Dr. Raman Kr Jha
                       Prof (Dr.) Raman Kr Jha
              VC, Amity University, Jharkhand

Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kr Jha is currently the Vice Chancellor of Amity University, Jharkhand. It has been more than a year since he has been working in Amity. Before AUJ, he was the Vice Chancellor at Indus International University, where he served for 3 years. He has also served as the Principal, and Professor and Dean (Student Affairs) at Surendra Institute of Engineering and Management, Siliguri, and Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, respectively. He has also worked as a Head, IT and Physics in Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology.  

Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kr Jha has done his schooling (6th to 12th) from Sainik School Tilaiya and completed B.Sc. (Physics Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D. From Delhi University.

The Interview

Ques 1. What are you doing to ensure your induction of new students is truly world-class – including for those students recruited through minority routes in Amity University, Jharkhand? 

Ans. The admission procedure at Amity is world class, as all are welcome to apply. The process filters out students for their minimum eligibility after application and allows all to appear for test designed specifically based on their choice of stream they have opted for. They again have to go through an interview process or Group Discussion, where their communication skills, interests and personality traits are tested. Taking into considerations all aspects, a student is given the selection letter for Admission by the highest authority. The system is world class and transparent and it also encompasses the UGC norms and all State Govt. Regulations.

Ques 2. What all efforts is Amity University, Jharkhand doing to ensure the non-academic support services are sufficiently well resourced? 

Ans. The non-academic support system has several services such as drinking water, Fully Air conditioned Classrooms, CCTV Camera for the full campus, Well-stocked Library, Online attendance system, Reception system, Plantation, fire fighting system, Lifts, Emergency Medical Aid, Online information exchange with parents, Informal and formal meeting with parents, Grievance Cell, Mentor-Mentee system, Formal meetings of Committees, Interaction with student body, Placement & Industry Interaction Cell, Security system, Hose Keeping and Cleanliness system, sufficient Teaching and Non-teaching staff etc.

Ques 3. How streamlined is the planning of Amity University, Jharkhand for further expansion in terms of placement drive, international projects and seminars?

Ans. We are in our second year only; still, we already have our system of Placement in operation. Planned interaction with industry is being done in phases, Placement drives and job fairs have already started but not for our students, but for other students in Jharkhand but organized in AUJ premises sponsored by us. We have a system of monthly seminars by each of our institutes and very healthy academic interaction is the norm whereby we have already made an impact in the region. We have already conducted National Level Seminars and are about to have our first International Conference. Workshops and industry visits are part of our curriculum. We are still to venture to international arena for projects, but we do have faculty with international exposure.

Ques 4. Faculties are the main backbone of any institution. What are you doing to ensure that a growing proportion of the teaching staff of Amity University, Jharkhand has some form of teacher training?

Ans. Yes, we believe in this. Majority (90%) of our staff members have acquired their Doctorate degree and many are pursuing the same. The quality of our faculty intake is quite high as they are selected through rigorous procedures of interviews and expert technical and HR opinions. All are contributing academically with a number of publications and have already got or applied for funded projects in Jharkhand within 1 year of our existence. Amity has so clearly supported the research culture and inter-organization interactions are encouraged for mutual exchange of expertise and visits. All are encouraged to attend training programs or conferences or seminars in their areas in the country.

Ques 5. What according to you are top qualities that an engineering aspirant must possess?

Ans. Engineering aspirants must have the basic inquisitiveness to understand the basic principles behind any operation or device. Their obvious experimental verification by doing it by hand should be the norm. Being an Engineer by nature and inner self is more important than acquiring a degree. They must have their thought processes oriented towards problem solving with an eye on society with latest advancements. They should have the natural inclination of online and offline interaction with experts in their fields of work over and also must explore the inter-disciplinary possible interactions at all levels. They must have clarity in mind, purity in heart and sincerity of purpose with integrity and the will to serve the society. The communication and presentation skills with complete command over computing and data handling are other modern-day requirements. A complete human being with balance of life and work will be a successful Engineer.

Ques 6. A Vice Chancellor's position requires intense time management. How do you manage your time?   

