Dr. Ashwini R. Madgulkar is the Principal of AISSMS College of Pharmacy. She has a wide-ranging experience of 24 years in teaching, 13 years of academic research & 2 years in the industry. As a PG guide, she has helped over 40 students in their M.Pharm studies. She has authored 5 books related to her field, 94 publications & has around 602 citations to her credit. With a Masters in Pharmacy and Ph.D., she has received several awards in the field of academics & research.

AISSMS College of Pharmacy

What are the key factors that keep you connected with the education sector?

“Being part of a sector that leads to human development fills me with a sense of pride”

Teaching is a noble profession which made me more inclined towards this sector. This also gives me satisfaction as a teacher while working with students of different social and cultural backgrounds and grooming them into future pharmacists. Exposure to Multiple Perspectives, Stable Schedule, Personal Fulfillment, & Interpersonal Interactions makes the Education sector the best sector to work in.

What is your philosophy of leadership & its balanced execution?

“Participative management that includes the involvement of employees in decision making”

My philosophy of leadership is participative management. It encourages the involvement of stakeholders at all levels of an organization in the analysis of problems, development of strategies, and implementation of solutions. By creating a sense of ownership in the Institution, participative management instills a sense of pride and motivates employees to increase productivity to achieve institutional goals.

How do you strategize about the plans for the marketing and administration of your school?

“To devote resources towards marketing automation & innovative ad-campaigns”

Marketing and administration is a very important aspect for the smooth conduct of any organization. The programs and plans that we at AISSMS follow are-

  • To keep college website accessible and upgraded 
  • To create informative Videos and upload the same on the college youtube channel.
  • To consolidate all Social Media Accounts of the college and keep those updated regularly.
  • To invest in consistent, meaningful Social Media Ads.
  • To Invest in Marketing Automation, Newsletters & blogs

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How does the curriculum of AISSMS ensure the best practice of industry?

“Providing an intricate infrastructure to help students get a glimpse of the real world operations”

  • Our Institute provides similar laboratory infrastructure to the industry which includes Pilot plant, parenteral section, and animal house. 
  • Facility to conduct In-house research projects for undergraduate students. 
  • Institute arranges guest lectures, national and international seminars where eminent speakers from the industry are invited for delivering lectures on varied topics of the industry. 
  • Institute has started the bridge course on Intellectual property rights and some of the value-added courses are in the pipeline.

What do you think should be your institute's top priority over the next 10 years?

To produce professionals who are well trained to take up entrepreneur roles in their field”

I feel that one of the top priorities of an Institute should be to create industry-ready graduates or individuals capable of entrepreneurship in their respective fields. This needs a close interaction between academia and industry, right from deciding the syllabus of the courses to exposure to the latest technologies.

Another priority would be to become more self-reliant for funding for research. This will require some out-of-the-box thinking.

What would you like people to know about your college that they may not know?

“A robust industry connect with an advanced focus on research domain”

AISSMSCOP besides being an academic institute also takes on industry projects. Some of our senior faculty are consultants to the industry. We have a very strong research and innovation culture in our college. Even undergraduate students are encouraged to engage in research under the guidance of our faculty.

What challenges do you see for higher education in the current age?

“A need to stay ahead of time with advances in knowledge and technology”

Besides the regular syllabus, it has become essential that students are exposed to current technologies, industry practices, and ideas in an ongoing manner. Students taking up higher education courses today are looking for value in terms of employability and professional growth. We aim to work in this direction with dedication & responsibility.

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How do you tend to establish a healthy relation and environment in your college?

“Our approach can be best summed up in the phrase ‘All for one and one for all’”

We have adopted a decentralized organizational structure. Faculty members are assigned the responsibility of particular portfolios. This encourages a proactive approach and a sense of ownership of the task at hand. Even while maintaining discipline, all our faculty share a very friendly relationship with the students. This enables our students to feel free to approach us.