LNCT University has built a reputation as one of the top universities in India. Here are six unique things you didn’t know about the prestigious university:

1. Central India’s Oldest Private Education Group: LNCT Group was founded in 1993 by Shri Jai Narayan Chouksey in the city of Lakes, Bhopal, making it the oldest institution of higher learning in Central India. It was originally formed with one motive to providing the best to offer to its students and society. Even after 25 years of success, they are true to it.

2. Fastest Growing Education Group of India: After the generous start of LNCT Group, it has never seen back. They have served as an inspiration to a lot of people and have enabled over 3 lakh students in making a successful career. They have the most diversified courses on offer right form core courses to the offbeat ones. They are recognized for this by various established education and media bodies as the ‘Fastest Growing’ university.

3. Impeccable Alumni Network: LNCT has the most number of alumnus coming from a private education institution, all thanks to their impeccable placements records. While every Tom, Dick and Harry Institution claims to have 100% placements, LNCT has proven this both on and off the paper. It makes them the place to go if you consider your college’s/ university’s alumni network of usage in terms of gaining an edge to jump-start your career and even beyond that.

4. Work Hard, Play Harder: LNCT isn’t just an academic powerhouse. The university has as many as 10 varsity sports teams as of 2013, making it the nation’s leader. There are varsity sports for women also. The group celebrates an intense rivalry with fellow private and government universities, which makes the most promising university to look up to if you are looking for some ACTION BEYOND EDUCATION!

5. Movie Hot Spot: If you have watched a movie in the last five years or so shot in Bhopal, chances are that you must have spotted LNCT University or its colleges in them. Though LNCT is very careful about who they allow filming on campus, they have a fair share of limelight when it comes to being the venue partner of big banner movies.

6. Most Trusted University by Students: Recently, LNCTU has been recognized by MY FM (94.3) as ‘Most Trusted Brand of Central India’ and it’s not only this recognition but also the fact that they have remained the priority of almost all the students sitting for counselling for over 25 years speaks volumes about the university.