Interview by Arjun Verma



Dr. Mushtaque Ahmed is currently working as the principle of Chandradhari Mithila College, Darbanga Bihar. He has 20 years of teaching experience, 13 years of administrative experience. His qualification includes M.A. (Urdu) 1st Class, NET (UGC) Ph.D. (on Iqbaqliyat).

Formerly, he has worked as a director of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad for 2 years and he has 10 Ph.D. Research Scholar successfully awarded under his supervision.

He has 150 research papers published along with 300 Articles and 205 book reviews and he is recipient of several academic awards such as Bihar Urdu Academy Award for “Tanquidi Basirat” in 1996.

He as conducted/participated 9 international seminars, 35 national seminars, 10 work shop and 3 orientation & refresher courses.

Dr. Mushtaque Ahmed on his experience in the education industry

First of all, education is not an industry but it’s an institution to make our society better. It is meant to shape the country for a society which is wise enough to understand the difference between wrong and rights. It develops the human resource of a nation into the skilled one.

Leadership style of Dr. Ahmed

My philosophy of leadership is to develop the minds of students and instill confidence in young minds so that they can trust themselves and make the correct decisions.

Establishing a world class education

Right now I am focusing on the development of our vocational courses. It is necessary to develop the students according to the needs of today.

Dr Ahmed on why Chandradhari Mithila College being the apt choice for students

From the very beginning since its establishment in 1938, this college has focused on quality education and development of the nation. The vast range of professional courses like B.B۔A. library sciences, journalism etc. makes this college stand in the front.

More than 1,50,000 rare books are available in the library as well.

Biggest hurdle faced as being the principal of C.M. College

The NAAC team gave it B++ grade (CGPA-2.84) and not A.

Dr Ahmed on managing time

I try to follow a specific routine in my life so that I can manage everything on time and be punctual.

Establishing a relation with student

Students can directly come to me for any problem. I visit every class regularly so that I am aware of the happenings in the class as well. I ask the teachers to pay special attention to the students who are weak in studies. I also encourage them for sports and extracurricular activities.

Quality that helped for creating a brand name for C.M. College

The alumnus like the freedom fighter Lalit Narayan Mishra, first cabinet minister Pandit Harinath Mishra, former Chief Minister Karpoori Thakur, Padmashree Mazhar Imam, renowned educationist Prof. Devidutt Poddar has created a brand name for this college. The continuity of that brand is being done with encouraging students to go for the subjects they want and make those subjects available to them be it literature or B.B.A. or sports or journalism.

Goals for institute for the next few years

My goal is to develop this college as a center for excellence.

Suggestions for the current yuth and the aspiring students

My suggestion for the youth is to make themselves eligible enough for the dreams they want to pursue. They should give their best in any field they choose. The readership quality has decreased in recent years with the development of the internet. So the book reading should be developed.