Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Mr. Ritesh Goyal, Group Chairman of GIBS Business School

Group Chairman of GIBS Business School, Mr. Ritesh’s raise to prominence in such a short span can be attributed to his strong will-power, caliber, conviction, dedication and leadership quality. He is a true educationist who has always been in search of new and innovative methods of teaching that would create interest in the minds of the young generation.

He works round-the-clock with determination, dedication, discipline and devotion, and to him, ‘work is worship’. A strong believer in team work, he ensures the involvement of all team members in the process of decision making. He takes up all assignments with great enthusiasm and shoulders the responsibility for the outcome of all decisions. He loves to work with the young generation so as to help them emerge as confident, responsible and self-reliant citizens of India in future. He has a special fascination to be in touch with honest, patriotic, courageous, hardworking and sincere personalities, making their contribution in public life or in government departments. His mission in life is: To bring smile to the faces of others by serving them with all his ability and resources; to work with dedication and support all activities, which are designed to serve our society and nation; to work for changing the present system of governance and to make it more responsible and accountable to suit the requirement of the nation and its citizens to the best possible extent.

Mr. Ritesh Goyal has a penchant for socializing with intellectuals, scholars, academicians and professionals. He loves to read books on the life and work of national leaders, freedom fighters, great warriors, Sufi saints and social reformers. After obtaining a degree of Bachelor of Commerce from Indraprastha University, Delhi in 2006, he completed his MBA from Indus Business Academy, Bangalore in 2009. The Group has its Head Office in Bangalore, three branches at Pune, Delhi and Bangalore and has more than 120 qualified staff on its rolls. Besides, he is also the Associate partner of Adarsh Group of Institutions and Community Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore. Mr. Ritesh Goyal has Organized and participated in numerous Seminars of National and International level.

Mr. Ritesh’s experience in the education sector

As a Brand Consultant, owner of the institute, I have learnt, developed and understood the innovative practices to facilitate the students to be corporate ready and more than that, a good human being. I have always carried back a sense of pride, satisfaction and contentment, after all the educational services are all about giving back and making society better. I have also noticed that the student’s fraternity is more responsible, smarter, innovative and go getters in all the fields they desire to be in. As an entrepreneur, Consultant I have created a platform to all my students, their parents to make their dreams come true. Working always with young minds is my passion and I feel that this is the best part of the industry you learn so much and in turn give your services for better country after all the future of the country are these creative graduates.

Mr. Ritesh’s leadership style

I am more of a people’s person and always believe to have a cordial relationship with my employees. I feel am empathetic too which makes my employees and students to approach me. I am a good listener and more like a facilitator who believes in empowerment and has provided the same to my team as well. My visionary is always discussed with the employees and through their concern and effective performance the expected milestone is reached.

Changes in the education sector noticed by Mr. Ritesh over the years

I have noticed that the sector is becoming more student-oriented. It has narrowed down its area of teaching and is also considering the students' psychology which is more important as a service provider. Earlier we had a more generalized approach in terms of syllabus and traditional way of student-teacher approach. Today, we see curriculum mostly tailor-made according to the industry expectations. The teachers’ role is more of a facilitator and making the student independent is the of most importance in the current scenario. Over the period, the industry has gained much more importance and a transition towards research is been observed today. An educational institution has a crucial role played in the development of the country and the society. 

GIBS Business School

Message for the youth who aspire to be young leaders

India needs more entrepreneurs. The youngsters have to first get clarity towards their career goals and path. They have to choose a role model which gives them a clear guidance. They have to believe in themselves. Rather than being an employee, I suggest the young minds to explore more towards entrepreneurship.

The curriculum at GIBS Business School and growth of students through placement opportunities available there

We have a unique curriculum tailor-made according to the industry expectations under the umbrella of college to the corporate program where we interact with our placement advisory board and other experts in the industry to design a curriculum accordingly which is then been learned by the students. The lectures are more of the case study, in basket and role play approach to the students for enriching personality, decision making, analytical and to have a simulation experience of a corporate this way I think we equip our students to be more job oriented.

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Mr. Ritesh on what makes your institution stand apart from other institutions

At GIBS Business School, you can find word class infrastructure that supports the faculty and students’ growth. The Programmes like SME, Skill Enrichment programmes, Mentoring, Clubs and committee’s activities, CES makes GIBS Business School stand unique in par with other institutions in the industry and yes, we have witnessed it because GIBS B School is very well accepted in the society. The college practices a supportive culture to facilitate the students hailing from a different part of the country and abroad since we have students belonging to Nepal as well.

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Some important changes brought by Mr. Ritesh in the management of GIBS Business School, Bangalore and the challenges he faced all these years

We believe in the unique and innovative education system than traditional. We have brought many changes in management education like we have subject matter expert for every subject, we focus on innovation-Innovation is future of Indian education

Startups talk series in GIBS Campus. We have uniquely designed residential campus dedicated to the single management program. We have sports, yoga, and meditation as a part of the curriculum. We have implemented many value-added programs like Business Analytics, SAP, Six Sigma, Digital Marketing & Excel training as a part of MBA/PGDM. Not only this, but we have a Toast Master Club on campus and also a unique student of the year event on campus.

Mr. Ritesh on how he prepares students to face challenges of modern organizations and global standards successfully

GIBS B School conducts exclusive sessions like mentoring; life skills programmes conducted by heartfulness institution which is an international institution pertaining all CEO’s of fortune 500 companies as the mentors that mainly concentrates on how to tackle the hiccups in day to day life keep themselves calm, happy, techniques to have better work-life balance.

GIBS B School gives utmost importance to develop soft skills of students and also has got unique curriculum comprising of personality test, C2C programme, CSR activities, placement-oriented sessions encourage virtual projects by students involves students in various research-based activities like paper presentation, publications, and live projects to understand the market better. Several opportunities provided to explore a student’s strengths and weaknesses continuous feedback is been given to the students on to the same. To recognize and motivate the students on the same an event called “Student of the year” is being conducted for the final batch during their 3rd semester and also been awarded by a trophy and INR 1 lakh cash prize. GIBS B School proudly announces the best passing out student and provides a platform for the student’s growth and recognition.

The college also provides several certification programmes on SAP, Six Sigma, Project Management, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Auditing, Sports Management, Microsoft Excel, Office, Power Point and several other industry-oriented programmes. The classes conducted at GIBS B School is also a combination of outdoor and indoor teaching comprising of several business games, idea on global cultural disparities through case studies, business plan, product launch, creative and innovation-oriented sessions etc. which sharpens the skills of the young minds that creates a sense of zeal and confidence to face the global challenges.

Goals in mind for GIBS Business School for the next five years

We are dedicated for the single management program. We do not want to start any other programs in future. We want to become a pioneer in management education with our innovative and unique way of functioning. Also, I would like to see our 50% of the students starting their own ventures.

Message for students wishing to join GIBS Business School in the near future

I would say one thing that if you are a part of student’s fraternity at GIBS B School, the college teaches you to lead your life confidently, nurtures you to face challenges and overall gives an idea about yourself rather helps in self-inception. We create better students and better society.