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GIBS Business School, Bangalore

GIBS Business School, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka AICTE, UGC, MHRD | Estd 2001 BU, Bangalore Private

GIBS delivers Industry Ready Professionals" says Chairman Ritesh Goyal. Read the full interview here

  1. Being the chairman at GIBS, what steps do you take for the betterment of the academic programs of your B-School?

Ans. We do thorough research while planning or annually revising the contents of every subject we are to teach. The idea behind this is to inculcate each student with the right knowledge and skills to get them on their way to success in life. The whole academic calendar is planned to give timely practical add-ons to the knowledge acquired in the classroom. The students are inspired and motivated through their seminars whose guest speakers are successful business tycoons from all areas.  We also give added inputs through knowledge sharing sessions and training workshops to make all our students adaptable to different situations.

  1. How does GIBS manage to strike the right balance between academics and extracurricular activities?

Ans. The balance between academics and extracurricular activities is quite important in a student’s life. GIBS maintains the balance by conducting extracurricular activities on a regular basis which keeps the minds of the students fresh and agile. This balance makes the students habitual of winning and losing in different strides of life and also teaches them to become successful in the endeavor of life.

  1. The infrastructure of GIBS is known to be one of the best in the country. What are your personal views about it?

 Ans. For me, the infrastructure tells a lot about the core of any institute. We have maintained world-class infrastructure and facilities just to make sure that the students studying here always have that eagerness and hunger to learn more. A good infrastructure always helps in keeping the motivation levels up among the students. Providing the students with state-of-the-art facilities is our motto and we try to execute that with our best efforts.

  1. Being an MBA yourself, what according to you do the corporates look for in an MBA graduate during the hiring process? How does GIBS assist students in becoming corporate ready before they graduate?

Ans. The most important thing that any corporate looks for is learning aptitude. A lot of companies are looking for candidates who need a little training before they start to give results. To cater to this, we give a lot of practical exposure to students by providing them live projects, simulation exercises, and field trips. We make sure that by the end of their graduation, they acquire all the necessary skills and expertise to be corporate ready and deliver their best during the hiring process and on-the-job as well.

  1. What is your overall view on the current scenario in education domain? How do you see the education industry growing along in the next decade?

Ans: The education industry needs to constantly evolve to meet the demands of changing scenarios of the corporate sector. The current scenario      shows a lot of positive signs for the education sector in terms of growth. Experiential learning is going to be a major differentiator among business  schools. There is definitely going to be an immense amount of progress in the education domain in the coming decade for the benefit of both the  students and faculty.

  1. What are your views about the digital revolution, which has embraced our country in the last few years?

Ans: The digital revolution has definitely taken India by storm in the recent years for a good reason. It creates a transparent platform for students since communication on the Internet is two-way. Clarity in fee payments and a uniform structure for everyone has been possible because of this digital revolution. There are lesser discrepancies now than before and students can evaluate institutes before joining. The reliability has also increased with the digital revolution and it reduces the time in the modus operandi as well.

  1. You’ve always had a business acumen and you’ve raised 9 successful ventures so far. Tell us about your experience and the source of motivation to complete this herculean task.

Ans. I decided to join Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training after completing my MBA when our country was hit by the recession. During that period, I realized that since the scenario in the market is bad, so the opportunity to grow is available. Then I joined a startup institution and quit on the day when I was promoted to become the Director, Marketing. The experience of working there helped me in realizing that it’s time to make the best of the given opportunity. My brother and I then founded Pathfinder and it laid the foundation to be a part of 9 successful ventures.

  1. You have been associated with social causes and you always strive to give something to the society. You also initiated Global Social Forum which works towards many social causes. What drives you to be associated with such causes?

Ans.  It’s always good to be a giver in life. Since I come from a very humble background, I always knew the value of giving. The people who supported    me throughout my journey so far inspired me a lot to be associated with social causes. The youth of our country needs direction and motivation in order  to succeed and be humble in life. There are a huge number of people in the world who need some sort of support and help to get themselves motivated. The betterment of the society is the best possible thing and my ventures also support the same.

  1. You have numerous recognitions like being awarded for the youngest entrepreneur in Education Industry, being interviewed by prominent magazines. How do you feel about those achievements?

Ans. It’s always a proud feeling for being awarded for what you love. I had this vision which earned me awards for being youngest and innovative entrepreneur. This motivates me to contribute more and put more efforts. Being interviewed by prominent people and magazines helps in knowing yourself even better. I feel obliged and honored to be given such recognition and it strives me to improve at every juncture of life.

  1. Your journey from being born in a very humble background to being the Chairman at GIBS today has been really inspiring, to say the least. Please shed some light on your journey.

Ans. The journey has been really fruitful so far, I’ve had my good share of ups and downs. I studied in a Hindi medium school and struggled with basic communication skills. But I had the conviction in me and therefore did engineering from Delhi and MBA from Bangalore. The experience of having nothing to learning every day at different junctures in life taught me a lot. All that experience helped me in gathering the courage to do something which I couldn’t even dream of at one stage of my life.

Last Updated - 26 Apr 2017

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