GITAMHyderabad, March 05, 2019: “When you think of good thoughts continuously you will evolve good actions. Whenever these good actions are continuously practiced over a time they become a habit. Conglomeration all these habits and spreading across the community brings excellence. So the culture of excellence starts from good thoughts” said Karanam Gopinath Rao, General Manager, BHEL, Hyderabad.


He has inaugurated a one-week National Service Scheme (NSS) special camp at GITAM Deemed-to-be University, Hyderabad on March 5, 2019. “This path of excellence does not limit to any individual or institution. It basically starts at the individual level. Always think positive and think good. So we can have a good practice over a period of time and evolving a good culture of excellence” he told.

Try to understand the motto of NSS and try to practice it, he advised. Basically, the aim of this scheme is enhancing the standards of the living nearby your community, Gopinath said. Lead a life of dignity teaches the people around you to see that they also live in dignity, he exhorted.  He told two mantras of PDCA & RADAR to the volunteers. PDCA means Plan, do, check & Action, RADAR means Result, approaching, deploy, assessment and revel, which helps for continuous improvement.


Earlier, Dr. Nagendra Kumar, Coordinator, NSS welcomed the guest and explained the objectives of the special camp. He also added that the camp starts at 5 AM with drill followed by yoga. The day-long awareness sessions, surveys, Swatchh Bharat (Parvarayanam) and end with two-hour cultural events from 5.30 to 7.30 PM.

Prof. Ch.Sanjay, Principal, School of Technology, Prof. G.A.Rama Rao, Principal, School of Science, Prof. Y. Lakshman Kumar, Dean & Director, GHBS, Prof. Sunil Kumar, Director, School of Architecture, Prof. A.Sreeram, Director, Students Affairs also took part in the inaugural session.