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Mr Sachin Gupta is the Chancellor of Sanskriti University. Being the youngest first-generation Chancellor, he has been honored by her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Patil, former President of India and spiritual leader; Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Under his leadership, Sanskriti University has provided world-class education to students. It has become a centre where students get an option to explore diverse frontiers of knowledge and grow as holistic intellectuals. His mission is to mentor the young minds to achieve” Excellence in Life”.

The change in the rate of admissions witnesses a rapid and consistent growth every year

Every year witness a change in the rate of admissions, and the student strength has been growing at a consistent and rapid rate. The change, however, for this year, is expected to be challenging due to slow down because of the current scenario.

The response, however, for admissions to various programs has been very encouraging this year too. The University trends of admissions have been very impressive so far and have been better in comparison to the nearby institutions and Universities. We are adopting multi pronged marketing activities to increase visibility and to engage students.

We always bring in new courses for the students to outshine during the competitive environment

According to the changing trends, we always try to introduce courses that benefit students to outshine during the competitive environment. We have recently introduced new programs in the domain of Law, which has been offered by the School of Law and Legal Studies. Since there is a lot of scope in the field of Law, the courses are likely to attract lot of students.

These programs have been approved by the Bar Council of India.

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We have a series of extracurricular activities to enhance the skills of the students

The University has a series of extracurricular activities /programs to enhance the skills and to expose them to real-world challenges. Personalized mentoring by dedicated mentors, case studies analysis, industrial visits, workshops by expert professionals, exposure in Centers of Excellence set up in collaboration with MSME, Special Lectures by Senior Professionals, and many other activities that are undertaken make our students ready for the corporate world. 

The placement statistics of our university is heartening and is showing continuous improvement

Even though there is a likely dip in the placement offers, the proactive approach of our placement department of our university has shown improvements on all parameters. This includes an increase in the number of companies visiting the campus per year, minimum salary offered, and the average salary offered. This is due to various personality enhancement interventions that the students have done very well on placement front. The most heartening and redeeming feature is that the students are getting multiple offers from multiple companies.

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The placement and package depends upon the caliber of students

Every year the package increases as the caliber of the students’ increases, till date the highest salary on campus has been Rs.42 lacs and many students have been offered packages above Rs.10 lacs . The average package being offered to the students this year has considerably improved over the packages that were offered during the last year. Each student in the University is unique in his own way and is capable of getting good job offers. 

Leadership plays an important role in fructifying the envisioned goals and objectives

As a Chancellor of the University, I believe that Leadership plays an important role in fructifying the envisioned goals and objectives of the organization. I believe in a democratically participative and participative democratic style of leadership. We, as a university, also try to learn from students every day. I believe in creating an organizational ecosystem wherein all employees feel committed to achieving excellence in their personal and professional life. A focus to achieve organizational goals and objectives is mandatory. They should feel that the organization is their own, and they should give their best.

The current challenge is to get hold of quality students with optimal blend of knowledge and skills

Higher education has been facing the challenge of getting the right quality of incoming students with the optimal blend of knowledge, skills, and competencies to shape them into world-class professionals. The student should always be ready to learn because learning is something we should

never stop in our entire life. The other challenge that we usually face is of acquiring and retaining highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff members for higher education to transform the students into world-class professionals and to become noble citizens of the country.

We are committed to transform the students to industry ready professionals

Sanskriti University is one of the fastest growing private Universities established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh through a special act passed by the state legislature. We at Sanskriti University are committed to transform the students into Industry Ready Professionals with optimal blending of Life Skills, Professional Ethics etc. We mentor the students to become responsible citizens of our country India.

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The University has a well-defined process to incorporate the latest content in the curriculum

Sanskriti University does benchmark its curriculum with the leading universities in India and abroad annually. The University has a well- defined process to incorporate the latest content in the curriculum in consonance with the expectations from various stakeholders of the society viz academicians, researchers, students, alumni, recruiters, parents, industry professionals, regulators and members of Industry Association and Trade Bodies, etc.

Our focus is to impart optimal blend of knowledge and skill in alignment with the industry trends

We guide our students with a focus on their holistic development. The focus of the University is to impart the optimal blend of Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies in alignment with the Industry. The students are made industry-ready and competent enough to succeed in their life. The students are motivated to participate in various competitions to enhance their capabilities. We also guide them to have innovative thinking and think out of the box.