Interview by Kritika Gupta

Dr. Sivangi Suryanarayana Raju, GIRT Engineering College

Dr. Sivangi Suryanarayana Raju is currently the Principal of GIET Engineering College, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. His qualification includes a Ph.D. with other engineering degrees. He has over 20 years of experience in the education industry and active in both teaching and research. With this, he has guided several Ph.D. and M.Phil scholars and published more than 20 research papers in various national and international journals. He is one of the best motivational speakers. 

Experience in the education industry and reasons behind its greatness

In today’s world, education is the most essential source to ensure better development and transformation in society. It helps to nurture and develops one’s perspective and provide relevant knowledge.  

I joined this profession as a passion by leaving many other opportunities which might have provided me with a better economic stand.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am able to deliver my learnings and knowledge to the children of the future.

Challenges faced at GIET Engineering College

As a Principal, I have been coming across several challenges in connection to the discharge of my duties. Since the last 15 years, countable and highly considerable changes have taken place in the engineering education field.

The opportunities are plenty but the deserved entry system is tightened. The differences in social, cultural, economic, academic backgrounds of the students give us regular alerts for making periodic changes on need base.

Liberalization of the financial support system from the government, rapid growth in the engineering institutions affects the quality input. However, the effective execution of our role has shown positive impacts on our institution.

With this, another major challenge is international exposure. As the dynamics of the market is changing, it is another challenge for us to meet the international standards. We try to conduct student and faculty exchange programs for this.

Standard of GIET’s curriculum

Being an affiliated college to JNTUK, GIET Engineering College strictly adheres to the curriculum suggested by the University. The curriculum is designed in lines of fundamental industrial requirements.

Additionally, we include special training programs in our curriculum implementation, to empower skill and attitude among the students. We have established special laboratories, skill centres in association with industries where students can design and execute special projects. Some of these projects have also got National level prizes and even commercialized.

As the head of the institution, I personally take care of the implementation of projects with respect to social needs. Also, research and innovation have been given more importance in view of global competence.

Top qualities in an aspiring engineer

Engineering education caters the needs of society to a maximum extent. So, the students who are keen to opt for engineering education should enter with interest but not of choice. The aspirants must note that the teaching-learning process in engineering will be quite different from their previous system of education.  

The students must develop self-learning attitude as teachers in the engineering institutions will have to work as facilitators rather than rote mode teachers. With this, students must have the urge to have in-depth knowledge of their subject via different modes, should be good at communication, a good team player, open-minded and should be a visionary.

Methods opted to establish a relation with the students

Having a strong relationship with the students ensure the smooth functioning of various activities. I make sure that as a mentor, I keep on motivating and interacting with my students. Plenty of opportunities are provided in terms of being a part of institutional governance by means of different student amenity clubs.

I make sure that the students continually participate in extra-curricular activities in order to work on their communication, collaborative and leadership skills.

Placement opportunities at GIET Engineering College

At GIET, various career development programs are conducted. Our placement cell designs special training programs for the students to get them selected in the MNCs. Apart from effective training, we invite eminent industrial personals and provide opportunities for students to interact with them in HR summits.

We arrange paid internships for our students to acquaint with the industrial work culture for their prior understanding. We have also established centers of excellence in our campus by means of which the students are able to have easy access with the corresponding industries.

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Dr. Raju’s Leadership philosophy and style

According to me, leadership is taking responsibility and building a proper structure for various tasks. I want to build a system wherein, both the faculty and the students trust me and walk with me for the betterment of the institute as well as their own growth. As a leader, I try my best to incorporate social responsibility among the students. This not only helps in identifying societal needs but will also serve the purpose of the education.

Suggestions to the youth and aspirants

The only suggestion I can tell the upcoming youth is to have a positive attitude towards anything. With this, try to be innovative and take an active role in handling the ideas.