Glocal University offers more than 50 courses in UG & PG programmes. The university conducts semester-wise examinations every year and candidates have to appear in the Mid-Semester and End-Semester Examinations accordingly. The Mid-Semester examination is conducted after 4-5 weeks of the commencement of the semester while the End-Semester examination is conducted at the end of the semester.

Glocal University Result is evaluated by combining the scores of Mid-Semester and End-Semester examination including the Continuous Assessment marks. The Glocal University Result is formulated following the Nine-point scale grading system, approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC).

Glocal University Examination Schedule 2021

The semester examination is held between the beginning and ending of each semester, i.e. after eight to nine weeks of the commencement of the classes.

  • The schedule of the examination containing date, time, and other relevant details of each subject is notified at the beginning of the semester by the Committee.
  • The Mid-Semester examination is of 90 minutes’ duration.
  • The result of Mid-Semester examination is declared within the two weeks of the commencement of the examination.

Glocal University Semester Result 2021

Glocal University releases result of semester examination of all UG & PG Courses on its official website. The university declares the result within 30-40 days after the commencement of the examination. Candidates can check their Semester Result simply by following the few important steps written below.

  • Go to the Glocal University website.
  • On the home page under the “Announcement” tab click on the “Result” option.
  • It will open a new “Results” page.
  • This page will have links for all the recently released Glocal University Semester Results.
  • Click on the result link of your respective course and discipline.
  • It will navigate to a new page where you have to select your Course, Semester & Registration Number.
  • Then click on “Submit” button.
  • The result will be displayed on the screen.

Glocal University Scheme of Examination 2021

As per the norms of the University each subject of UG & PG courses will be of 100 marks in total & the bifurcation is given below:

  • Continuous Assessment (CA): 25 marks
  • Mid-Semester Examination (MSE): 20 marks
  • End-Semester Examination (ESE): 50 marks

Glocal University Evaluation Process 2021

The Glocal University examination evaluation process of GLocal University follows the Continuous Assessment System. The Board of Studies of Schools of Glocal University has approved the Continuous Assessment System, which functions as per the teaching-learning process in all the courses offered at the university. It is mandatory that this must be introduced to all the students at the beginning of each semester by the respective faculty. All the important components are given as under:

  • There will be pre-mentioned monthly Modular tests
  • Candidates have to give unannounced surprise tests
  • Have to submit Case Studies
  • Prepare Project Work
  • Practice Laboratory Exercises
  • Assessment process regulated by the teacher of the respective course with the approval of the Head of the School.

Glocal University Grading System 2021

After the commencement semester examinations, the evaluation of marks is done. The university follows a Nine-point scale methodology to assign grades.

Qualification Score on 100 percentage point Grade Grade Value
Outstanding 90.1-100 O 10
Excellent 80.1-90 A+ 9
Very Good 70.1-80 A 8
Good 60.1-70 B+ 7
Above Average 50.1-60 B 6
Average 50-55 C 5
Pass 40-50 P 4
Failed Below 40% F 0
Malpractice - M -
Absent - S -

Candidates who failed to secure P grade or 40% marks and failed in the examination, shall re-register for the same course, semester and the following year. They have to fulfil all the criteria of the respective course i.e. have to submit project, snap tests, presentation, and examinations, except the class attendance.