Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Prof. (Dr.) Anish Gupta, Assistant Dean of Amity University, Greater Noida

Prof. (Dr.) Anish Gupta is working as an Assistant Dean Academics at Amity University, Greater Noida Campus. Dr. Gupta is the author of two books “Data Structure Using C” and “Human-Computer Interaction”. He has published 11 research papers in various national and international Journal of repute and registered 3 copyrights. He has earned honors being a reviewer and member of the Editorial Board in the reputed research bodies under Springer, Elsevier.

He has been awarded multiple times for his contribution in the field of academics. He has also received an award from Hon’ble Dr. Mahesh Sharma Minister of State (Independent Charge), Ministry of Tourism & Culture Member of Parliament U.P. for contributions in the field of Academics.

Experience in the education industry

I have completed 16 years of journey in education industry. In all these years, I have seen tremendous changes in the education system and the mindset of the students. In early 20’s, students used to study and follow the guidelines. In fact, it is very right to say that they follow the traditional classroom teaching methodology in their life. But now, things are changing. Students are moving more towards practical knowledge and the implementation of theoretical knowledge into their day-to-day life. Now, the students more interested to know how it happens. This makes them more innovative.

Interaction, discussion about the new technology and the best part to see the creativity and the spark to implement the knowledge practically by the new generation makes us enjoy this industry. Above all, shine in the eyes of the students after creating and achieving the target takes you to the next level of satisfaction and makes the day successful. 

Dr. Anish’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

Leadership is having a deep meaning for me and it is tough to define. For me, it is to mentor the students to make them capable to think about their betterment and to choose the right path. When it comes to lead the teachers, I always try to bring them to the frequency as of mine.

Being a teacher, I don’t believe in leadership. We as a teacher should act as a learner. We used to interact with the young brains for which we have to take the ownership, to make their career. We have to be with them. In fact, among them to understand their mental status, their interest in the technology, their dreams, and their thought process. We don’t have to lead them, instead, we have to hold their hands to show them the right path of their career.

Significant challenges faced as the Assistant Dean of Amity University, Greater Noida

Significant challenges to me are like bringing all the students on the equivalent frequency to identify the target and goal for their success. And, more important to make them achieve, by identifying the proper path for the same. I believe students use to spend more time with their teachers rather than their parents nowadays. Bringing thought-process of all the students to the right direction in order to make their career is also a big challenge.

Once you enter the class and you see the trust, faith in the eyes of the student for you. Then to prove your student right and to help them in their career building is one of the biggest challenges.

Importance of time management in a student’s life according to Dr. Anish Gupta

Biggest satisfaction in the life of a teacher is the satisfaction of his/her students. Sometimes, it may happen that spending time with your student’s effects your other academic targets. But on same time if you are able to bring satisfaction in the eyes of your students, it helps, rather it motivates you to work even after office hours. As all you do is for the betterment of the students.

Students have only one thing to do in your life, i.e. to make their career. The career can be developed through overall personality development. Games, activity, and education lead you to achieve the same. They have got sufficient time to manage the entire task. It is only matter of setting the priority of the tasks as per the requirement. As students are the young brain, teachers should play the role of the mentor. A teacher should be the role model for the students.

Curriculum at Amity University

Amity University is recognized globally with 11 international and overseas campuses. We have maintained high interaction with the industry leaders of the globe. Time-to-time interaction with the industry leader helps us to identify the requirement of industry, which help us to make our course curriculum more effective as per the requirement of the industry. Innovation in our education system lead us to file 6000 research paper, 1850 case studies, 500 books, 856 patents and 300 government-funded projects. Study abroad program, 3 Continental Program are other initiatives in the same directions.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Amity University, Greater Noida

We are providing enough placement opportunities for our students. It gives me a sense of pride that when it comes to providing placement opportunities to our students, few of our students themselves are creating placement opportunities for others in their own start-ups. 

On the other hand, we are focusing more on instilling employability into our students, which attracts the ventures to absorb our students. Furthermore, we are focusing on case-studies, projects, research, and developments now.

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Amity University, Greater Noida

Dr. Anish’s relationship with the students

Bonding between two persons can be stronger if it is mental. They are the young brains as I have already told, who are more inclined towards extra-curricular activities. Taking initiative and leading such activity helps you to connect with your students. Moreover, we should give sufficient opportunities to our students to speak and express their feeling irrespective they are right or wrong because you cannot judge anyone until he/she is allowed to express. Once you give them space, they automatically connect with you.

We are for them. There is no question of making ourselves available for them. We are always with them.

Ideal school environment according to Dr. Anish Gupta

We have to change our mindset first. If we go through the foreign teaching culture, they are more into practical learning rather than theoretical. We believe in being a teacher. We have right to speak and students should listen to it. This culture is especially followed in schools, which definitely affects the personality of the students. The second biggest issue is the comparison done by the parents between other children and their own which again shakes the confidence of the child. I used to counsel the guardians not to do so. One has to understand every individual is unique with its own capability. One can be a good batsman but not second Sachin Tendulkar. We must identify the skill of our ward and accordingly groom him/her towards the path of accomplishment.

Goals in mind for your university for the next few years

To be recognized as the best university in the field of research across the globe.

Amity University, Greater Noida

Suggestion for the current youth and the aspiring students

We should not follow anyone. We have to set our goals and should be focused to achieve them. Taking mental pressure or stress will never lead to any solution. Instead, it will only decrease our efficiency. Setting up priorities as per the targets will lead you towards success.