Interview by Bhawna Rawat

Dr. Suresh L

Dr. Suresh L is currently working as the Principal of Cambridge Institute of Technology. He is an educationist who inspires young professionals to pursue their dreams with 27 years of administration & teaching experience in the field of Computer Science. He is leading his own research team, primarily focused on computing & processing. His specializations are Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, and Data Structures & Algorithms.

Dr. Suresh’s current roles are to lead from the front to get NBA and NAAC Accreditation for Cambridge Institute of Technology and to get ISO Certification. He has established 4 Research Centers, Departments - CSE, ECE, Mechanical, MBA, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Experience in the education sector

Having many years of experience, I personally realized working in the Education sector is demanding but fulfilling. Bestowing our knowledge onto the future generation, mingling with young minds, understanding their needs, exposure to multiple perspectives, interpersonal interactions and personal fulfilment are the best part of the Education sector.

Importance of having one’s own Philosophy of leadership

According to my opinion, developing a personal leadership philosophy will empower yourself to declare your truth and stand tall within it so that you operate from a position of strength that ennobles you. I am a democratic leader. I would like my subordinates to be participative, collaborative and would love to hear my subordinate inputs to make constructive decisions.

The significant challenges faced by the Principal of Cambridge Institute of Technology

Challenges confronted by me were building a brand for our Institution, improving the quality of education we provide, building process at each level of work, getting recognized at the global level, strengthening our tech-savvy teachers. The role of Principal is a complex mix of leadership and administration, geared towards enabling and motivating teaching faculty to provide the best possible opportunities for student growth and achievement.

The curriculum ensuring the best practice of industry

Apart from the curriculum, Cambridge offers students the best academic values on the campus. We focus on the wellness and all-round development of students. We offer projects for students from first year onwards, a dedicated hour for encouraging creative and life skills, internships for all students from 6th semester onwards and online certification courses made compulsory for students. We do provide career advice, academic skills development, counselling and dedicated support services for the students.

The growth of students through placement opportunities available at Cambridge Institute of Technology

Engineering is not just about marks. Engineering is about the skill set acquired and the ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively. In Cambridge, we train students from the first day.  Students are trained in communication and aptitude, apart from domain-specific modules. We inculcate skills so that students become great engineers and entrepreneurs.

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The top qualities that an aspiring manager must possess

The Aspiring Managers are aware of the organizations’ vision and mission. He/she should demonstrate managerial qualities and authority while maintaining the ability to play as a member of a team. He/she must master all forms of communication including written, verbal and listening skills. It's a manager's job to think of the big picture of the organization. He should inculcate problem-solving and decision-making skills. Must have knowledge of political and economic issues affecting the business with the knowledge of the company’s competitors.

Goals set for the Institute for the next few years

I always believe in quality. I and our team strive hard to nurture our students with the better learning experience, get autonomous status and render quality education and emphasize more on ICT enabled Teaching Learning Process.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

My suggestion to the students is “Believe in yourself, hard work and quality”. This world is technology driven and would suggest my students to embrace technology. Also, I want students to emulate good traits in their personal, scholastic, and professional life throughout.