Mahindra École Centrale, Hyderabad

Mahindra École Centrale, Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Telangana AICTE | Estd 2014 JNTUH, Hyderabad Private

Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC): Latest News, Events, Photos & Campus Reports

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Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) is considered to be the best private engineering college in the state of Hyderabad. MEC is an international quality, technology school with assured career progression for engineering aspirants. Every day is like a surprising or a buzzing day at the institute. Read on to know about the events and happenings at the technological institute.

MEC Hyderabad concludes another smashing edition of its Inter-college Fest ‘Aether’

MEC Hyderabad
Date: November 15, 2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad, presented the fifth edition of AETHER, a technological cum cultural inter-college festival recently. More than 200 students from over 25 colleges participated in the fest. A total of 12 cultural events and 5 technical events took place in the power and adrenalin-packed two days.

“MEC’s Aether is already recognized as an event that gets the finest intellectual and cultural activities going for students from colleges across India. As usual, this Aether 2019 included a swirl of eclectic technical and cultural events and we were happy to host a large number of students on our campus”, says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

The creative events included Mastershot, a film making a contest that focused on the participants’ creative and critical thinking skills to create a short film from scratch. Battle of Bands focused on the quality of music, versatility and crowd interaction. Groove, showcased the dancing talents of the teams.

Bridgeit, the bridge design competition was a big draw as was the hackathon MECHacks on the theme of Augmented Reality. Point Blanc, Aether’s intercollege eSports, and gaming convention witnessed an amazing turnout from the like-minded. Cicada, the lateral thinking puzzle game, and Reverse Coding, a contest to crack codes underneath the program, also elicited great response.

Cultural Events included Aether Quiz, Brain Wars (Puzzle-solving game), Character Collision (Story writing contest), Devil’s Advocate (defending an unpopular theme/idea), Filmy Fungama (Movie Trivia game), Beat the Clock (Completing tasks within a stipulated time), Guesstimate (fun guessing game), Newkonomy (A market simulation game), Unclue (a murder mystery treasure hunt), What’s Poppin (a clue based game focusing on seeing, hearing and acting) and  Slam Poetry (Quick poetry contest)All these events were keenly contested and the event winners also took away handsome prize purses as well as goodies.

MEC Hyderabad creates an Electric Vehicle Technology (EVT) Laboratory on campus

Date: October 24, 2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC), an international engineering college based at Hyderabad has set up an Electric Vehicle Technology (EVT) laboratory at its campus. This laboratory will work towards the scientific and technological aspects of green and clean mobility. Students from all streams of Engineering at MEC will work on the design, development, and testing of electric vehicles.

“Clean Mobility has been given high priority by the Government of India and we at MEC are also committed to working towards finding solutions for issues of national interest. Electric Vehicles are the future and so are fast charging Li-Ion batteries (this year’s Nobel Prize-winning topic in Chemistry) as well as energy sources to power these vehicles. MEC’s EVT lab will work on these and more and will research all aspects that will propel this technology sector. We are looking at tying up with relevant partners to work on exciting live projects together”, says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

The EVT lab will mainly focus on aspects of mechanical, electrical and embedded systems. Under the mechanical segment, the laboratory will focus on Thermal Management Systems for batteries, testing facility to analyse and optimize the battery characteristics under different running conditions, development of robust battery management system, transmission system of an EV, methods of recycling and reuse of spent battery, new materials to serve as catalyst of Li-ion battery and new energy source technology for EVs.

From the electrical engineering perspective, the focus on MEC’s EVT lab will be on Electric motor control, Power Electronic Converters, Battery charging technology, robust charging infrastructure, and regenerative braking system. It is expected that the Embedded system and intra, as well as inter-vehicle communication, will be also be investigated in the near future.

Mahindra Ecole Centrale launches a specialized Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory

Date: October 17, 2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale, an international Engineering college, based at Hyderabad announces the setting up of a Specialized Automotive Systems & internal Combustion Engine (AIC) Laboratory at its campus. This lab aims to introduce undergraduate students to the working of various automobile and its power train, the IC Engine.

“At MEC, our emphasis is to provide an enabling atmosphere to our young students and provide an atmosphere where they can learn by doing as well as research relevant areas. Our AIC laboratory is well equipped to handle cutting edge research initiatives and we hope that it will help our engineering students to immerse themselves in the latest equipment and technologies and come up with innovative solutions to current day auto issues”, says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

Starting from a ready-to-drive automobile, down to its various sub-systems and components, this facility will have the entire gamut of automotive and IC engine related equipment. A vehicle inspection pit is also planned. Performance testing of IC Engines will be the other major focus of this lab. Separate equipment for functional multi-cylinder Spark Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) engines, with dynamometer loading, and essential add-ons for data acquisition, and fuel & emissions characterization are also planned.

