MBA is one of the most prestigious degrees available in India as well as abroad. A large number of candidates die for the limited seats in the traditional two-year MBA programs, across the country. But nowadays along with the 2-year MBA program, 1-year MBA program has gain popularity among the aspirants too.

Internationally the one-year MBA has been highly valued by the students. In India, a few years back, it was just the two-year program that reigned supreme. Now, the focus has been shifted from the fresh graduates to the working professionals re-evaluating their career graphs. These professionals are keen to revamp their skills in a shorter time span and return to a workplace of their choice by spending less money, which has in a way resulted in the success of 1-year MBA.

Not only this, one-year executive MBA in India gives the aspirants the necessary skills, exposure and confidence to return as leaders. The time spent in the classroom work in the 1-year program is well balanced with action learning projects, volunteering opportunities, outdoor exposure visits, and team activities.

The difference between the two not only includes the duration of the programs but MBA applicants (1 year) are required to have a certain amount of work experience, as opposed to traditional MBA applicants. Some of the leading MBA programs completed in a year are offered at ISB, IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPGP, IIMC PGPEX, XLRI GMP and SOIL Gurgaon.

How is it different from the traditional 2-year MBA Program?

As is evident from the name itself, the duration of one-year MBA program in India is scheduled for a shorter time as compared to other traditional programs. However, that is certainly not the only difference. The most prominent distinction is that of the admission criteria: Applicants accepted in the two-year programs may or may not have prior work experience and their admittance often solely depends on their scores in CAT.

On the other hand, the MBA programs follow a more holistic approach towards enrollment as the aspirants are required to have a minimum of 5 years of work experience. The admission process also focuses on several criteria such as extracurricular interests and leadership potential, rather than just the test scores.

Why go for 1 Year MBA?

Although the duration may be shorter, the program is in no way less rigorous when compared to a two-year MBA. In fact, due to the limited time period, the course tends to be more intensive. As candidates are familiar with a corporate set-up, however, certain non-essential theoretical concepts are excluded. Other advantages of pursuing a 1-year MBA program are examined below:

Can opt for the program for a brighter future: The most suitable time to go for an MBA is when you feel you've hit a dead-end in your current work profile and don’t see the scope of any growth, then you can opt for a one-year MBA program.

Also, if you want to augment your knowledge and climb up the corporate ladder then an executive MBA is the right way to go. If you fit the description and are looking for an outlet, then visit SOIL Gurgaon official site and click at SOIL Gurgaon Admission process page and get the formalities started.​
Saves Time and Money: One of the positives of a one-year MBA in India is the reduced opportunity cost in terms of time and money. Enrolled in an intensive course, one learns the same as in a two-year curriculum. What’s more, you save on a year’s worth of educational expenses.

High Payments: As the aspirants are eligible for executive and leadership positions after the completion of their 1-year MBA program which results in naturally higher payments.

Great Exposure and Opportunities: MBA 1-year program is also offered by the topmost institutes and B-Schools in India. Some of these have also been highly rated in the prestigious rankings of the Financial Times, London. Enrolling in the course offers great exposure and opportunities​

Why is Pursuing MBA from SOIL a good option?

SOIL Gurgaon offers two full-time courses namely Post Graduate Program in Business Leadership & Post Graduate Program in Human Resource Leadership. The PGP is similar to a regular one year or two-year full-time MBA program offered by global business schools. Let us look at some of the advantages of pursuing MBA from SOIL Gurgaon rather than the other B Schools:

Best Opportunity for the Working Professionals: The most obvious benefit of enrolling in a one-year MBA course is its duration and for a working professional there is nothing better than this because, on one hand, they are investing lesser time and money in this and on the other, they can get back to their respective careers quickly.
Also, the professionals who quit their job to pursue the one-year executive MBA programs have to pay a relatively lower amount of tuition fees at SOIL Gurgaon.

Lenient Experience Requirements: SOIL offers a full-time program designed for experienced individuals seeking a relatively affordable post-employment qualification. Unlike Executive MBA Programs that are designed for employees with at least seven to nine years of experience, the one-year MBA program will be useful even if you have just two years of experience. In addition to this, an enterprising individual can consider this option even if S/he does not have any work experience.

Condensed but Comprehensive: The one-year MBA program covers all important aspects of a conventional MBA program in a condensed timeframe. Hence, one will be exposed to knowledge related to various areas like marketing, finance, management, data analytics, use of technology, and brand management in a single degree. While you may have specialized in a specific functional area within the organization during your job, the MBA degree will give help you learn more about each and every department of your organization.

Experienced Faculties: For an MBA course, especially a one-year course, to be truly effective, the student should enjoy exposure to experienced faculties who have worked in the corporate sector. SOIL Gurgaon has some of the best coaching and mentoring faculties who understand the importance of going beyond theoretical instructions. SOIL ensures you gain in-depth knowledge of core concepts in the shortest possible timeframe.

Better Job Prospects: With such a degree offering assured improvement in pay packages and job opportunities, you have the option of either taking a short break from your work or quitting your job altogether to complete your MBA. Opting for our one-year MBA degree will help you quickly reenter the job market with easy access to numerous lucrative job prospects.

What Unique feature does SOIL provide to the MBA aspirants?

SOIL offers a one-year MBA course that includes a pioneering module called the Social Innovation Program (SIP) among several others. SOIL believes that the aspirants must inculcate the qualities of a leader rather than just of a postgraduate management student. In doing so, they have left no stone unturned as their affiliation with an array of NGOs is a testament to that. A couple of students are assigned to an NGO who work closely towards community development along with their management program.
They apply the knowledge acquired in the MBA course towards the development of the NGO which includes innovative ways of income generation, developing more with less and so on. The module begins in the second term and the student spends one day every week with the assigned NGO.
After the course when the resume reflects these extra-curricular activities that too during the one-year PGP course, the recruiter will for sure know that you’re not just a person with all the bookish knowledge (bookworm) but believe in getting out there and doing something.
So, in the end, it can be concluded that blindly going in for an extremely expensive program that does not offer any real benefit can affect your career and financial prospects over the long run. This is why we advise all MBA enthusiasts to carry out a detailed cost-benefit analysis before taking a final decision. The article clearly highlights the benefit of pursuing an MBA from SOIL Gurgaon. But in the end, it depends on your interests, your career and the opportunities in life you are getting.