VIT Vellore

The constant chit chattering, the hustles and bustles, the never-ending discussions, laughters, the frustrations, that feeling of homesickness, and old and new friendships, VIT BS is a witness to a blend of emotions all at once.

A place that never sleeps and a territory defined by its own set of achievements and lifestyle. Its beauty resides in a mix of cultures and the way it incorporates everyone with plentiful warmth like a friend would do to another friend in a new country, in a new landscape.

I had this preconceived notion about how life at VIT BS would be from all the reviews that I dug deep into before coming to this place, from rules and regulations to the dress code issues. Those notions of mine faced a massive blow when I actually stepped into this place with a tinge of excitement and a plethora of emotions majorly dominated by nervousness and anxiety. Perceptions, I thought, were merely the predictions of my brain based on past experiences whilst the actual situation might be different.

Being enrolled into the MBA programme, I knew I would be surrounded with juniors all around all of them aspiring to be successful engineers. I knew my brother was alike, so it was nothing different I witnessed, with all those spectacled faces and drooping shoulders buried beneath the storm of responsibilities and goals to be accomplished.

The abundance of greenery and the infrastructure of this place enrapture you enough to get hooked to this place. And who can forget the presence of a central library which is clearly the centre of focus for VIT and a Mecca for readers. There’s no book you can’t find here, ranging from academics to fictions and autobiographies.

VIT is a transformation phase that knocks your doors once you become a VITian. The variety of clubs and chapters are present to quench a student’s thirst to try his hands in the domain of his choice, be it writing, dance, dramatics and many more. The presence of an E-cell wakes up the entrepreneur in you. You need nothing but an idea and the rest is taken care of.

Food courts and canteens present inside the college campus are enough to drive away the demon of hunger within you. This place has been a witness to new friendships, the broken ones, college politics, discussions and what not. This place knows all the secrets.

Though a college campus, VIT enables you to peep into a different culture altogether. ‘Akka’ and ‘Anna’ are the words that would ring into your ears quite often while the students address the hostel or the mess staff or even the cab drivers. ‘Akka’ is used to address women while ‘Anna’ is used to address men around as a mark of respect. The permanent ‘rangolis’ outside the entrances of the hostel mess or the main entrance, though inculcated in their tradition, revives a sense of festival all throughout the year. Most importantly, the fragrance of ‘gajras woven with jasmine flowers are total refreshments.

Students are the assets that every educational institution has and VITians are no less. You may often find students rushing to classes in tracksuits or pyjamas with hair undone and slippers on as comfortable as they may seem. Skipped breakfasts become a part of routine and who cares when the assignments and reviews beat the crap out of you. Birthday celebrations at Foodys act as the real stress busters.

Hostels in VIT are a class apart when it comes to cleanliness and providing a student-friendly environment. There are separate study dorms for students who need a private space to concentrate. There are gyms inside for all the fitness freaks while the presence of shops for routine stuff makes it nothing but more convenient.

Persistence and discipline are simpler in meanings as they may seem but are difficult to inculcate in day to day life. These words are truly redefined by the teachers of VIT BS who do not leave an effort behind in training the students for the actual challenges in the business environment. Being a bookworm doesn’t really help if you do not know the practical applications of all the knowledge that you’ve gained. Teachers at VIT BS act as models for students to emulate. The presence of smart rooms, a digital library and stuffs like these facilitate ease of education. Regular class presentations and public speaking clubs enable a student to overcome his fears of anxiety or speaking in front of a large crowd.

VIT BS provides you with all the opportunities to shine and you can either make use of it or just watch others shine as you stay there still wondering what just happened. VIT BS paves way to a new world altogether with glittery features but not so glittery journey. You need to persevere and make way through to aim for the sun.