The lab will have high-end equipment that would include Ready-to-drive 25 tonnes HCV, 6 tonnes LCV chassis and engine aggregates, Aggregates such as Power Train (Chassis, Engine, Transmission, Axles, Tyres) with cut sections (and motorized for demo), Brakes, Cooling System, Steering, After Treatment Systems, Fuel Characterization and Emissions Measurement Facilities.

Mahindra Ecole Centrale launches its Supercomputer Lab

Date: September 19, 2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC), an international engineering college based at Hyderabad, launches its Supercomputer Lab. MEC has a strong research focus, and several projects on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are already underway at the campus. To address the requirements for faster computing performance and to provide a robust platform for deep learning & analytics and multi-disciplinary engineering simulations, the MEC Supercomputer lab was created at the campus.

The Supercomputer Lab supports high-intensity computations both for Artificial Intelligence applications and for complex simulations in physical sciences and engineering covering different aspects of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, integrated and optimized engineering design, molecular physics, and related fields.

“To be a success in today’s rapidly evolving technological scenario, it is imperative that we expose our students with the latest technological advancements and get them to work on the best of products available globally. The MEC Supercomputer Lab comprises of the DGX-1 supercomputer platform that includes a complex stack of components and software including AI Deep Learning frameworks, libraries, and drivers. Our students will be trained on this platform that forms the base for most globally recognized initiatives”, says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

The DGX-1 heart of the MEC Supercomputer Lab is reinforced with several CPU Servers that can be seamlessly scaled up in numbers. Fast Infiniband-based network connectivity is in the process of installation to connect these servers so that CPU-based parallelism can also be attained for simulations not attuned to GPU processing.

A Dassault-Systemes based 3D-Experience package is also being installed in this lab. This package is an overlay on a suite of software that includes CATIA, DELPHI and other related modules, and facilitates Augmented Reality – Virtual Reality based immersive experience. A set of 30 Workstations coupled with a Server are being installed and linked to the other platforms of this laboratory for the facilitation of the complete 3D-Experience package. This will enable the attainment of a 3D-Experience Centre of Excellence at this lab.

The Supercomputer Laboratory is home to two of MEC’s Centers of Excellence: Artificial Intelligence and 3D-Experience. At the core of this is, of course, massive computing power, enabled by the DGX-1 Supercomputer, multiple powerful Servers, and a set of 30Workstations, all interconnected through a high-speed data communication network. These co-located CoEs can themselves be the trigger for a new and unique experience in an Indian Research Institution, namely, the coupling of AI with the world of engineering in multiple new and creative ways of which visionaries can see possibilities that have yet to be manifested in the mundane world.

Mahindra Ecole Centrale organizes a National Undergraduate Research Symposium URS@MEC2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale

Date:September 12, 2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) College of Engineering organized its second annual Undergraduate Research symposium URS@MEC 2019. URS at MEC has grown from an internal research focused symposium to a national platform for showcasing the research across Undergraduate colleges. Over 300 students participated in the second URS@MEC2019. 12 Oral presentations and 30 Posters were presented on the research work carried out by the participants during their B. Tech.

The keynote addresses were delivered to packed auditoriums by Prof. Ajoy Ghatak, Eminent Professor, IIT Delhi, who spoke on Relativity and Dr. Sriram Birudavolu, CEO - Cyber Security Centre of Excellence DSCI (A NASSCOM Initiative), who spoke on startups and entrepreneurship for young engineers.

The highlights of the MEC Undergraduate Symposium were concurrent events that kept the participants enthralled. Prizes worth INR 65000 were distributed to the winners in various contests held during URS@2019.

MEC Club Enigma, in association with Machine Learning Group of Tech Mahindra, organized a 12-hour coding challenge. This was to test the coding skills of undergraduates of B.Tech and encourage students to solve complex problems at one go. A “Startup Idea Contest” was organized by the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Centre (EIC) at MEC. This was judged by an eminent panel comprising of eminent entrepreneurs and leaders that included Dr. Srinivas A (Founder Director, AIPER), Mr. Raghavendra Prasad (Director & Co-founder, Fairgate Advisory Solutions) and Mr. Sricharan Lakkaraju (CEO, Stumagz- listed as Forbes 30 under 30). One of the winning teams was offered spot investments by the jury panel. In addition, the 4 Winning teams will be mentored by Dr. Rajkumar Phatate, Head Centre for Entrepreneurship at MEC, and if they lead to a startup, it will be incubated at MEC.

