26th June 2018, Hyderabad‘Education is to get a person think. Our Indian education system is never allowing us to think. There is no time for students to think’ Prof. K. Krishnaiah, Dean, Academic Affairs, IIT Tirupathi expressed his unhappiness. This is one of the reasons not to get a Noble prize to India, he said while interacting with B.Tech. first-year students of GITAM Hyderabad on Monday. ‘Unless you ask questions you never get any thinking. There is no stupid question but might be a stupid answer. Ask questions to the teachers till you get clarity’ he exhorted to the students.

Prof. Krishnaiah addresses B.Tech students from GITAM

Application of Science is Engineering and the application of Engineering is Technology, Prof. Krishnaiah elaborated. Engineering can enhance the quality of life and it creates a new world that has never been, he told. He also dealt with the difference between the Scientists and Engineers and said that ‘Scientists study the world as it is and the Engineers create the world that has never been’ by quoting Theodore Von Karman. He also described that the greatest invention in this world is the wheel, nut, and bolt.