Interview by Sakshi Aggarwal

Prof. Siddhartha Bose, Director of Universal Business School

Prof. Siddhartha Bose currently works as the Director of Cardiff MBA with Universal Business School.

Prof. Siddhartha’s academic qualification includes MBA and M.Com. He is the Director of Skytel Networks. He has served as the Head of Finance for Zen Life Sciences, ETP International.

Prof. Siddhartha Bose has a rich experience across industries and management. Prior to getting associated with UBS, he has also served as the Managing Director and Vice President at IOL Netcom Ltd. for almost 4 years. Prof. Siddhartha Bose has served as the Vice President-Finance for ETP International and Senior Manager for Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and have been part of other Educational Institutes.

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Prof. Siddhartha Bose’s experience in the education industry

My rich experience across industries and the academia for more than 35 years makes me say with conviction that the education industry is certainly the best industry to work in, but it should be after substantial industry exposure of 10years + at least. Education Industry is the best since one gets into the business of building future CEO’s and MD’s passionately. The industry exposure becomes critical in this business.

Prof. Siddhartha Bose’s philosophy of leadership and his leadership style

The most important thing to remember is that there is no single leadership style which is applicable or useful for all situations. Having said that, it is important to understand what is the specific requirement and then going all-out to deliver it. This often requires a mix of several leadership styles (more so at the Top level). Personally, I believe in being a team player. But when the situation demands, tough decisions must be taken.

Changes in the various industries noticed by Prof. Siddhartha Bose over these years

Over the years, industries expect candidates to join and perform their assigned duties from the first day itself. The learning curve has shortened across profiles, positions, and industries. Moreover, irrespective of the specific point of entry vertical (specialization); what is increasingly being looked for is, general management skills coupled with an attitude or willingness to do it.

Challenges faced by Prof. Siddhartha Bose while working in the education industry

The major challenge faced is two-fold: time at our disposal to transform an individual into a leadership material is very limited, and students are unwilling to Unlearn (what they think they already know) first to be able to learn something worthwhile.

Growth and placement opportunities available for the students pursuing Cardiff MBA from UBS

We are running this program successfully for the past five years since this is a favourite choice for most incumbents. Students who have completed this course already are well placed in industries across India and abroad also. I have observed that more and more Indian organizations are fast accepting and realizing the uniqueness of Cardiff MBA from UBS.

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Ideal environment in an education industry, according to Prof. Siddhartha Bose, that brings the best out of the students

The ideal environment in an education industry to bring the best out of the students is created when the students get to interact with industry stalwarts and take them as role models to imbibe from as they get trained on their core and elective subjects. At UBS, we have regular visits from CEOs and other business dignitaries who interact with the students. Besides, most of our faculty colleagues have a rich corporate experience – with some having served at the top management level of reputed organizations in India and abroad.

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Prof. Siddhartha Bose on how this course is different than other management course and what is unique about this course that only UBS offers

Cardiff MBA program is distinctly different in that it is more of ‘research-based’. For example, for every 30 hours of classroom teaching, the student is expected to do a self-study of 120 hours. Added to this, the benefit of having ex-senior management personnel (currently playing the role of faculty) sharing their experiences by way of explanation through case-studies and situation analysis sets this course uniquely different from other management courses.

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Importance of Time Management in Prof. Siddhartha Bose’s life and his suggestion for the management students regarding time management

Time Management is important to anyone and everyone – the sooner one understands, the better. Students who come fresh from college find it a bit difficult to understand its importance. However, repeated attempts to drill in the importance of it certainly bears result.

Goals in mind for Universal Business School for the next five years

My institution should be able to achieve the necessary academic accreditations required to strengthen itself in the world scenario and become a full-fledged University. It should then strive towards serving our country by partnering with leading Industries in opening several Centre of Excellence.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

I would just like to say that “you can achieve it if you dream it and work untiringly towards fulfilling your dreams”. Students, should get themselves a mentor early in life; and have regular sessions to assess your progress on this journey.