“In 2018, going by the amazing response that we had received to our first-ever Undergraduate symposium, we had decided to take it national. URS@MEC 2019 witnessed the participation of teams from across the country that showcased their research work undertaken at the undergraduate level. As we grow to become a global economy and the third-largest in the world, it is this culture of research and innovation at the campuses and mentoring of the students that will help us excel in global tech and take an undisputed position on the world stage”, says Prof. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

MEC organizes its First National Conference on Futuristic Approaches in Civil Engineering (FACE)

Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC)

Date:September 3, 2019

Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad organized its First National Conference on Futuristic Approaches in Civil Engineering, FACE 2019. The stated objective of the Civil Engineering Department for the conference was to connect the past and current practices with future approaches and technologies.

Mr. P Ravinder Rao, Engineer in Chief, Roads & Buildings Department, Government of Telangana, and Managing Director, TSRDC graced the event as the Chief Guest. Renowned experts like Dr. Satish Chandra, Director, CSIR-CRRI, Dr. Gopalakrishnan, Director, CSIR-CBRI, Dr. Ligy Philip, Professor, IIT Madras, Dr. KVL Subramaniam, Professor, IIT Hyderabad, and Dr. Uma Shankar, Associate Professor, IIT Hyderabad delivered the keynote lectures at the conference.

“At Mahindra Ecole Centrale, our constant focus is to contribute back to the domains that we operate in meaningfully. We take pride in the fact that our first national conference on FACE not only presented the best developments in the field of Civil Engineering but also focused on sustainability. We will be coming out with books on the proceedings so that practitioners can benefit from the key takeaways at the conference”, says Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centrale.

The participants at the conference contributed papers and presentations under the categories “Structural engineering,” “Geotechnical and transportation engineering” and “Environmental and water resources engineering,” and the proceedings will be published in three book volumes by Springer. Faculty of Civil Engineering Department, Dr. Saladi SV Subbarao, and Dr. Hariprasad Chennarapu convened the conference with Dr. Deepti Avirneni and Dr. Arun Narayan as Co-Convenors.

MEC College of Engineering organizes its 2nd Convocation Ceremony

Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) College of Engineering organized the second edition of its convocation ceremony. The event saw a participating of 218 graduated, where the engineers of the 2015-2019 batch received their degrees.

MEC Hyderabad
Date: July 31, 2019

The convocation was held in the MEC Campus at Bahadurpally, Hyderabad, which was graced by Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra, Shri C. Vidyasagar Rao as the Chief Guest. Shri Vineet Nayyar,  as Chairman, Mahindra Educational Institutions and Chairman, Executive Committee, Mahindra Ecole Centrale, and Shri CP Gurnani, Managing Director and CEO, Tech Mahindra as Member, Executive Committee (MEI), conferred degrees upon the second batch of graduating students during the convocation.

Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Vice-Chancellor in-charge, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Hyderabad and Principal Secretary of the Industries and Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Government of Telangana and Police Commissioner Cyberabad Police were special invitees. Shri C. Vidyasagar Rao also inaugurated the new NVIDIA Supercomputer-based high-performance computation (HPC) Laboratory and the e-Mahindra Business Incubation Centre.

Dr. Yajulu Medury, Director, Mahindra Ecole Centale (MEC) in his address called upon its graduating students to give their best to their chosen profession and do MEC proud. He said “We at MEC are focused on giving a holistic education, so that our students become well-rounded professionals. We will continue to provide guidance and mentorship to young engineers and hope that the students will excel in whatever they undertake”.

Shri Jayesh Ranjan was highly appreciative of the excellent training imparted to engineering students at MEC on new generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Robotics, etc. and said “I am happy to note the focused attempt of MEC faculty to provide exposure to these frontier technologies and their applications to the students”. He expects that the students will gain immensely from such exposure.

Shri. Vineet Nayyar, Chairman, Mahindra Educational Institutions and Chairman, Executive Committee, Mahindra Ecole Centrale, said, "At the Mahindra Ecole Centrale (MEC) College of Engineering, we train students to leverage next-generation technologies, along with teaching liberal arts and soft skills like Humanities, Economics, History, Cinema and Philosophy, making of topical documentary films, communication skills, etc. - so that the students can relate technical sciences to the real business environment. Our goal is to shape leaders of tomorrow by offering best in class education and job opportunities.”

Shri CP Gurnani said “Providing the young workforce with a platform where they can learn to leverage disruptive technologies is key to drive innovation and future business growth. Through Mahindra Ecole Centrale, we aim at bringing industry and academia together to address the skill gap in the industry today and foster a future-ready talent pool." With the intent to build upon next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Tech Mahindra assisted Supercomputer Lab of Mahindra Ecole Centrale is created out of the baseline requirements for supporting high-performance computations for AI research and applications by incorporating Machine learning, Deep learning, and Data Science”.

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