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Prof. Gautam Ghosh is an Electronic Engineer (B.Tech) from IIT Kanpur, and a Management Graduate (PGDM) from IIM Calcutta, with a distinguished academic record. Prof. Ghosh brings with him a blend of industry and academic experience. He has over 25 years' industry experience He later transitioned to management education, and over the last 16 years he has been associated with B-schools in the South and East both as Professor and Director/Dean. He teaches Marketing, Strategic Management, Retailing and Business Communications. He has also been a visiting faculty at reputable B-schools.

Prof. Ghosh has been a participant in the admissions process, as an interview panellist, of many leading B-Schools, including IIM, Calcutta. Over the years, he has counselled and provided guidance to several thousand prospective applicants to the best B-Schools, all over the country.

The leadership positions don’t necessarily need to be held by doctorates or academicians

I have been into management education for the last 17 years. Having graduated from IIM Calcutta and amassing industry experience of over 25 years, I came into management education to give back to this critical sector. Two factors keep me connected with this sector. Firstly, I find it very challenging and exciting which keeps me going. Secondly, B-Schools in general, are in desperate need of high-quality leadership. The leadership positions don't necessarily need to be held by doctorates or academicians. They need to possess a clear vision, along with certain values and capabilities, which I find to be fairly lacking across a quite large section of B-Schools in the country. Therefore, my goal is to fill this vacuum to a certain extent through my contributions, which I believe has made a difference to all the B-Schools that I have worked with.

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My philosophy of leadership is value driven and strategy-driven

My philosophy of leadership is value and strategy-driven. What I mean by value-driven is that I try to ensure that we give back to the students much more than what they are paying us. I wouldn't call it 'value for money', but rather 'more value for money'. I believe that this is a differentiating factor for Rajalakshmi School of Business as I find that in a lot of B-Schools among the top 200, the total fee that is charged is far greater than the value given back to students. What I mean by strategy-driven is that I evolve certain objectives and strategies in consultation with trustees and colleagues from the institute, and any activity of the institute such as short term action plans are dovetailed to the final strategy that was evolved.

The strategy formulation arises from the vision of the founder and trustees

The strategy formulation arises from the vision of the founder and trustees. I try to inject my values and priorities in the same way after consulting with senior colleagues. Based on the broad strategies which we decide, the evolution and execution of specific action plans take place. This is what I closely monitor and perform value addition in it.

Our students have to jump the extra mile to get accepted by best companies and compete with best institutes

There is a big difference in management education between developed countries of the west to those in the pacific belt such as Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and India. Within India, there is a fairly wide gulf between the quality of students of the top 20-30 B-Schools and the rest. Given this fact, we have to jump the extra mile to ensure to bring our students to speed up to the extent that they get accepted by the best companies in the country and to a certain extent, can compete with management graduates from the best institutes of the country. 

Significant interaction and quality inputs from industry experts help our students to grow

The curriculum of Rajalakshmi School of Business is developed based on the curriculum that is followed at the top 3 IIMs and XLRI. The goal is to ensure the proper implementation of these tried and tested models in the Rajalakshmi School of Business. We facilitate avenues such as guest lectures and placements for the significant interaction between the students and senior industry members. We also receive quality inputs and support from our advisory board for aspects such as course design and syllabus.

It is our policy to continuously look to improve our demographic diversity

It is our policy to continuously look to improve our demographic diversity. We have a commendable sex ratio where 40-50% of our students are female. In terms of geography, it is a work in progress as the majority of our students are from Tamil Nadu. We do plan to improve this by campaigning in other states as a part of our admission drive. We believe that Merit cum need(MCN) scholarships would attract students from other states to join the Rajalakshmi School of Business. 

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There are multitude of activities and measures adopted to make students industry-ready

There are a multitude of activities and measures adopted to make the students of Rajalakshmi School of Business industry-ready by the time of graduation. This includes the curriculum based on that of top IIMs which is designed by the inputs from industry experts. There are mandatory industry visits in the first year to different sectors such as manufacturing and service. Students are required to complete field and desk projects throughout their tenure for various courses that they undertake. We take special efforts using various activities and components within the curriculum to improve the domain knowledge, soft skills and the English language proficiency of the students as we believe these are essential tangibles that an MBA graduate is required to possess to thrive in today’s scenario.

Decisions taken are primarily governed by the welfare of students and their interests

Being the director of Rajalakshmi School of Business, I believe there is a direct interaction between me and every stakeholder associated with Rajalakshmi School of Business. Any decision made or step taken is primarily governed by the welfare of students and their interests. I have a responsibility to my colleagues that include all the faculty and staff to supervise the activities. As a leader, I must provide them with direction as and when they require to execute and achieve the larger goal of Rajalakshmi School of Business, which is designed in collaboration with the trustees, founder, advisory board and myself. I have also found myself dealing with the external world that includes corporations, media and society, in general, to execute our plans and enhance the reputation of Rajalakshmi School of Business. 

We have assembled faculties whose quality is comparable to the top private B-Schools

I have been with Rajalakshmi School of Business for the last four and a half years. My vision was to improve the reputation and stature of Rajalakshmi School of Business to that of one of the best B-Schools in Tamil Nadu. Our way of achieving this was by strengthening the curriculum taught at the institute and its delivery, by increasing the quality and quantity of faculty at the institution. We believe that we have been able to assemble a line of prestigious faculty whose quality is comparable to the top private B-Schools of the country. We also focus on improving the placement scenario year on year, with the help of our placement team and our contacts with Senior Business Executives in the industry. 

The people and their work towards the institute forms the core strength of the institution 

I believe that the people and their work who make up Rajalakshmi School of Business are the greatest strengths of the institution. We have a strong and committed faculty team to cater to every interest of the student. There is strong research being conducted in the institution which has led to a multitude of papers being published in high-end journals. Research is an aspect that seems to be lacking in a large proportion of the B-Schools in India. The continued support from our trustees in aiding the execution of the plans for Rajalakshmi School of Business has added immense value to the institution and its growth.

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Students need to be proficient in soft-skills and interaction skills to an adequate extent

My advice to the youth irrespective of their backgrounds who aim to pursue a career at the management level, be it at the private or public sector, need to be well versed in aspects such as interactive skills, soft skills and proficiency in English to an adequate extent .As far as English is concerned, students can improve by interacting in English with friends and consuming content and entertainment in English. As far as soft skills are concerned, the key is to be involved in individual and group activities that would support the students’ holistic development.

Free interaction among the faculty, students, support staffs has helped to build a healthy relationship

I believe that we already have been able to cultivate a healthy relationship and environment in the organization where our students, faculty, support staff and the trustees coexist. From the very beginning, we have been able to achieve this by encouraging free interaction between all stakeholders and having everyone involved to buy into the philosophy of Rajalakshmi School of Business.