Global Institute of Business Studies has achieved a distinctive status among business schools in Karnataka state and across the country. GIBS reminds that age is no factor when it comes to successful institutions. The new world of the 21st century has witnessed many successful startups and several in Bangalore that came up with extraordinary new ideas and vibrant approaches.  Yet, can the long drawn out process of education be compared to fast food or transport where some of the internet app-based businesses are doing so well?

Besides the MBA that has become the hallmark for business education worldwide and is considered a certain passport for professional success, other courses are available too. PGDM, BBA, and B.Com. would all launch business careers with the right internships and placements.

The changing face of education is clear at all levels, starting from the early stages of school right up to the professional tertiary education. Though literacy is a much-desired commodity worldwide, education without a meaningful source of job income becomes quite irrelevant for the masses, especially now that populations are burgeoning and the planet is suffering. One wonders what the 1.2 billion Indian population was like in 1950. Consider the subjects taught in higher education and the many new areas of study like media and information technology indicate how the world is changing. Business too was introduced rather recently during the last few decades and nowadays too many institutes teach business management.

How has education changed?

The traditional approach to study that has endured for hundreds, thousands of years based on the bookish contemplative study is now changing and becoming more activity-based and dynamic too. Research proves that the use of images and videos, group action, participation and interactivity in the teaching-learning process are far more effective to promote authentic learning. A very important cause of change is the digital media that provides ample opportunity for involvement and it is never a dull moment whether in the study or in jobs.

Classrooms with their smartboards and audio-visual experiences with the whole world accessible through the internet have become the new focus of study. Students actively participate in the educational processes rather than being mute spectators like in the past. Roleplay, games, peer cooperation, field visits, and internships are some experiences that are constantly ongoing and provide a brand new focus where intellectual, physical and spiritual development happens simultaneously.

Yet, the common idea of study and knowledge originating in books still holds. In spite of the vast spread of the electronic media, book publishing and research journals are only increasing in numbers, though we still talk about the reading culture at an ebb. While it is possible to communicate lessons in pen drives and videos, it is the hard copy that seems more convincing rather than the airy, dreamy software-based media that is now everywhere.

The corporate ambience at GIBS

A visit to the green 4.5-acre campus replete with the best educational infrastructure at Bannerghatta on the outskirts of Bangalore is thoroughly convincing. One would expect a business school to be very well-organized in all its dealings. And so it is out there in a campus that has already built hundreds of careers. It is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and far removed from the ambience of the home. A hostel environment is particularly suited for an intensive study where the mind can concentrate fully on the subjects and activities. The rising sun each day is a signal for new learning and activities, field visits perhaps or committee activities, functions, guest speakers, besides the usual give and take in classrooms.

Affiliated to Bangalore University and managed by Goyal Educational Trust, the business-like approach to education is visible in all the aspects. Whether you consider brand management, advertising, marketing, media, raw materials, products and services, finance and management, publicity and international relations, they would all apply in some form or the other to GIBS that goes from one success to the other.

Market research, public relations, and brand management

GIBS provides capable business managers to a wide range of big businesses, many of whom have set up branches, research centers, and outlets in Bangalore. In terms of business efficiency like in the areas of market research, public relations and brand management, among many others, GIBS practices the same skills that they teach the students for future applications. Systematic operations as an educational unit that is closely focused on actual industry needs provide the right approach for the students who can hope for the best job opportunities at the end of the course and success as they pursue the careers.

In a materialistic world that worships monetary values above everything else, the business lesson needs to be applied to all endeavors for the sake of efficiency and reliability. Whether it is a wayside shop or a showroom in the mall, the similar requirements of finance, materials and workers apply, whether dealing in products or services. A house, too, is somewhat similar from several points of view. Experience and expertise, management of money, workers and materials would apply to the great majority of entities across the world.

The GIBS many-layered system for student Performance Evaluation

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta on the outskirts of Bangalore in Karnataka has been hitting the headlines in recent years. An effective system of learning and evaluation, internships and placements have brought immense recognition to the comparatively young institution. GIBS is certainly among the top business schools in the state and the country and now aims for international horizons.  The courses taught include the postgraduate courses MBA and PGDM. The undergraduate courses comprise the BBA and BCOM.

 Approaches to study and scholarship, evaluation and performances have changed rapidly during the last few decades. Research and indeed common sense reveal that reading books alone do not suffice to build up a dynamic intellectual ability. Yet, even today the belief naturally persists that the greater number of books read, the higher is the knowledge, and that may be true in certain senses.

student Performance Evaluation

The electronic media has introduced us to several kinds of packaging information, unlike in the past when only books existed. Films and videos are certainly more interesting methods of knowing things and research reveals that memories are sharper and understanding is greater through such experiences. It is the media that have profoundly changed human life and thinking, study and work.

Education molds the entire personality

If study involved books alone, only the mind and brain would benefit, though that is important enough. Yet, in the real world of work, personalities and work skills matter so much. Soft skills are recognized as instrumental like the leadership, teamwork and communication abilities. Language proficiency perhaps in a foreign language too in addition to English would improve the chances at an international level.

Student involvement and interactive sessions are the answer even in the classroom rather than the traditional one-way traffic with the students sleeping through teaching sessions with nothing to do but passively absorb the golden words of the teacher.  Activities based on the smart board with clips, the internet, audio and video interludes would break up the monotony and provide novel teaching experiences to keep the students on their toes. Excitement at learning new topics like an adventure would continue during the entire few semesters.

Sports, cultural and literary activities

While physical fitness would apply to every boy and girl, interests differ and the cultural and the literary mean different things to different students. While students cannot be compelled into anything, their aptitudes and interests decide the nature and extent of participation. While some would sing and dance, others would run and play.

Clubs and committees

A large variety of meaningful organizational and exploratory activities that work like practical applications of lessons taught attract many students.  Organizing programs, including the physical infrastructure, arranging for guests and invitees, food and seating, require a lot of work, zeal, patience and dedication, qualities needed for professional success too.

Assignments and project reports

It is a challenging task to succeed in the new generation college career! The students are kept perennially busy with a range of assignments and projects that often turn out to be too difficult to handle. Time is the most crucial factor besides the availability of study materials. The library and the internet provide ample inspiration by way of stimulating research materials. Guidance from the faculty and the seniors add to the preparation of sometimes excessively complex assignments and project reports.

Projects are often based on internships, study tours or learning events held in the campus or elsewhere. Bangalore offers an infinitely huge canvas to indulge the imagination and the ideas, dreams and vanities. In terms of industry connections, mega businesses crowd around the city and provide many channels to seek excellent apprenticeships and placements.

Presentations and Case Studies

After the comparatively passive learning experiences in classrooms like chicks in the nest that are learning to fly, independent presentations of researches before the students and the experts are proof of lessons learned successfully. Well prepared and successfully executed presentations are crucial in the knowledge building and personality expression besides the skills of facing an audience and speaking well. The expert handling of digital resources like the screen and the software in the computer would also be put to the test.

The case study approach to learning has attracted a lot of attention in universities around the world. Taking the examples of real events that happened in the corporate world, whether it is mergers or emergencies, trade wars or human resource problems, the situations are presented and possible solutions discussed and found.

Tests and Examinations

While testing is crucial as it has always been to find out in formal conditions what has been learned, the methods have changed. Unlike the pen and paper of the past, digital methods require additional computer skills. That is the way of the present and shows the way to the future.