GIBS believes that a tranquil environment along with spirit and energy thoughts enhance the learning efforts of an individual. Thus, GIBS provides the excellent and comfortable infrastructure.

Library and digital library:

The library is the heart place of GIBS for diffusion of knowledge and creating intellectual skill of students. The digital library ensures the accessibility of resources from anywhere at the required time.


A fully furnished villa type hostel enables the student to learn at on-campus of GIBS. The hostel section of GIBS functions under the management of Hostel Management Committee.  This committee consists of Chairperson, chief warden, security staff, and Chief Security Officer. The Chairperson is head the committee along with Chief Warden who is act as secretary of the Committee administers.

Attractive and aesthetically construct academic area:

The spacious amphitheatre enables the GIBS students to actively participate in various activities that include sports events and presentation of dramatic events.

Wellness center:

The academic stress of an individual will confront with a nutritious diet and a good workout. The Gym at GIBS helps the students to work out under the supervision of experts. The Gym is functional at daytime with 50 students per session.

Open and outdoor games:

The games at indoor and outdoor activity develop the spirit of unity among the students. The unity develops the confidence among students in spite of their diversity.

  1. Indoor Gaming Area
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  1. Outdoor Gaming Area (Playground)
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Netball
  • Badminton
  • Kabaddi


Amenity is a benefit of property and simultaneously increases the value of it. Amenities means the special or feature facility of a campus that makes the students feel more comfortable and convenient in enhancing their skill.

The GIBS has following amenities:

  1. Security and safety measures:

GIBS provides safety environment to students as well as for staff. The strict control over school campuses such as metal detectors and security cameras protect the students from unwanted entries of strangers. Apart from this, GIBS provides limited access to social network and monitoring the behavior of the student is one of the featured safety measures.

  1. In-campus transportation:

The transport facility in GIBS is a tremendous amenity that helps the students to visit the campus as well as the student who wishes to go out for an additional course requirement. Even, the transportation facilities available to the students who are in sick needs advance treatments.

  1. Wi-Fi facility:

The Wi-Fi network facility is available in the whole 5-acre campus of GIBS. Especially, this facility is available for 24 hours continuously without any interruption. The Wi-Fi connection is under constant protection that controls the visibility and guarantee for students and faculties in safety matters.

  1. Parking facility:

GIBS provides ample parking to students, faculties as well as to visitors. The rules and regulations are pertaining to establish safe driving conditions and make the orderly parking of vehicles in respective places.

  1. Indoor games in common room:

The GIBS has separate common rooms for boys and girls for indoor games such as chess, carom, table tennis etc, the adequate toilet facilities in this room make students more comfort in participating indoor games on campus.

  1. Petty shop:

The GIBS provide petty shop in the campus for serving students fulfilling their day to day needs on campus. The petty shop on campus avoids unnecessary movement of students from campus and helps in time management of students.

  1. Career Guidance Cell:

The career guidance cell helps the students to overcome stress mind and help them for the further academic endeavor. The career Guidance cell organizes many seminars and workshop for career development of students. The workshops are conducted from time to time according to the requirement of corporates.

In addition to that, career guidance cell conducts training programs to enhance the soft skills of students and mold them to deserve jobs.

  1. Seminar and conference hall:

The GIBS has centralized spacious and air-conditioned seminar hall with furnished infrastructure. The seminar halls are organized to provide a talk experiences to students and eradicate the stage fear of the students. The students gain twin experience in sharing their ideas and gathered the knowledge from talk of experienced scholarly people.

  1. Terrace café:

The terrace restaurant serves both authentic and traditional food at reasonable price. The foods are prepared under hygienic way and serve with preservative methods.

  1. Other amenities:
  • Jogging Track
  • GIBS Club House
  • Waiting Lounge
  • A beautiful pond in the campus brings life by adding a really natural and fresh look to the environment.
  • Temple
  • Speaker corners
  • Swimming pool
  • GIBS language centers.