Nishita Bangur, who scored 91.5 percentile in CAT and 60% in Graduation, discusses her MBA admission experience. She is a Fresher, and applied through the CAP process. She highlights the fact of using previous learning knowledge to get through WAT.

  • Current institute: IIM Bodh Gaya
  • Graduation College: Acropolis College
  • CAT score: 91.5
  • 10th Percentage / GPA: 85
  • 12th Percentage / GPA: 80
  • Graduation Percentage/GPA: 60

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IIM Bodh Gaya Admission Experience 

Did you avail benefit of any reservation? 

Nishita Bangur: I applied under General (No reservation).

Describe the general setting of WAT / GD (if any)?

Nishita Bangur: There was no GD in all Iims WAT process before the final interview and also it has significant weightage. The mode was offline.I was given 5-10 minutes to think about the topic and then to write about it in 20 minutes maximum word limit was of 300 and a A4 size paper was provided to write.

What was the WAT / GD Topic?

Nishita Bangur: My topic was “Experience or non experience does it play any important role in management education?”

What was your answer / points put forward for the WAT or GD respectively? 

Nishita Bangur: It depends on the person how he grabs things and implements the learnings properly into industry practices.

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Describe the general setting of your personal Interview.

Nishita Bangur: There were two panels and both of them were from Bodhgaya The mode was online. It was not a stress interview and the duration was of 10 minutes.Prepare well for current affairs and structure your answer well before saying don't say anything which you don't know in depth.

Mention at least 5 interview questions that were asked to you. and your responses to each of them. 

Nishita Bangur: 

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why MBA?
  3. What is IRR?
  4. What is Partnership
  5. What is a company?
  6. How many Union territories in India?
  7. What is Capital of seven sister states
  8. Asking which country a particular city belonged
  9. Hometown and state related tricky question

Mention 3 reasons why you chose this college over other colleges which you converted (OR if you did not join this college after converting it, mention 3 reasons for not joining it).

Nishita Bangur: 

  1. Good college because of low fees and above average placement 
  2. IIM tag
  3. Last year almost all students placed
  4. Guest faculties were from iim calcutta.

What was the reason for you not converting other colleges?

Nishita Bangur: Reason for not converting other IIMs is I was selected through the CAP process. So it was my best shot among all options.

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