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Mr. Abhay Gupta is the Founder & CEO of Luxury Connect Business School, Gurgaon. Abhay Gupta has a multitude of expertise. In this capacity, he pursues a plethora of activities including writing, advisory, public speaking, thought leadership, and philanthropy. He is a thought leader, brand leader, luxury retail expert, and consumer champion. In his interview he describes the importance of upgrading themselves and about his thought process of perfect blend of leadership. Thereon, he shares the focus of the college on extensive development on the students by keeping a day check on updates on the courses and specific learning standards they give out to the students. Moreover, he talks about the equality among the students and assurance they give for their students to excel in a wide ranging market across the globe. He then highlights how the luxury industry is in a budding stage and future it holds and also emphasises on the fact that people are unaware of this industry. In the later segment he share his future plans for the college and on a concluding note advises students to identify the difference between knowledge and information.

The youth should upgrade themselves to give the best to the society 

At present, the circumstances created by the covid pandemic do not much favour the luxury industry. However, luxury in India has been growing at a steady pace of 20% per annum for past several years. However, the manpower is not efficient to meet the required standards.

As per statistics, most generic MBA’s are not found suitably employable by any of the various industries, forget about luxury. At Luxury Connect Business School, our main focus is to bridge up the gaps that most educational institutes’ graduates have. We are devoted to creating talented professionals to help the industry grow at a much higher rate. 

It's a huge responsibility and takes a lot of courage to start something from scratch. The hard work isn't only limited to establishing the school but also spreading awareness about the new endeavour we undertook.

A perfect blend of leadership comprises of optimal quantity of autocracy and democracy 

Leadership style has got to be a mix of autocracy and democracy. I think that most are not completely conscious of what's expected out of them, yet everyone believes that they know everything. On one hand, it is good to be democratic, yet, we cannot always claim that what we see happening around us in a democracy is always really good. 
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We keep our courses updated on a daily basis since it involves a lot of practical learning 

We have invested our entire lifespan of experience in this business. As an institute, we perhaps are the sole one who engages full-time researchers to keep our courses updated on a daily basis, since it involves practical learning. We don't just teach theory, we teach on practical implementations. So we teach on current affairs, we don’t talk about politics but we talk of how the current political situation can affect your industry. So, while the structure remains the same, the material is updated on a regular basis.

We focus on extensive development of professionals with comprehensive understanding of the brand

We, at LCBS, focus on extensive development of professionals with a comprehensive understanding of luxury Industry and Luxury Brands. As the name suggests, Luxury connect focuses on challenges and wishes of the posh industry. Hence, we try to serve the entire value chain from strategy to operations. At our B school vertical, we select students who are willing to be groomed in every aspect. We deliver lectures via industry faculty, and restrict our in house strengths to scheduling, IT team & admin. Having a right blend of college and facilities at our disposal, we are ready to groom our students in the best way possible.

LCBS equips the student with the advanced set of strategic & communication skills to enable them to achieve leadership positions in future.

The pedagogy is an immensely interactive combination of lectures, real life case studies and assignments with a unique format of learning through theoretical as well as practical approach along with their application in numerous domestic and global business environments.

Thus, LCBS helps the students to differentiate themselves by learning & developing leadership sensibilities and navigate themselves through the uncertainties & vulnerabilities of the dynamic business environment and become a future ‘’Luxury leader’’.

The curriculum includes specific learning standards and authentic examples which leads to development of the students in manifolds 

We bring the industry to the students even before they step into it as a working professional. The thrust of the programme is to prepare the candidate to be a pioneer of Luxury by instilling professional acumen and development of oneself with conceptual and practical knowledge. 

Our curriculum includes specific learning standards and authentic examples. We keep updating our curriculum not only monthly or weekly but on a daily basis. As & once we find any exciting development within the global luxury space, it's instantly updated in our course flow. We try to embed the latest concepts in our curriculum to keep our students updated. Majority of our faculty are from the industry, they help the students by sharing real-life experiences and examples. Well-planned and executed experiential learning can develop cultural awareness, leadership, team building and intellectual acumen. Therefore, giving the student an all-round exposure of the industry’s practices.

We believe in equality and for us every student is equal 

LCBS is a zero-tolerance zone for any racism. We believe every student is equal. Every student is welcomed here, no matter from which country, zone or background they are from. All we care about while selecting a student is that if they have the required skill-sets or not. We want to make them strong and gain enough expertise within 16 months so that they can enter the work life fully prepared. 

