Interview by Yash Panchal

Prof. Shaguftha Anjum

Prof. Shaguftha Anjum is currently positioned as the Assistant Professor at IFIM Law College. Her Educational Qualifications include BA(Law) LLB; LLM (Commercial Laws), Post Graduate Program in Corporate Management (PGPCM, Asian School of Cyber Laws) and Research Scholar (Ph.D. in Law) from Alliance University. She is currently Pursuing Advanced Program in Cyber Laws (APCL, Asian School of Cyber Laws),
Dr. Anjum holds academic experience of 9 years and 1-year of corporate work experience. Her research interests are in Business and Family Laws. She teaches the subjects of Contract I, Contract II, Banking Laws, Interpretation of Statutes, Taxation Laws, Human Rights, Family Law II, Elements of Research, Alternative disputes Resolution System and Administrative Law. She has also taught at Bishop Cotton’s Women Christian Law College and Al-Ameen College of Law.

Prof. Anjum’s experience in the education industry

For 10 years, I am into the teaching profession and it gives me a sense of pride and happiness that I can mold the aspiring law students into being responsible Social engineers.

Prof. Anjum’s philosophy of leadership

I always believe ‘If a Student can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way a student learns’. I see myself as a Role model/ mentor rather than a leader to the students. 

Prof. Anjum's philosophy of Leadership

Significant challenges faced by Prof. Anjum as the Assistant Professor of IFIM Law College

Being the head of Corporate Affairs, Outreach and Placement Committee at IFIM Law, securing 100% internships for the law students was the most challenging task.

Curriculum of IFIM Law College

We are affiliated to KSLU but apart from the University Curriculum, we also teach students elective subjects which are very useful to them in gaining current legal knowledge.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at IFIM Law College

Internships and Mooting play a major role in final placements as the student during internship and mooting develops legal skills required to be a successful professional in this field.  At IFIM Law College, we ensure that internships and moot start from 1st year and we can assure this that law students at IFIM will be placed at reputed places.

Prof. Anjum on her relation with the students and her availability for them

I believe in interacting and communicating with the students and guiding them in all their walks of life. Sometimes, I mentor them in their personal lives as well if they need my assistance. Since I am the head of student initiatives at IFIM Law College, I interact with all the student Committees and volunteers on daily basis.

Prof. Anjum on her relation with students

Prof. Anjum’s journey towards Law and how she motivates students to pursue law as a profession

My journey from being a law student to a teacher is very interesting and challenging. The journey is continuing. I would say that legal profession is the most challenging profession and it is the need of the hour to have a good battalion of legal professionals who could save India from getting divided. 

Top qualities that an aspiring lawyer must possess

The lawyer needs to be punctual, dedicated and sincere to his work. In this profession, ‘Hard work pays a reward’ but perseverance should be there for a student to reach that goal.

Goals in mind for IFIM Law College

I have many things planned and working to achieve that. I am planning to host legal-aid camps/ Jail visits/ Forensic lab visits/ National legal drafting competition/ International Seminar, etc.

Suggestions to the current youth

Sincerity, dedication, perseverance are the three habits which need to be cultivated to be successful and contented.