Vishal Kumar, from an engineering background and prior work experience, mentions that placement factors and fees factor for MBA admission. He also discusses that the CAT percentile plays an important role in MBA admission. He converted IIM Bodh Gaya with a 91.51 CAT score.

  • Current institute: IIM Bodh Gaya
  • Graduation College: MLRIT
  • CAT score: 91.51
  • 10th Percentage / GPA: 10
  • 12th Percentage / GPA: 80.33
  • Graduation Percentage/GPA: 72.59
  • Work Experience: Revl, 1.5, manufacturing
  • Contact Details:

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IIM Bodh Gaya Admission Experience 

Did you avail benefit of any reservation? 

Vishal Kumar: I apply in the General (No reservation) category.

Describe the general setting of WAT / GD (if any)?

Vishal Kumar: Yes so there was one VAT and which was followed by the API in the what we were given the general topics such as we need to write 300 words about Beti Bachao beti padhao Abhiyan how successful was that so the weight was being conducted in offline mode only and and totally we were being given 20 minutes to write on our thoughts and we wrote somewhere around 300 to 350 words and once we were done we were being called for the PI. 

What was the WAT / GD Topic?

Vishal Kumar: My bad topic was Beti Bachao beti padhao Abhiyan I will be needed to write about that so I started the paragraph by giving the context of the topic basically I wrote the introduction that what that Abhiyan is all about when that was being launched and what was the intention behind launching that Abhiyan so once I was done with that in the first paragraph in the second paragraph I put down my thoughts in which I explained that how successful this Abhiyan was and how far we can take this so in the third one I concluded by giving the real time examples that what and all improvements have been done using this Abhiyan and what are the shortfalls so the things which I wrote.

What was your answer / points put forward for the WAT or GD respectively? 

Vishal Kumar: I did not give any diplomatic answers for my part in the starting itself I took a stand and throughout the what I continued same so whatever I mention the first paragraph I put all my thoughts in support of that and it took me somewhere around 250 words to complete the work in which I also included the real time examples with supported all my ideas and it gives a clear picture of my thought. 

Describe the general setting of your personal Interview.

Vishal Kumar: I was followed by WAT in PI we were being put in different panel in which on an average every panel had 223 panelist so they started the pic with the basic question that tell me something about yourself and actually the panel list were quite supportive they were not grilling they were actually helping on the candidates they are also making us feel comfortable by offering us water per asking us to settle down and all so overall it was a good experience and moral and all I answered all the questions.

Mention at least 5 interview questions that were asked to you. and your responses to each of them. 

Vishal Kumar: First question was that tell me something about yourself in which I describe myself. Second question was why do you want to join MBA? The 3rd question was why you want to shift from an operation background to marketing then why you want to take a career in this field. Fourth was what are your strengths and weaknesses. Fifth was what are your long term and short term goals so I answered all this question.

Mention 3 reasons why you chose this college over other colleges which you converted (OR if you did not join this college after converting it, mention 3 reasons for not joining it).

Vishal Kumar: I chose this college because this college was having the best placements for good. The fee structure was quite decent and the batch strength was nice and this was the only I am which I converted so I joined this IIM.

What was the reason for you not converting other colleges?

Vishal Kumar: I was not able to convert other colleges because my percentile was not that great I just a code 91.5 percentile to the college's like IMT Ghaziabad need 93 plus and for other colleges like FMS MD they all need 99 + percentile that was the reason I wasn't able to get into good colleges other good colleges.

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