There are many specializations in Engineering, but what is so special in Electronics and Communication Engineering that you should opt for this field as a career choice?

Some of the many reasons are great job opportunities, job growth, continuous industry growth and good salary range. It is always wise to choose a career that is capable of withstanding conditions like a recession. Electronics and Communication Engineering is one such career that is both reliable and interesting.

This field also focusses on some interesting options like Radio Engineering, Telecommunication, Digital Electronics, Instrumentation Engineering, Optics and Photonics, etc.

In this computer era, Electronics and Communication is an integral part of human life. Therefore, the scope of this course is likely to increase manifold in the forthcoming years.

We cannot imagine a life today without electronics. From computers, televisions to mobile phones, we are hugely dependent on electronics.

How to start your career?

When looking for a college to study this course, consider admission in college that offers the highest placements and also good lab facilities. College’s ECE department must have good microprocessors and extensive electronic circuits.

As soon as the degree is completed, reputed companies hire candidates during campus placement. If not, one can also have a choice of pursuing Masters in Electronics.

How to get hired by the best companies?

Placements during campus recruitments are done in two stages. In the first stage, there is an aptitude test and technical test. Candidates have to perform well in both the tests to get hired by the best companies. The technical test will be based on communication, circuit design, electronics, microprocessor and digital electronics. 

Candidates who qualify the first stage will be invited to the second stage. In the second stage, there is group discussion and interview (Technical and HR). If candidates do not get hired by the best companies, they should try for internships in a reputed company. It will help them gain experience and ultimately get a good job.

What is the Educational Scope?

The educational scope of this field is vast. There have been new technological advancements constantly. These developments are done by ECE Engineers who have turned scientists. They bring their innovative thoughts and ideas to bring these advancements which are beneficial to the world.

What are the best companies to consider for a job opportunity?

Some of the best companies that offer jobs to Electronics and Communication Engineers are BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited), NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation), ECIL (Electronics Corporation of India Limited), WIPRO, HCL, Intel, Texas Instruments, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung Electronics, Philips Semiconductors, LG Electronics and Nokia.

Multi-National Companies like Texas Instruments offers a start salary between INR 60,000 and INR 1, 20,000 per month whereas, Indian companies offers a start salary between INR 30,000 and INR 60,000 per month. Salary varies on the basis of experience and talent.

What are the Career Prospects?

The career prospects of this field are promising and vast as there is a huge demand for competent Electronics and Communication Engineers. In order to stay ahead in the competition, the ECE engineers are involved in cutting edge technology.

ECE Engineers can get a job in various fields such as Telecommunication & IT industries, Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Organization, Internet Technologies, Mobile Communication (2G, 3G, and 4G), Health Care Equipment Manufacturing, Power Electronics and various other industries such as Petroleum, Steel, and Chemical Industry.

Electrical Technologists and Technicians can also specialize in product representation, technical sales, systems management, repair and maintenance of electronic equipment, design and manufacture of electronics systems and devices. They can also work with electronic equipment and computers in the medical, telecommunications, industrial control, manufacturing, military and aeronautical fields.

Compared to other branches, Electronics and Communication Engineering have several job openings. The pay-packages of ECE engineers are better than engineers of other branches. Electronics and Communication Engineers are hired by both government and private recruiters such as Indian Navy, Indian Air force, AIR, Railways, and BSNL.


The top companies of the world are always looking for quality and competent ECE Engineers who can bring more technological advancements. There are plenty of jobs available for ECE Engineers and the salary is enviable.

In today’s world where all of us are dependent on technology, Electronic Engineers contributes a lot. When you look around, you are surrounded by electronics. And if you get an opportunity of building a career out of it, why not to consider it?

Candidates seeking Government jobs can also look for this field as you can get an opportunity to work with Indian Defence Services, All India Radio, Railways, and BSNL etc.