School of Inspired Leadership is a distinctive ‘Business School’ as it provides holistic education to serve the purpose of building well-being of one and all. The institute conducts a number of self-leadership workshops for the students that enrich them with the vision of being a leader in the truest sense. It is a lifetime learning experience that inculcates not only the leadership qualities but also the leadership excellence within the students.
SOIL Gurgaon students stand out from the crowd by being not just an MBA aspirant but also as a leader with a vision and mission. This helps to identify the true purpose of doing and how one can boost up their strengths and improve their weaknesses to succeed in the journey of life.
Let’s examine some points how SOIL stands out as a B-School:

SOIL Gurgaon’s 5 Pillars:

SOIL Gurgaon believes in creating the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ enriched with the top 5 pillars that SOIL stands for:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Compassion
  3. Sustainability
  4. Ethics
  5. Diversity


Heard of morning prayers in a college? Nah! But SOILites do it. Morning prayer is a unique aspect that forms the part of their unique learning process. They start their day by being grateful to the Almighty, with a beautiful morning prayer followed by experience and knowledge sharing. The students and the faculties dedicate 15 minutes each day to this unique practice and acquaint themselves with the happenings around them. 
Another, noteworthy practice that the SOILites follow is the unique way of celebrating birthdays of their fellow mates by appreciating the unique qualities/ways they possess.

Social Program

“Compassion” one of the pillars of SOIL teaches the students of SOIL Gurgaon to step in another person’s shoes and feel what they are going through. This thing is achieved through the ‘Social Innovation Program’ conducted by the institute in which each student works with an NGO once in a week and understand their needs and gets the opportunity to serve their needs.

Mentorship Program

One of the most distinctive feature that SOIL 1- Year MBA Program provides is the ‘Mentorship Program’. Each student at SOIL is assigned two mentors -  one internal and one external who is an eminent corporate leader in this program. It offers the students an opportunity to understand and design their career path with the esteemed guidance of seasoned corporate leaders along with their experiences. This mentorship programs usually turns to lifelong associations for many of the SOIL students.


SOIL Gurgaon offers just 1-year MBA program and despite being a 12-month program it makes sure to provide its student with varying experience and exposure in each and every field like a 2-year MBA Program. One such being ‘1-month Internship’ which is an integral and graded course of the SOIL curriculum.
The internship begins after the completion of the first term and usually starts around late August. It gives an opportunity to apply the concepts of classroom teachings to the real-world problems of the industries/ corporate world.

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Mindfulness - Yoga and Wellness

“Mindfulness”- one of the core pillars of SOIL helps the students to be more aware of their own self and aligns to be in the present moment with an exposure to Yoga and Meditation that again is a part of SOIL Curriculum. The focus is laid on the practice and the students are encouraged to assimilate the practice of yoga and meditation in their everyday routine and hence lead a disciplined life.

Get opportunities to meet the Eminent Speakers

SOIL students have been lucky to get a chance to listen to the most eminent personalities of the corporate world. These sessions are very valuable to gain perspectives on life, career paths and success from senior leaders as they share their life's journey.  SOILites make the best use of the opportunities provided to them by listening to these speakers, take the best and assimilate in them.