Law as a profession commands respect in the society bestowing the title of ‘social engineers’ on the representatives of this profession. The trade-mark view of lawyers carrying dozens of files to the court/ preparing for cases in their chamber ‘burning the midnight oil’ has been simplified by the advancement of technology creating virtual law offices/ sites wherein a Lawyer can perform his official work sitting at the comfort of his home quickly accessing the updated legal databases. The rapid growth of technology in relation to Legal services has led to the greater democratization of the ‘legal industry’. Read More About IFIM Law College here.

Due to the on-going Globalization, Law profession is not restricted to national territorial limits. Domestic law firms are expanding their horizons by collaborating with foreign legal counsels and thereby setting a mark in the international legal market. The global paradigm shift in the delivery of legal services is creating innumerable, innovative legal jobs which will multiply in the coming years. Dearth of quality legal professionals who could prove their mettle in meeting this challenge is a matter of concern for the institutions imparting legal education and the regulatory bodies connected therewith.

Legal Profession varies from Litigation lawyering, Judicial services, Administrative services, Military services to Alternative legal service delivery models such as non-lawyer professions, Professors, Public policymakers, Legal researchers, Arbitrators, Mediators, Counsellors, Para-legal technicians, Legal document maker, Legal self-help online sites, virtual assistants, legal Start-ups and off-shore legal vendors. The legal field has a lot of components that motivate the law students to take up core practice area and create a niche in the legal industry. Internships, Mooting, Campus recruitments also play a vital role in rightfully placing a student in the legal industry but what stands apart is the student’s qualities/ skills in decoding Law and applying in unique situations. Law as a career is not only lucrative but also challenging for those who want to set a precedent in the ever-growing legal industry.