Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Dr. Anupama Sanjeev, Assistant Dean of Presidency University

Dr. Anupama has a career spanning from serving as a Head of Strategy and new initiatives to an independent Psychologist and now an Assistant Dean. Prior to joining Presidency, Dr. Anupama has worked as Head of Strategy and new initiatives at Fuel Media solutions. Before re-joining Presidency after almost 3 years of gap, she has worked as the Head of Marketing for Presidency. She has also worked as an independent psychologist for almost 2 years and is currently the Assistant Dean of Presidency University.

Dr. Anupama’s experience in the education industry

The education industry is one which would be in the reckoning as long as society as we know it exists. Moreover, the sheer variety and number of aspirants encourage an education professional to constantly work on creating more opportunities and avenues for them. And definitely being with the “Young Adults” is the most exhilarating reason of all!

Dr. Anupama’s philosophy of leadership and her leadership style

My philosophy of Leadership is inspired by the actions of our Chancellor Dr. Nissar Ahmed who leads by example.

As far as a leadership style in my case goes I believe in the quote by Arnold H. Glasow, which goes “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.”

Changes in the education industry noticed by Dr. Anupama over the past years

The education Industry has consistently been moving to being a more organized and transparent one. There are many more channels of information available and there are many more options available now than ever before. Quality and Application Oriented Education used to make the students into Employable Professionals is the focus today.

Presidency University

Most optimum path, according to Dr. Anupama, for a student wanting to excel in any field of management

Management skills are like salt in the food – a little bit is most definitely needed, no matter what the field. Having said that today, it is all the more important for an aspiring management professional to truly understand the field that she/he wants to enter and a sure way of doing this is internships or industrial practice experience while doing the course. This would allow the student to put into practice what she/he is learning in the classroom almost immediately and allows gaps in learning to be filled with ease.

Curriculum at Presidency University and growth of students through placement opportunities available there

Students who have been placed till date are doing extremely well and some of them have had a job offer from the organization that they were doing an internship in. Being a private University, Presidency has an independent Board of Studies with Experienced Industry Professionals along with Faculty members who examine the relevance of the Curriculum every year.

The faculty comes with qualification and experience from premier institutes and pedagogical workshops and interactions happen annually. Also, the curriculum has been designed to balance practical experience along with written assignments all of which are subject to continuous assessment. Not only are the students doing a variety of things, they are learning in many ways.

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Dr. Anupama Sanjeev on what makes Presidency University stand apart from other institutions

The motto of Presidency University “Gain More Knowledge, Reach Greater Heights” says it all. Specifically, the Curriculum, Industrial Practice Modules as well as the system of Continuous Assessment give students the Presidency Advantage.

Additionally, the University has been awarded the distinction of “The Best Emerging University in South India by ASSOCHAM, INDIA “in February 2017.

Qualities, which over the years have helped Dr. Anupama and the entire Management to create a brand name for Presidency University

Akin to the bird arising and taking flight from a book as depicted in the logo of Presidency University, the defining quality for the entire Presidency fraternity has been to persist and stay grounded in the pursuit of knowledge, while not losing sight of the ultimate collective vision.

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Dr. Anupama on how do they prepare students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

In the words of Dr. Nagendra Parashar, the Vice Chancellor “Our University is dedicated to the discovery, development, dissemination, and application of knowledge in the chosen fields with a mission to expand the scale and scope of human understanding and thereby contributing to the betterment of the world. At Presidency University, our focus is not only on producing graduates who are market ready but also on making them good citizens of the country. We strongly believe in the philosophy of education beyond the classroom.”

Goals in mind for Presidency University for the next five years

In the words of Dr Vijayan Immanuel, the Pro-Chancellor “Presidency University will be committed to transforming young students entering its portal into enterprising, knowledgeable and professionally skilled professionals with upright character so that they become valuable citizens of the globe and contribute their knowledge to transforming our nation to take its rightful place amongst the nations of the globe.”

Presidency University

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

As someone who also counsels on the core parts of life as we know it – career and relationships, my sincere suggestion would be to become “A lifelong learner” – be open to learning, be it academic, people related or situational.  This would help evolve and achieve maximum utilization of our potential and will pave the way for not only a successful but also a meaningful life.