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Mr Abhijeet De is the Founder-Chairman of IIAS Education Group. He completed his M.S.c Applied Physics in the year 1979 from BIT Mesra. He did his Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management - Sydenham Instituteof Management Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship Education, University of Mumbai (1981). He has been an immense contributor to the society and has served as President in the past for Rotary Salt Lake Mid Town and Paul & Harris Fellow for Rotary International, USA.

Education industry gives respect and job satisfaction

I have experience spanning over three decades in the education industry. I started very small and went on to develop institutes. We are in the hospitality and tourism management field, and we are one of the pioneers in it. It is a great industry to work in, which gives respect and job satisfaction, wherein you work for a larger social cause.

A good leader must be a good team player too

A leader should lead by example. The empowerment of the junior staff makes sure that we are not merely managing but leading from the front. Although they commit mistakes, I give them the authority to make decisions. This leadership proves beneficial as teamwork becomes important. I believe an ideal leader should be a good team player too.

Major challenge is how to deal with the challenges

There are many challenges when you're in a business or running an endeavor. There are legal restrictions, one has to abide by the rules. There are legal restrictions, parameters to be followed up. If the policy changes, you get affected in the journey. But the major challenge is how you deal with the challenges. That's what matters the most. I usually guide them to keep patience and motivate them that there is a way, and in the end, we will come out in flying colors.

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Research from the global context helps us refine the syllabus

Our curriculum is completely industry-based. In-fact, we design the curriculum by consulting some of the industry experts and always try to update it every two years so that the latest factors are incorporated. And we do lots of research on the internet for the global practices that are currently being followed and try to adopt it in the Indian context. 

Top qualities that a student must possess

In the field of management, excellent communication skills along with leadership quality, play an important role. At the same time, I believe, a person should be a good human being. Ethics and moral values cannot be compromised. That's what we try to inculcate in our students.

We try to create a positive learning environment

As an educationist, we try to create a positive learning environment. If students commit a mistake, instead of scolding/punishing them, we try to guide them to make them realize their mistakes. This helps them to learn from it and never commit the same again. This also helps them to prepare for the future as they are the leaders of the future.

Faculty mentors guide the students both inside and outside the classroom

I feel that our faculty members and our non-teaching staff members should regularly interact with them, take some regular feedback, and provide counseling to them at the time of personal crisis. It happens when you are not happy on a personal level, and sometimes it gets reflected in the college environment. So that's why we have a mentorship concept. In each class, we have a faculty mentor to guide the students both inside and outside the classes. 

The placements are entirely institute driven because of strong placement cell

In the management field, there is no dearth of job opportunities. Placement is entirely institute driven. We have an extremely strong placement cell. There are hardly any students who go empty-handed without landing in a good placement opportunity. They get placed even before their 5th semester ends. So, in the 6th semester, they come to take exams, by taking permission from their employer.

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We will introduce industry required courses to meet the future requirements

For the next few years, we are trying to consolidate ourselves so that we become a major force as far as the North Bengal and North East India is concerned in the hospitality and management field. We are trying to introduce some more industry required courses like data science and business analytics, the areas that the future of the industry requires. 

A word of advice to the students

My advice to them is to prepare themselves for their future. Try to become a good and responsible citizen. Attitude matters a lot. Therefore, they should behave well with their parents, friends, and contribute to society. This will help them in the long run. Also, be career-focused and always remember, be acceptable to society.