Er. YASHWANT KUMAR PATEL is presently working as the Head of the Department: Food Processing and Technology at Bilaspur University, Chattisgarh. He has qualified many national level examinations including ICAR - SRF (PGS) 2013 with Fellowship from ICAR, GOI. With a number of research paper, review papers and abstract publications, he has been awarded with ‘Best Paper Award’ in National Seminar 2015 by Bilaspur and Chhattisgarh Council of Technology and ‘Best Teacher Award-2018’ for his outstanding contribution in the field of Agricultural Process and Food Engineering. 

Bilaspur University

What is the best part of teaching according to you?

“Interactive learning and shaping the ideals of students”

Interaction with students and becoming their ideals is the best part of teaching. The two-way communication and participation is must for effective teaching as well as learning. It satisfies me to be an important part in moulding the future of students and making them responsible citizens of this country. 

What is your vision through the Department of Food Processing and Technology?

“Continuous improvement in pre and post processing of food in the country”

The main motto is to serve the better foods through innovative food processing and preservation technology. To reduce the post-harvest losses of foods and prevention of wastage of foods in the country are prime goals while teaching this subject. So I have targeted this sector for the improvement of the economy of the nation. Also I have developed several value added products from raw foods that may prove beneficial for health and curb the crisis of hunger as well. We want to establish the department as a national grade food quality and adulteration checking laboratory.

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What is the special teaching methodology you use? 

“Hosting skill sessions and interactive procedures to teach”

I employ latest and more interactive teaching pedagogy such as powerpoint presentations, interactive board seminars, group discussions, presentations from students, video lectures, etc. that help them understand better and learn with interest. We follow the concept of mock tests and model Q & A sessions with the students for constant improvement and better analysis of their knowledge. We make arrangements for seminars, workshops and conferences within and outside campus to give a better exposure and practical experience to students. 

What are your roles as Head of the Department?

“Maintaining well organized systematic structure”

The pivotal role as department head is to conduct the teaching, learning, research and examination in the proper schedule for overall development of the students and organization, simultaneously. I maintain the core curriculum and conduct the policies in the most efficient manner so that they prove beneficial for students and the department as well. I also organize various workshops, conferences, seminars or invited talks for grooming the knowledge and boosting confidence among students. 

What are the diverse career options available after pursuing this course? 

“Food and nutrition specialist in various sectors”

This sector generates employment through improvement in knowledge about nutritional composition of foods and entrepreneurship diversity pertaining in various corporate and government sectors. The main initiative of this field is to provide the quality approaches for QA & QC Department and entrepreneurships in the field of food technology. Students can work as Food Scientist, Food Technologist, Production & Quality Manager, Food Auditor, Dairy Scientist, Food Inspector and Nutrition officer. 

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Any suggestions you want to give to the aspiring students?

“Work hard to achieve successes”

Always remember, there is no substitute for hard work in this world. No easy escape or alternative way. Great success comes to those who try in a continuous manner and harder each time. That’s the key to a bright future.