Ans. A person becoming a Vice Chancellor has already crossed the stages of life, which had complexities and has possibly handled multi-level problems as Academic Administrator earlier. Apart from Time Management, it is the basic human skills of taking the team together with focus on future and a collaborative approach of dealing problems, what plays a major role. I have basically remained a teacher even as a Vice Chancellor. With corrective and teaching approach, one is able to muster confidence on each and that also gives one to understand the individuals closely.

Clear communication with unbiased ideal uplifted soul based style of leading by example and solving the problems for the sake of students and society make me happy to dedicate my time for the organization. I do not have to manage my time ever. It is always available for the organization for its good all 24 hours in true sense.

Ques 7. Does the college also have “unity and diversity” as the mantra? What are the steps taken to maintain the positive environment at Amity University, Jharkhand?

Ans. Amity has a unique system of respecting individual’s identity. With huge respect for each other ‘s self and their potentials, it believes in developing a tradition where all work in a team. The whole University is treated as a family with ever positive and progressive frame of our Founder President Dr. Ashok K Chauhan Sir’s vision. The aim is to develop the society by focusing on each child and making him a success story. Students are our focus and we do believe that they come from diverse background.

The unity is ensured by keeping high ideals of teaching behavioral science, developing universal brotherhood with a good mix of modernity and tradition. The self-esteem is kept very high by making them exposed to all situations of life and literature.

The sanskar Education through credit based teaching in Psychology, Sociology, History and Law for all programs make students really engage themselves with real Indian scenario. Amity has already made a very different impact on the people and the Govt. of Jharkhand that it is in the panel of all policy discussions. It is on the advisory body to upgrade different colleges to the world level premier organization. It will soon change the Academic scene of the state using the talent pool and making innovative and entrepreneurial moves along with the great support from the Govt.

Ques 8. Most of the college does not have internships in their priority bucket, whereas internships play a crucial role in the overall development. What all measures are taken by Amity University, Jharkhand to ensure the process of internships?

Ans. Industry internship programs are part and parcel of the curriculum for all courses.  All our semesters have compulsory credit based internships being carried out in association with known industries and academic institutions.

We have a system of NTCC which is also a Non-Teaching Credit Course where they are expected to do a project guided by a faculty to give them the exposure to real life projects by doing. They are evaluated through project reports, interviews/viva and awarded credits for the same each semester. All faculty are trained or guided to pursue the same.

Ques 9. How do you tend to establish a relation with the students being the vice chancellor of the university? How do you make yourselves available to them?

Ans. I believe, being a Vice Chancellor is like being the elder brother or the guardian of the family. I have made myself available for all supports to the students, guiding them, teaching them, being with them when they need and still monitoring them so that they don’t falter. Ensuring that they succeed by working with them has brought in the Guru-Disciple relation of the old times in vogue. Making the students dream about their own future and seeing beyond self make the real respect for everyone in the family called AMITY. I am proud to have the opportunity to head it as Vice Chancellor under the guidance of our Honorable Chancellor Dr. Atul K Chauhan.

Ques 10. What message do you have for the students that are wishing to pursue their higher education from Amity University, Jharkhand in the near future?

Ans. It is the educational heaven for students in Jharkhand. Amity produces world-class citizens with all inclusive and complete Education for life. Amity promises to give the following as package:

  • International level education with all-inclusive exposure of the core Subjects,
  • Highest Level Quality faculty
  • Research & Innovation Driven University
  • Learner Centric Approach with research bends
  • Industry based curricula,
  • Societal Understanding,
  • Psychological maturity,
  • Behavioral Science Teaching,
  • Great mix of modern education with traditional Sanskar,
  • Communication Skill,
  • Personality Development,
  • Great team building environment,
  • Modern world level infra supports,
  • Inter organization one semester exchange program,
  • Study Abroad options,
  • Project based learning,
  • Foreign Language Teaching to increase employability
  • Industry based Projects and Internships
  • Assured Placement Assistance
  • Modern Dress code and mannerism
  • Sports and physical fitness opportunities with all co-curricular & extra-curricular options
  • Sufficient Laboratory and hands on practice sessions
  • Professional and corporate level behaviour
  • Industry ready Students after successful completion of the course
  • Exposure to Armed forces training etc.