GIBS Business School in the garden-cum-software city of Bangalore belongs to the upper crust of super-achieving institutions. Recognitions and honorable mentions have been coming rather regularly for the management, faculty, and students as they toil away day and night in search of successful business careers. The Placement Committee deserves special mention because job positions successfully secured become the final test of accomplishment for professional courses. Internships have been spectacular too.

Recognition on an international platform at the World Education Summit adds another colorful feather of achievement to the GIBS crown that has been exploring expansion options in India and perhaps abroad later. GIBS has already earned a positive global reputation, represented by alumni in challenging business roles internationally. The foreign students at GIBS in Bangalore would vouch for the institutional credibility.

The 8th World Education Summit and Awards grand event happened on 27th March 2018 at The Lalit Hotel in New Delhi. The program lasted all day long and included a conference on educational research and lunch. The awards were handed over in the afternoon. GIBS takes pride in their Chairman Ritesh Goyal being a panelist amidst an accomplished group of educational leaders at the event.

Best Emerging B-School in Bangalore

When Sharmila Tagore presented GIBS the award for Best Emerging B-School in Bangalore, it was a moment of deserved pride for an institution thoroughly dedicated to student careers in business. A metropolitan center like Bangalore with multiple mega businesses has numerous B-Schools competing for the students who hail from 29 Indian states and many countries, mainly in Asia and Africa, because of proximity.

The graduate courses at GIBS comprise of BBA and BCom, while the postgraduate courses are the MBA and PGDM.

What is it that keeps GIBS ticking?

Besides the youthful dynamic vigor represented by the dazzling boys and girls, it is the faculty that comprises research degrees and industry experience. The splendid, sprawling 4.5-acre residential campus in Bannerghatta is endowed with a superb educational infrastructure that becomes a haven for a few semesters. It is hard to believe that a dedicated college career in a reputable institution would successfully lay the foundation for a lifetime of professional achievement.

While admissions may be a challenge, aptitudes and academic records are important besides the performance in entrance examinations. If you have reached this far, GIBS will do the rest to establish a career path among the best companies in the industry.

Awards for 70 Private and Government educational institutions

Recognitions and appreciations keep the wheels moving and that is a universal principle. Just like a child needs a pat and a friendly word, organizations and individuals require a push to do their best and improve performance? Authentic professional contributions and academic achievements never go unrecognized.

Among the 70 temples of learning awarded were SRM University, Study Khazana, Glocal University, Sharda University, Paramount Coaching and National Institute of Fine Arts. While such institutional names have already hit the headlines and educate thousands each year to be successfully absorbed into the mainstream professional life, the educational efforts never stop. Like in a beehive, the task is constantly ongoing to search for new knowledge, commence new courses, develop infrastructure and construct additional buildings.

The pillars of Indian education comprise not only the academicians but also the industry leaders as far a business management is concerned. Knowledge for its own sake will not do, but the dynamic application of wisdom and skills in the practical sense in difficult situations would bring professional success. Specializations have come to mean so much and the basic raw materials, finance and human resources required for running a business enterprise have nowadays grown to international dimensions. In a specialized world, business needs to look at the particular fields. GIBS hopefully will witness higher peaks of learning in the years to come.