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Our priority is to ensure our students excel and they get selected in their choice of domain in the emerging markets 

Our priority is to ensure that our students excel and they are preferred in the world as we plan to reach out to the emerging markets. Being a part of this industry for 25+ years, I have thoroughly understood the need of certain skill sets which are required in a manager. Currently, tons of institutes aren't ready to deliver and produce such professionals, and here at LCBS we've created our own education vertical in terms of grooming and educating the aspirants to live up to the luxury standards. Our B-school is moving ahead, with a 100 percent success rate.

Luxury Industry is at a budding stage and people are unaware of the potential it holds in the future

Luxury industry is at a budding stage in India and people are not aware that there are full-fledged career opportunities available in this dynamic sector. We have researched a lot in terms of international schools and there are only a handful of schools in Europe that are offering this program. When we entered this business, we were 6th within the world, amongst institutes that were offering similar courses. It started in Europe only by 1990. Hence, not many people, not only in India but across the world are not aware of luxury management courses/specialization streams. Also, in Canada, it was started in January 2018. So, it’s a very new stream. We have hence tied up with the best schools for program delivery.

Luxury Connect has been amongst the first few to spot this surging task and has formed India’s first and only Luxury B School – (LCBS). With the expected rising demand, we've customized and designed various programs to focus education and training in areas like brand management, retail services and skills, customer relationship management and more. LCBS targets to secure the posh Segment by offering specialized luxury education and re-skilling programs via Executive as also student education tracks.

Our connections, competitive edge combined with experience and faculty forms the core strength 

There are many pivotal aspects which have helped us grow over the years and have formed our pillar of strength. They are listed below: 

International Advantages:  Luxury Connect Business School, has been carefully designed keeping in mind the standards and gaps prevalent in the industry and has collaborated with international universities to provide a global perspective to the students. The school has also introduced diploma and post graduate courses in collaboration with Accademia Del Lusso. The key focus being on faculty and student exchange programs, the scholars enjoy local experiences including the proper amount of international exposure.

Competitive Edge: LCBS prepares a student to serve a career within the luxury industry. This means the individual is prepared to serve any segment of the retail industry be it the high end fashion brands to pret-e-porter lines to retail chains at various levels for eg. an country head, a brand manager, a buyer, an operation head etcetera. In addition, most of our programs are internationally certified. LCBS also tries to assist its students apply for various job opportunities available from our clients.

Unique Experience: LCBS targets to secure the Luxury segment by offering various educational programs for both professionals and students. The school offers the foremost comprehensive set of experiential learning short track executive programs to full time postgraduate diploma programs on international lines. Being India’s First Luxury B-School, we are proud of our International standards of education, global tie-ups and well-experienced professors and a strong alumni network.

Faculty & Placements: LCBS follows an industry Lead Approach, All the faculty members are directly from the industry with an average 10 years of Industrial Experience. Not to forget, our Placement is maintaining a consistent record of 100% placements from its very first batch to date.

We are young in the academic space and people don’t hold much knowledge about the Luxury industry in India

The challenges particularly that we are facing here are, one, that we are very young in the academic space. We aren't a university, which is renowned or a 20-25-year-old established brand. We are offering something which is very unique and new to a lot of parents and students. Our challenges are vivid. People are not aware of the industry, and amongst other things, they are not aware of the great employment opportunities that the sector offers, and then finally to convince them to choose us. While we have gradually and surely crossed this challenge with students in general, but the parent is still to be fully convinced. Being a parent myself, I don't blame them because any parent would be risk averse. They would want their students to do courses that they know of, rather than doing something that they are themselves not properly aware of. Hence, educating the parent is becoming a much bigger challenge because the parent might not be so risk friendly, and he's not so conscious of social media or is not much in the digital space. These are some of the key challenges that we have been facing.

We are planning to bring in courses to help students updated and become future ready 

We plan to add on courses that will help the students to keep themselves updated in the Industry and become future ready. We will ensure that our students are able to apply that knowledge practically through projects, field works and market research. We believe in imparting the knowledge that justifies different market values and is used in real life scenarios. Our students are able to fix the different Gordian knots arising in the market, which is an essential need of the modern era.

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Youth is in a dubious state due to the overflow of data 

I think that the youth today is perhaps confused due to the overflow of data. There is a fine difference between knowledge and information. We believe in sharing knowledge and not information. We debate with the scholar on whatever information he/she might find on Google, and that we make him/her believe that knowledge is supreme.