underway by way of technology driving the economy, it is the human talent which will write the future. 

I have seen education impacting life and economy in a big way.

No industry has the potential a greater transformation of an individual/family/society and country than education

It is the potential of transformation not only of an individual but everything associated with the individual that makes this industry very attractive to work in. Here, we deal with hungry souls who aspire big, eager to make a difference in their life. The sense of purpose and job satisfaction achieved are the big motivating factor for people entering and staying in this industry.

Enhancing the student-industry interaction at VVISM Hyderabad

We plan to integrate the industry interaction with academics by way of mandatory outbound/industry engagement with academic activities and awarding credits for those activities. More short-term projects, inviting industry for collaborations with the institution for their surge human requirement and making a student learn through those short-term engagements.

Dr. Bharat on his time management

Well, it is indeed an intense time management, however I believe that when a robust system and processes are in place and decision making is more decentralized, a director can breathe easy, as 80% of the routine activities can be taken care by those Standard Operating Process (SOP) in place and director can focus his time and energy on more strategic issues.

I believe in effective delegation and empowering individuals team members for smooth operations.

The difference in the education provided in India as compared to other countries, with respect to students as well as teachers/professors

There is a huge difference. Indian education system is more teacher-centric, while it is student-centric in other countries. In India, students are conditioned to accept the teacher’s view with submission and humility without any questions while quest of inquiry is strong and students are encouraged to question anything including a teacher’s point of view in foreign countries like UK, USA, Germany, etc. In other countries, a teacher is a professional who is doing a job, while in India a teacher is placed above God and therefore carry a huge responsibility. In India, our education is more oriented towards preparing job seekers while in developed countries, it is more creative and students are prepared to take a risk and vouch for a bigger role.

Qualities which helped Dr. Bharat and the management in creating a brand name for Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

Well, it is a relentless pursuit of making the difference in the life of a learner and in turn his parents/family.

Vishwa Vishwani always believes that it is not in the business of education but we are here to touch life.

A highly motivated management puts learner’s interest paramount, harp more on creating diversity in the classroom through more diverse enrolment and a tight control and monitoring to ensure we remain on track. We, at Vishwa Vishwani, believe that through education, we can bring change faster in our country and society and hence many activities and programs in the campus are organized to ensure all stakeholder get benefited. The social impact of our holistic approach to management education carries our brands to the larger masses and that has made Vishwa Vishwani a brand to reckon and associate with.

Guidance for the students who are pursuing higher studies under the influence of their peers and society, rather than pursuing their interested field

Well, this is a phenomenon which is responsible for killing more dreams than building one. I always suggest my students that mother of all human qualities is courage and if you don’t have the courage you can’t build any quality in you. I suggest students follow their passion and build the courage to overcome peer/society pressure else they should be ready to face the future. If you are not interested in what you are doing, you won’t do it for long. Success requires relentless engagement in a particular domain for a long time and only a willing soul can survive and go that far to achieve what he/she dreams. Hence, it is essential that we like what we are doing.

Must-have qualities for a management aspirant

Since management is a social process, they must have strong social skills and he/she should be a team player. Second, management is neither an art nor science but a practice hence they should be action oriented with greater risk appetite. Further, since the whole idea of management education is building leaders for tomorrow, students should approach the course with this mindset. He/she should not aim to be a manager but to be a leader which requires a broader horizon in thinking and action.

Views on the growth of Management colleges in India

Approximately 25% of 15000 world business schools are in India and therefore I see more consolidation happening in near future. Business schools in India would be moving towards creating more specialization to suit industry requirement. There would be a change with respect to student’s enrolment with more and more students opting for a work experience after their UG before they sign up for their PG Education. International collaboration and industry integrated programs would be the new focus in days to come.

Plans for the future growth and expansion of VVISM

I plan to add more specialization to cater to the need of diverse industry. A beginning has already been made by starting a specialized program for BFSI in collaboration with Times Pro. Further, specialization such as Agri-Business, Healthcare, and Analytics is in the pipelines and management is thinking towards the same. Further, a great market exists at undergraduate level who wants to enter workforce before they sign up for their PG Program. There are plans to introduce a short-term certification module in the area such as Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Supply chain Management to improve their employability in the market.

Message for the students wishing to join Vishwa Vishwani Institute of Systems and Management

I would say if you are serious towards your life, if you value your time and if you believe in the enormous power of education in transforming human lives, then you should be here.

At Vishwa Vishwani, you will be put on an engaging, highly dynamic and very intense learning curve.

Those two years of yours will be life changing and you will be life ready rather than industry ready.