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Amity University, Ranchi

Amity University, Ranchi

Ranchi, Jharkhand UGC Estd 2016 Private University

Change is the true result of all true learning, believes Dr. Ajit Kumar Pandey

Abhijeet Singh Abhijeet Singh
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Amity University, Jharkhand

Dr. Ajit Kumar Pandey is the current Director cum Professor of Amity University, Jharkhand. He has been teaching since 1993, and in his career, he has been to many countries to interact with the students. To name a few countries which Prof. Kumar has visited and taught are the USA, Bhutan, Africa, and many more. He has been a teacher for many universities under Govt. of India, FDRE under UNDP, and Private University / Institutions and many professional bodies such as NSB, Xavier Institute of Export and Import Management, ICFAI, ICSI.

In conversation with Anjali Pathak, Dr. Ajit Kumar Pandey talked about the changing trend in the field of education and what all is improvisation is still needed in this field. 

Education without basic human value is nothing!

There are three important things that we need to understand when we talk about the educational field, and it is improvisation. All the things are given below – 

  • The first and foremost thing is to a perfect synchronization between academics and the industry. Synchronization simply means, whatever is being taught in the academics should be as per the industry requirement. There should be no gap in what academics is providing and what the industry is expecting. 
  • The second thing is that nowadays people are living in a virtual world. They carry duel personalities; one is for all social media platform and the second is their real identity. The educationists are required to bring back all such students to their normal & real-world Life.
  • The third thing is Human Values. Education is not all about having degrees and academic knowledge. Instead, it is also about having a degree with human values too.

A good leader leads his team, knows them and understands them

According to me, a leader is the one who can lead the leaderless group. He/ she must have certain values and attributes such as they should be foresighted, should be sympathetic to the group and must know the art of keeping people united. A leader has the skills to understand the individual attributes of the members of a group and can easily make out the possible utilization.

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Education system varies in India and the USA

See, I am one of those few fortunate professors in India, who got the opportunity to interact with the students in America to Europe. So far, I think that the only difference that I find in their teaching style and ours is that in India we spoon-feed our students. Abroad, basically the USA and England, the students are assigned with a topic and then they do the whole research thing. During the research process, these students come across various problems and prefer solving them on their own or seek the guidance of teachers to solve those problems. 

At primary level, the Indian education system is excellent. Students need a protective environment, but as they grow and enter higher education level, exploration is required to discover new information and insights. We, at Amity, are trying to establish a balance between Western & Eastern Pedagogy and allow students to learn through their endeavour under teachers’ guidance, besides the traditional way of classroom teaching.

Delivering overall trained candidates to the industry is our priority

The top priority for Amity University Jharkhand is to make students understand what society is looking for. Be it in terms of Industry requirements, societal requirements, political requirements, economic environment or in terms of any other requirement. 

When it comes to the prioritization, teaching and learning is a top priority for now. At the same time, the college environment is equally important for these processes. We try to provide 100% placement to our students. For us, the job is not the first concern, everyone will get the job, the job must be done in such a way that society and community get benefited. So, we are trying to create students who are not only good for the job, but also for society.

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We believe in “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

We are a family of approximately One lakh seventy thousand students. Amity University is a family and our students are our children and we are concerned about the well-being of each and every stakeholder who is associated with us. God Forbid if anything happens to any student; we make sure to stand tall with them and support them. This family culture is making the environment of Amity University Jharkhand easy and friendly for the students to focus on their studies in a better way.

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6.5/10 student satisfactory rating
Amity provides education in all the areas such as engineering, marketing, behavioral science etc. Amity University Jharkhand is ranked no 2 in private universities in the state. It enhances the student's learning and provides exposure to the real world. Students are also provided with scholarships. Amity allows students to study one semester in any of its campus including the ones outside India. The classes are fully air conditioned providing a cool environment inside the class.
by Student
7.5/10 student satisfactory rating
Amity provides exposure to the outside world and it also prepares the students to deal with the competitive world.Amity gives more of practical knowledge which is so much better than any other college. The faculty in Amity is genuinely serious about the student's academic development and they work hard to ensure that each student would thrive when they go out in the industry. Amity helps student's in uplifting their passion and showcasing their talents by providing various opportunities.
by Student
8.0/10 student satisfactory rating
Amity University is one of the best private educational institution in India. Amity also helps students to showcase their talent and uplift their passion.Amity university is a well known college and it is better to take admission in a known college instead of studying in a college whose name is not even known by many. Amity gives a brand value which helps to give an edge to the students.
by Student
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